"A New Approach, Powerful Practice & Profound Healing"

2 Hour Online Class Series with kironJ

Have you been looking for deep spiritual support that can hold you in all situations?

Have you been wishing for a teaching that can show you radical new ways of solving your problems - completely!

It can be so frustrating and demoralizing to do spiritual work, maybe for a long time, maybe even ACIM for a long time, and still feel that peace and power are out of reach. This series opens the door to an accessible, experiential approach to the most profound and life changing teaching of A Course in Miracles.


kironJ is an A Course in Miracles teacher and healer, working in the UK and internationally. kironJ is passionate about an experiential approach to studying the Course, supporting students to welcome miracles into their relationships and their thinking. kironJ has recently worked with Nouk Sanchez and Corinne Zupko, and has been a speaker at Jennifer Hadley's Sunday with Spirit. In 2020 kironJ led two workshops for POLM.

Facebook.com/kironjgardner is dedicated to the Course.

About This Class

  • This series is open to all. Those already familiar with the teaching will find plenty of scope for deepening their practice and understanding, and newcomers will be offered an accessible introduction to this profound spiritual masterpiece.
  • Sessions will be highly experiential, with the focus on participants' own healing responses to the mighty healing invitations and the support we can receive from sharing the journey with others.
  • There will be required pre-reading before each session, which will give participants the opportunity to study the material at their own pace and be prepared for the healing process at the beginning of each session. The material won’t be read in the session, so that there is plenty of time for sharing and questions. The set of 4 ACIM readings has been specifically chosen to give a good overview of the Course's teaching. The readings are drawn from the Text, the Workbook and The Song of Prayer Pamphlet, offering a rich and varied presentation of the themes we’ll be covering. Participants are expected to attend all 4 sessions.
  • The sessions will be recorded and available for replay in our Member Site so that you can get the maximum healing and transformation from each session.

This class is for anyone who’s:

  • been looking for deep spiritual support that can help them move through life’s biggest challenges.
  • been wishing for a teaching that can show them radical new ways to solve their problems - completely, and efficiently!
  • feels frustrated and demoralized from trying to do spiritual work, and that Peace and Power still feel out of reach.
  • looking for the way to open the door to an accessible, experiential approach to the most profound and life-changing teachings in A Course in Miracles.
  • who’d like to find a way of living that’s rooted in Peace and Power, so they can meet all challenges with confidence and a new passion for healing.


June 5 & 19 ♥ July 3 & 17

Los Angeles 7am ♥ Denver 8am ♥ Chicago 9am ♥ New York 10am ♥ London 3pm ♥ Germany 4pm ♥ HK 10pm ♥ Sydney 12am (next day)


Includes downloadable replays. Recordings available on the Members Site.


Plus a bonus!

20 minute 1 on 1 session with kironJ

  • Participants will be offered a BONUS 20 minute 1 on 1 session with kironJ, either during the series or in September, to support their ACIM practice.
  • Participants will be sent ACIM quotes to supplement the topics covered.

Session 1

Problems and Miracles

Session 2

Waking Up from the Dream of Separation

  • The true cause of all problems
  • How to stop denying the true cause of our problems
  • The miracle of solving insoluble problems
  • The miracle of real and permanent solutions to all problems
  • Understanding ACIM's fundamental teaching on miracles through looking at problems
  • What ACIM means by 'the dream'
  • The power of realizing we are the dreamer of the dream
  • How not to be a victim of another's dream
  • Finding a new and holy purpose for our body
  • Remembering to laugh
  • How easy it is when we know the Secret of Salvation

Session 3

The Simplicity of True Forgiveness

Session 4

The Healing Power of Truth

  • What is true forgiveness and why all forgiveness is of ourselves
  • Why it can be so difficult to forgive
  • How we can mistakenly use forgiveness to attack and be separate
  • What we need to recognize before we can truly forgive
  • The simplicity of practicing true forgiveness
  • Why truth has unlimited power to heal
  • How to recognize the Voice for truth
  • How to receive miracles by being still and listening to the truth
  • How to be in the world and let truth correct all our errors
  • Raising awareness of the power of our minds

‘This world is full of miracles. They stand in shining silence next to every dream of pain’

- A Course in Miracles


Each Session includes:

  • 5 minute silence to invite the Holy Spirit to guide the session
  • 20 minute powerful healing process
  • 5 minute breakout room sharing in pairs about the experience of the healing process
  • A brief summary of the main ACIM teaching covered in the pre-reading
  • Sharing and questions

kironJ is delighted to invite you in to this 4 session series.

Participants will learn:

  • A clear and comprehensive foundation of ACIM's teaching
  • How to apply this teaching in daily life
  • An experiential way of studying ACIM
  • 'Go to' healing phrases to call upon when upset or in difficulty
  • How to deepen connection with the Holy Spirit so that guidance can be received

This ‘in-depth study and experience’ series of 4 sessions is designed to support participants, long standing Course students and newcomers alike, in becoming passionate about the supreme healing power of A Course in Miracles.