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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

OMG! I feel so blessed! For years I yearned to be a successful spiritual teacher and I had NO idea of how I could ever manage that. It seemed like mission impossible.

Allow me to define success, in this context, as being able to actually be truly helpful to others and also to be able to be helpful to myself by being able to pay my bills.

I have such a great Love of Spirit and of spiritual principle. My awareness of truth is so important to me – it is what I value the most in my life. And being of service is a great joy to me. I really love it.

If I couldn’t be of service, I’d find other things to do – I’d probably write about God all of the time.

But I really do enjoy being able to connect with other folks and learn about them and support them in giving up the stories and leaning into the truth, into that partnership with the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

I love being able to offer my podcast. When I record it I can feel the people listening and that connection means so much.

One of the keys to my experience of so much joy in my work and the life that I live, besides being of service, is that I have the aspiration to awaken from the dream of separation, to ascend in my awareness and to show others how I’ve done it.

My aspiration carries me through any difficulties and over any seeming obstacles.

It is truly a power tool!

I encourage you to have a clear spiritual aspiration that you keep in front of you always.

You will surely know the power of your aspiration before long!

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Birthday Prayer for World Peace

Saturday, November 28th, 2020

I am grateful for our connection, and for having you in my life.

For many years now, I’ve been offering a video message and prayer on my birthday.  I’m so happy to keep this tradition going and to share with you a blessing for all humanity.  Please join me in prayer!

Click here or click the photo below to see my video and join me in prayer.

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Last Argument Ever

Friday, November 27th, 2020

In the aftermath of Thanksgiving, and feeling so fortunate that my family could get tested for Covid and come visit me, I am grateful for everything right now.

I’m grateful for every challenge and every hardship that I’ve experienced because it brought me to where I am now and I like it here.

I used to fight with my family a lot, but that’s not happening now and I’m grateful.

So many painful memories of arguments that were soul-crushing, I haven’t felt that in many years.

I can believe that the last argument I had is the last one ever!

It’s completely possible – and that’s what I choose.

It may seem hard to believe, feeling unworthy had a lot do with all the misery I used to experience. If I could eliminate anything in this world it would be the guilt that leads to the sense of unworthiness which leads to a life filled with lack and limitations.

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Receptive to Good

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

For years I blocked the flow of prosperity in my life and I didn’t even realize it.  Some of my loved ones had labeled me as selfish and so I began to think that was true.  Many folks I met believed it was “better to give then to receive.” And so I began to believe that it was BAD to receive.  I began to notice that many people gave with strings attached.  Sometimes those strings were simply expectations.  

I couldn’t stand all those strings and expectations.  I didn’t like believing that I was selfish.  So, I began to strive to be independent and not need things from people.  I became a hesitant receiver, and sometimes even a poor receiver.

People would try to give me help or assistance, gifts and other things and I would reject them, fearing the strings and expectations.  I preferred not to owe anyone.  I preferred to feel free.  I didn’t know that I wasn’t free.  I was in a box of unworthiness and didn’t even realize it.

I’d become a really poor receiver.  I was a great giver and a poor receiver.

And then I started to have really intense financial challenges and I had no idea how to get out of them. With the help of my spiritual practitioner I began to work on praying to be receptive.

I began to reorient myself to be a good and gracious receiver. 

I began to think of it this way:  Everything I receive is from God and everything I give I give to God.

It doesn’t really matter who is giving or who is receiving – It’s all about being in the flow of the All Good. 

I learned to be able to give to anyone when I felt called and not do it from obligation.  I learned to receive from from anyone and not feel an attachment.  

I began to experience more affluence, more abundance and more prosperity right away.

Are you a good receiver?  Start to make an inquiry into your giving and receiving abilities.  If you’re not feeling the flow, maybe you’re not willing to receive?  Take a look and see what you find in your heart!

One way to increase receptivity was shared to me by a friend and it really works.  Try this:  start to dress up more and present yourself in a more attractive way (of course that’s subjective, but do what works for YOU), and then people will likely give you compliments.  Another way is to be more helpful to people, and people naturally will say thank you.  

Notice if you can easily receive the compliments and the appreciation.  Do you feel tempted to push the praise away or minimize it?  You can practice saying “thank you” to those who compliment you.  I like to say, “thank you, I feel great too,” when someone compliments my appearance.

