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Receptive to Good

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

For years I blocked the flow of prosperity in my life and I didn’t even realize it.  Some of my loved ones had labeled me as selfish and so I began to think that was true.  Many folks I met believed it was “better to give then to receive.” And so I began to believe that it was BAD to receive.  I began to notice that many people gave with strings attached.  Sometimes those strings were simply expectations.  

I couldn’t stand all those strings and expectations.  I didn’t like believing that I was selfish.  So, I began to strive to be independent and not need things from people.  I became a hesitant receiver, and sometimes even a poor receiver.

People would try to give me help or assistance, gifts and other things and I would reject them, fearing the strings and expectations.  I preferred not to owe anyone.  I preferred to feel free.  I didn’t know that I wasn’t free.  I was in a box of unworthiness and didn’t even realize it.

I’d become a really poor receiver.  I was a great giver and a poor receiver.

And then I started to have really intense financial challenges and I had no idea how to get out of them. With the help of my spiritual practitioner I began to work on praying to be receptive.

I began to reorient myself to be a good and gracious receiver. 

I began to think of it this way:  Everything I receive is from God and everything I give I give to God.

It doesn’t really matter who is giving or who is receiving – It’s all about being in the flow of the All Good. 

I learned to be able to give to anyone when I felt called and not do it from obligation.  I learned to receive from from anyone and not feel an attachment.  

I began to experience more affluence, more abundance and more prosperity right away.

Are you a good receiver?  Start to make an inquiry into your giving and receiving abilities.  If you’re not feeling the flow, maybe you’re not willing to receive?  Take a look and see what you find in your heart!

One way to increase receptivity was shared to me by a friend and it really works.  Try this:  start to dress up more and present yourself in a more attractive way (of course that’s subjective, but do what works for YOU), and then people will likely give you compliments.  Another way is to be more helpful to people, and people naturally will say thank you.  

Notice if you can easily receive the compliments and the appreciation.  Do you feel tempted to push the praise away or minimize it?  You can practice saying “thank you” to those who compliment you.  I like to say, “thank you, I feel great too,” when someone compliments my appearance.

When someone appreciates what I’ve done, I can say “it’s my pleasure.”  

Being a graceful receiver is a good skill to have.  

It affirms our worthiness.  And that’s helpful.

If you’d like to be more abundant, be a great receiver!  

All blessings come from Spirit, no matter what form they take.

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Forgiveness Miracles

Friday, November 20th, 2020

I’ve had so much to forgive myself for.

Good heavens!

I used to believe that it was OK to manipulate people with my moods and attitudes. I grew up thinking that having an attitude, or getting into a mood was a way to effectively control and manipulate people to have them pay attention to me and do what I wanted. When I felt powerless, I’d find some way to feel more powerful. At the very least, I used to think, I can push people’s buttons and agitate them. It was the misuse of “power.”

I learned that if I was angry people would try to appease me.

I learned that if I was cold and distant people would inquire what was wrong and try to help me.
I learned that if I was sad people might comfort me.
Mostly I learned that manipulating people made me feel sick energetically.

In all of my relationships I found that others were manipulating me as much as I was manipulating them. It all felt SUPER uncomfortable, but that’s just the way it was. Everybody did it.

Forgiveness has taken me from the darkness to the Light.

I have had to forgive myself for so much, and actually doing that has been such a gift to me that it has changed my ENTIRE life!

Here’s a miracle: As I began to achieve some spiritual maturity, I realized that manipulating others, for any reason or in any way was a source of my suffering and theirs. It lacks authenticity and discourages intimacy – two things I deeply value.

Here’s a miracle: I dropped the controlling and manipulating behaviors and now. I notice that I rarely encounter anyone who tries to pull that behavior with me. If they do, I have compassion, because I know it comes from a place of deep wounding and suffering and I’m interested in Love, which is our healer.

I invite you to take a look at where you give yourself permission to manipulate people with your moods and attitudes. It creates more trouble than it could ever be worth. The worst fall out is that it will degrade your personal sense of self-esteem and worthiness.

