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I AM Victorious

September 4, 2022 | COMMENTS
This is #3 in a series that began a couple of days ago with my Spiritual Espresso on Passive Aggressive Pain. Being passive aggressive towards others was one of the most painful ways that I’ve played small in my relationships. Accepting... Read More

I Can Choose Peace

August 13, 2021 | COMMENTS
Have you ever made a bit of a scene over something very small?Have you ever been upset because you got overcharged a small amount of money? I have. But only 1 or 2 thousand times. Aargh! What no one ever... Read More

Me First!

March 5, 2021 | COMMENTS
I used to be one of those grudge holders who wouldn’t let go until the other person went first. I wasn’t going to give in to other people easily. I could be tough and outlast anyone else’s anger, hurt or... Read More

Overcoming Anger

February 6, 2021 | COMMENTS
Anger is a powerful energy.  It can seem very destructive, but it can also be constructive.  Anger can help us to realize that there’s something going on that we need to pay attention to and take care of. Sometimes an... Read More

Anger, Peace & Miracles

September 5, 2020 | COMMENTS
Today, the beautiful and brilliant kironJ Gardner is offering an extended workshop on Anger, Peace & Miracles. These are some things I know a LOT about. I sure wish I could have taken a workshop like this when I needed... Read More