When someone appreciates what I’ve done, I can say “it’s my pleasure.”  

Being a graceful receiver is a good skill to have.  

It affirms our worthiness.  And that’s helpful.

If you’d like to be more abundant, be a great receiver!  

All blessings come from Spirit, no matter what form they take.

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Breathing and Healing

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

What I’ve really come to love about the spiritual approach to life is that every day, every hour every moment can be a part of our spiritual practice.  I used to feel this was a burden.  I couldn’t bring myself to pay attention ALL of the time – that was too much to ask of myself.  It felt so burdensome.

The burden was in the judgments I had against myself, not in the actual practices.  By releasing more and more judgments, I was able to make my spiritual practice more and more easeful and graceful and that has blessed my whole life.  Now, I can be grateful for each opportunity I can find to turn whatever I’m doing into spiritual practice.

One very beneficial way we can increase our vitality is through breathing consciously.

This is one of the things that my kundalini yoga practice has taught me.  If I sense myself getting tense, I turn to deep breathing.  This is something anyone who has the ability can do without cost at anytime.  

Here are the benefits of long, deep breathing:   

  • Long deep breathing relaxes and calms you due to its influence on the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Increases the flow of prana.
  • Reduces and prevents the build-up of toxins in the lungs by encouraging the clearing of the small air sacs (alveoli).
  • Stimulates the brain chemicals (endorphins) that help fight depression.
  • Brings the brain to a new level of alertness.
  • Pumps the spinal fluid to the brain, giving greater energy.
  • Stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete, thus enhancing the intuition.
  • Filling the lungs to capacity revitalizes and re-adjusts the magnetic field.
  • Cleanses the blood.
  • Regulates the body’s pH balance which affects the ability to handle stressful situations.
  • Energizes and increases vitality.
  • Aids in releasing blockages in meridian energy flow.
  • Activates and clears the nerve channels.
  • Aids in speeding up emotional and physical healing.
  • Aids in breaking subconscious habit patterns such as insecurities and fears.
  • Aids in fighting addictions.
  • Re-channels previous mental conditioning on pain so as to reduce or eliminate pain.
  • Gives the capacity to manage negativity and emotions, supporting clarity, cool­headedness, and patience.

That’s a LOT of benefits!!!

There are some healing techniques that you can use and you can read about them here.    You can also join my 40 Day Meditation Challenge – it’s a simple practice that many are finding so very helpful.  It’s free to join us Click here now to learn more.

I urge you to become a “breath expert.”

One thing I do almost every day is to practice long deep breathing white light meditation lying down in bed first thing in the morning.  I usually wake, go to the restroom, wash out my mouth (I use a tongue scraper) and go back and lie down for about 10 to 20 minutes of deep breathing while lying down using an abdominal breath.  

Breathing slowly and deeply I start by fully exhaling. Be sure to exhale fully and get that old stale air out, bring in that fresh new air.  It’s even better if you can step outside for a couple of minutes and do the long deep breathing.

Inhale filling first the belly, then expanding the chest, and lastly lifting the upper ribs and clavicle. The exhale is the reverse: first the upper deflates, then the middle, and finally the abdomen pulls in and up to fully exhale, as the belly pulls back toward the spine. 

While I’m practicing this deep breathing, I’m visualizing myself filled and surrounded with golden white Light and I make I AM statements of positive affirmation.

“I AM the purity of Love.”  Is a favorite.  “I AM the light of the world.”  “I am an eternal being of infinite Love.”  You can find the ones that resonate most for you.  

It’s a simple practice that starts each day with Self-Love and self-care and all those benefits in the list above!! WOWZER!

Some people cannot breathe deeply.  I’ve had friends who had major issues with their lungs and breathing deeply is not something they can easily do.  We can consciously send love and light to anyone having difficulty breathing while we’re breathing deeply and that becomes an added bonus in our spiritual practice.  We don’t have to think of anyone in particular.  Let all beings find ease and grace in their breath.

Have you practiced long deep breathing and know the benefits?  Are you participating in the 40 Day Meditation Challenge?  Please tell us about it and share in the comments below!  Let’s join together for our healing and inspire each other!  Thank you!