Having loving relationship builds self-esteem and worthiness and that’s a far better investment of your precious energy, and that’s miraculous. Are you ready for a miracle? Join me in my Forgive & Be Free Classes this weekend.

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We just started my, in 3 parts, and you can get the replay of Part 1 right now and join me for Parts 2 and 3. Let’s do this sacred work joyfully, and JoyFULLY together! Register now and get the replay right now!
IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN MY FORGIVENESS CLASS: Forgive & Be Free class Click here for more details.



Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

At this time of year, our feelings of grief can become overwhelming. For some people this is the first holiday season without their loved one who passed. For some, this is the last holiday season with a loved one who is preparing to depart. Either way, it can bring up intense grief.

With so much loss for so many – on many levels – there’s much to grieve for many people. I feel it’s important that we’re all aware who is grieving around us – they may not show it.

Experiencing what feels like a great loss of any kind, whether it’s a loved one, a job, or any type of identification can be extremely difficult. It can feel overwhelming like no other thing we experience.

Grief can feel shattering for the ego, the personality.

When there’s a loss of a loved one, a job, a home, or something important – it can be a loss of identity that’s completely disorienting.

And then, sometimes, for some people, the grief can morph into a sense that their grief and suffering are what make them special. If the suffering goes on a while it can be difficult to let go of. It becomes part of their new (false) identification. The martyr takes over, and it can feel very sticky.

Grief is never wrong. It’s not a failure. It’s a part of our human experience. We can be tender with ourselves – and we can get MUCH comfort in connecting with others who are also experiencing extreme loss – there’s SO MUCH HEALING in that connection.

Grief can include an unwillingness to give up a strong attachment.

In Spirit, we are eternally one, so there’s no relationship we have to actually give up. Yet, for us to be happy, we do have to give up the attachment. Releasing an attachment is deeply healing, but it can feel very sad and disorienting.

The grief itself can just be another expression of the attachment to the relationship – and that’s a VERY important and valuable distinction.

In a sense, attachments are false idols. They can never make us happy.

We can lose a loved one, a job, a home, etc, and confront our attachment, release it and feel great Freedom, Peace, and Joy while still loving our loved one, our former job, our former home. Giving up the attachment doesn’t mean giving up that which we love, it means giving up the attachment and ONLY the attachment.

When we become identified in our own mind as the one who suffers, the one who is without, and in lack, sometimes we begin to affirm it over and over again all day long. It’s insidious. And it can happen REALLY fast. It’s like a virus that takes over our heart, our mind, and then our identity

One time I had an experience of meeting two other women at an event. It was just before Mother’s Day and we quickly discovered that all three of our precious mothers had seemingly died of cancer. If we had wanted to, we could have formed a club – the dead cancer mom’s club or something like that.

I don’t identify as someone who has “lost” her Mom because I feel she’s with me in Spirit always. I’m one with her, so she can’t be gone from me even though I don’t see her anymore. I feel her. She’s gone ahead, and not far away.

I don’t identify with being motherless because I don’t live in the past. I sometimes briefly recall the past, but not often – and when I do, I share from what I’ve learned in my experiences because that feels truly helpful for others and that’s my aspiration: to be truly helpful to my brothers and sisters in this world.

Living in the past, no matter how great it might have been, only makes for a limited experience of Love now. For myself, I’ve learned there’s absolutely no value in holding onto the past. I can let ALL of it go.

I’ve found that offering any grief and suffering to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing has worked. Of course, it doesn’t work if we’re not actually willing. It can take a while to get to the point of real willingness. And we must be gentle with ourselves – we cannot rush this.

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Ease, Grace and Prosperity

Monday, November 16th, 2020

In Masterful Living this year, we’ve been looking at our spiritual relationship with money and abundance. We’re looking deeply into patterns of lack and limitation. It’s been so liberating and we’re having a lot of aha’s.

I talk about having an awareness of your spiritual budget. I have found this really helpful to me in shifting my mind and experiencing more happiness. It also has had an effect on my Abundance and Prosperity.

There was a time when I was deficit spending in my finances and there was also a time I was deficit spending in terms of my happiness. It was a repeating pattern that kept pulling me down in so many ways.

What I realized was that the way to shift things, and to do it quickly, is to increase the positive and decreases the negative – work it from both sides.