Receptive to Miracles

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

Life is so interesting. It’s full of demonstrations, meaning that life is consistently demonstrating in accordance with what we’re thinking. Life can’t help it. That’s the divine design – life corresponds to what we believe and what we think, what we energize and what we are focused on.

I find that more and more I’m holding in my mind that everything is working together for my good and there are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever. I’m looking for the good. I’m allowing the good. I’m assured of the good.

Last weekend I was moving out of the house I’d been renting for the previous three months. I had hoped to stay there for a year or more, but the house was recently sold, right after I moved in. So, my moving day was this past Saturday.

I had made arrangements to have help with the moving, but one of the key people wasn’t able to make it. That would have been very difficult, but out of the blue, someone else I’d never met turned up. He saved the day for us.

Things like that happen for me all the time.

Expecting miracles works when you really are willing to receive them.

I used to feel that it was better that I do everything myself so that it could be done well. Now, I prefer to hold that everyone in my life is supporting me with excellence to the very best of their ability – and I mostly find that to be the case.

There’s always going to be stuff that’s happening that we would prefer to be different, but if we can focus on what we’d like and what we do like, then we’re staying positive and mostly happy and because like attracts like, the happiness multiplies and magnifies.

PLUS, if we can stay in gratitude, there’s more and more good to be had. Gratitude magnetizes the good into our life. If you don’t believe me, test it for yourself. If you DO believe me, test it for yourself. Testing it proves that it works and the we all have more good in our lives because when one is lifted ALL are lifted.

I’m so grateful that I became willing to be supported at the most profound levels. I have a whole different experience of my life because of it.

We are blessed. We are SO blessed.

AND we do have to be willing to accept it and allow it and give up the resistance and reluctance. We can’t be passive in our awakening – we must be actively calling it forth and accepting it. That’s our part that only we can do.

Look in your heart – how willing are you to actually accept the miracles that are yours to receive?

Have you rejected any miracles lately? I used to reject miracles every day. Now, I am open to receiving them and I’d like to be even more receptive! Let’s do it together!

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Sharing Our Gifts and Talents

Monday, August 17th, 2020

Everyone has talents. Everyone is brilliant in their own way – I’ve definitely seen this is true, especially as a spiritual counselor for 20 years.

Many people are hiding their talents, or underutilizing them.

It’s crazy that so many people are actually resistant and reluctant to do the very thing that would make them happy. They’re utterly convinced that something “out there” is preventing them. They blame their playing small on circumstances, when life’s situations and circumstances are the by-product of our choices, beliefs and thoughts.
If we don’t use our gifts and talents, do we lose them? Or do they just lay dormant? Certainly, we’ll be missing wonderful and fulfilling opportunities to be an authentic, inspiring and healing presence in the world if we don’t shine our light.

Why keep our light under a bushel?

We all have an interesting and unique relationship to our possessions, including our gifts and talents.

In THE PATHWAY OF ROSES, Christian D. Larson wrote, “Every individual is entitled to all the riches of the spiritual kingdom, and in addition, to the possession of as many things … as he can possibly appreciate and use in the enrichment of all the realms of his own entire existence. But before he can secure all these things, he must cause his personal nature and his spiritual nature to live together as one … the first essential is to make the best use possible of everything that we may possess now.”

How do we cause our personal nature and our spiritual nature to live together as one? For me, it’s ALL about staying focused on making loving choices. When I’m focused on making loving choices I’m aligned with Spirit and I’m not judging, not creating difficulties for myself and others.

Today I choose to be willing to use what I have.

So many people want more, but they don’t appreciate and make use of what they have. Let’s all be willing to look at ourselves from a Divine perspective.

Let’s consider things from a higher, spiritual perspective:

Would you be willing to give to someone more riches and rewards if they didn’t appreciate and make use of the ones they had? Wouldn’t that be a waste?

Do you have the ability to be kind? Do you have the ability to forgive? Are you a good listener? Do you have an opportunity to be generous or helpful? Go for it!

Let’s use the opportunities we have to extend Love and make our life more fully loving! Let’s go for it!

Can you think of a gift or talent that you have that you’re letting lay dormant? What’s your intention? Do you have one? Are you managing, coping or settling with not making use of your talents as you’d like?

Put Spirit in charge – be willing to do that much, and you’ll see a shift!

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Twice Blessed

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

I’m traveling today. I am attending a conference in Los Angeles and I’ll be there for 5 days. I know that the news is full of stories about the coronavirus and I don’t feel worried or afraid. However, I can say that I prefer not to travel when there’s a lot of fear, because I am a sensitive person and I don’t personally like to be in an environment with lots of fearful people – at least, that’s the story my personality has about it.

In truth, I know that I am here only to be truly helpful. When there’s a lot of fear “out there,” then that’s the time for me to be available to support my brothers and sisters who feel worried and anxious. It’s the perfect time for me to travel and to help shift the vibration.

So often I used to blame other people for how I felt. I thought they were “doing it to me.” Now, I’m 100% clear that we do it to ourselves. And still, we can be truly, beautifully helpful by extending Love and compassion and supporting our brothers and sisters in shifting their stinking thinking.

That’s a gift that we get to receive as well as share.

I’m no longer interested in blaming others or circumstances for how I feel. I’ve learned that taking total responsibility for my feelings and eliminating the option to say “You make me feel” has been a great benefit to me.

A Course in Miracles tells us that taking that responsibility for our feelings is the way our of the hellish emotions we’ve brought upon ourselves. It’s hard to believe it’s true. That’s why we must practice it in order to know.

To learn anything at all is a blessing and I feel so blessed by the teachings of ACIM.

They help me and inspire me to live the life I most desire – and they are useful to me each and every day. What a blessing!

I share this blessing with you and I feel twice as blessed!

Thank you for being my Prayer Partner today!

What is a thought that you’ve eliminated that you’re so grateful to have let go of? Please share in the comments below!



Blessed Always

Monday, October 14th, 2019

We can see that things are very intense in the world right now. There are outbursts all over the places of all kinds. And this IS the time that we’ve been preparing for. We are here to be truly helpful.

Things have been challenging and confrontational for the past year, on many levels, and it seems to be intensifying. This is why it’s so important for us to keep Peace in our minds and hold a higher view, a divine vision of Peace & Harmony.

Right now, I’m leading the Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive and we’re doing extra spiritual practice, lots of prayer and lots of healing work. People are noticing the difference even though there are also big challenges occurring. One of our beloved classmates suddenly passed away. One person has had the fires near their home while they’ve been gone. And there are always other challenges.

Yet, we notice that we are more peaceful.
We are harmonious.

Healing is happening.

For many years I’ve trained myself not to worry. Worry is the negative use of my imagination. My mind is the mind of God and if I hold a worried, fearful and negative thought in my mind, I’m giving it my power and I don’t wish to do that anymore. I choose to hold the highest and best for all with my loving thoughts.

I know that all who are affected by these multiple challenges, all over the world, are blessed by their experiences. I hold firmly in my mind that all are blessed.

I may not understand how everything works together for the good of all, many times it seems impossible to understand from our point of view, unable to see through all of time and space.

I do know divine grace is at work in all moments.

I absolutely know that the angels guide and protect us all of the time and when we ask for assistance we receive it, although it may not be in the way we think is best.

I have faith that we are profoundly loved by all of life, even by a hurricane, a flood, a fire or an earthquake. I open my mind to see beyond time and space and to see the blessings in each moment.

I once was very blessed, for a precious few minutes, to have the great gift of seeing beyond time and space into the eternal.

In those minutes I knew completely and most assuredly that everything is perfect, and everything is beautiful and all is Love, all are loved. It was so clear to me and so real to me it changed me. It only lasted for a few minutes, but it was crystal clear.

We’re training our minds only to choose loving thoughts and to let all worry go. We’re doing it. It’s happening now.

We bless all beings on this sweet earth and know that all are loved equally and fully by our Creator. Life loves us. We keep our attention on that which we desire to know and to see and we let all worry fade into the nothingness from which it arose.

We hold the high watch. We pray for those who appear to be in harm’s way to be protected and blessed. We pray for those who are suffering to be at Peace now. We hold the perfect vision of Love in our hearts and in our minds.

We know that all are blessed, always.