Many people thing that the answer to debt is simply to earn more money or to cut expenses. What I’ve definitely proven is that shifting my mind from a focus on lack and limitation to a focus on gratitude and Love was the most effective change for me to activate my Abundance.

I’ve learned that doing my forgiveness work, and really looking deeply at the root causes of my resentments and regrets, while doing the self-forgiveness healing work has FAR MORE to activate and increase the flow of Prosperity in my life than just earning more money or cutting expenses ever did.

I had the experience of running up a lot of debt and carrying it for a number of years – and then through my active spiritual practice I attracted opportunities to earn much more money and I quickly paid off much of my debt – only to have it return. I found myself with even more debt.

This taught me that the answer wasn’t in the world – I learned it for REAL and so that led to my gratitude. I prayed for the answer and it came in the form of clarity, insight and divine guidance.

I did the deep forgiveness work – starting with myself. Then forgiving others and then I was led out of the wilderness of my debt.

I had avoided looking within because I was afraid of what I’d see. I preferred to blame others for my problems. Through my practice of prayer, I finally became willing to develop a greater spiritual maturity and I found myself truly desiring to forgive EVERYTHING.

I began to get on a roll and build some real momentum. And that’s what my classes are about now. I like creating a safe space, with lots of support, where those who are willing can work in group and develop the inner fortitude to do the deep healing work and build the momentum of growing from breakthrough to breakthrough and from glory to greater glory.

I feel so blessed now to support those who would like to do as I’ve done. Together we dive deep and fly high – on an ever-increasing upward spiral of God’s omnipresent goodness. I feel so blessed.

I know for a fact that forgiveness leads to all kinds of good, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship and financial healing – and so much more. That’s why this work is never boring or tiresome. It’s actually AMAZING because it’s always about returning to the unprecedented.

Being able to heal with ease and grace is an expression of Prosperity.

Being able to receive Love and the ALL good of life is part of the experience of Abundance.

Forgiveness unlocks the limits of Prosperity and Abundance, because it unlocks the patterns of lack and limitation.

So much healing is available to us when we stop blocking the flow with regrets and resentments.

Together we’re activating our abundance – we’re going for it! Forgiveness is the way.

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Grace is Always Available

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

I’ve learned a really beautiful lesson.  It was difficult for me to learn because my personality thought I was right and that I knew better than LIFE did what was best for me.

My lesson was that LIFE is always providing me the best possible ways for me to grow and learn.  

LIFE is leading, guiding and directing me toward easier, simpler, higher, better, faster, more direct ways to learn and grow with less difficulties – and I used to fight that.  I was a great resister.  

What a TREMENDOUS blessing it’s been to learn to go with the flow.  When things are going a way I don’t like, instead of resisting, I can relax.  I relax first, partner UP with Spirit and ask for the guidance I need to see the highest and best path of Love.

My willingness is the key that opens the door to ease, grace and real growth.

My resistance would show up as complaints, taking offense, feeling hurt, trying to control or manipulate.  That just made the lesson harder to learn and the pain harder to burn.  It was exhausting.  

When we’re fighting the flow, it’s exhausting.  When we’re resisting the growth, not trusting Spirit, and trying to figure it out on our own we find it tiresome and troublesome to proceed.

Grace is always available.  

“Spirit is in a state of grace forever.  

Your reality is only spirit.  

Therefore you are in a state of grace forever.”   

A Course in Miracles 

Grace is always there, just beyond our opinion that things should be different.

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Creative Cooking

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

I’ve been coming to Vermont almost every summer since 2006 because I wished to study in person with my spiritual teacher, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo. Venerable started the Sunray Meditation Society and established the Peace Village where I’ve been camping each summer. This year, I was guided to move here and rent a home.

During this time of Covid, I’ve been experimenting with oatmeal cookies because they’re Venerable’s favorite.

I have been working on a recipe I’m pretty happy with that is delicious!

My goal was to find a recipe that was gluten free, vegan and non-fat – and I think I’ve come up with one!

Pumpkin Ginger Oatmeal Cookies

1 can pumpkin
1 1/3 cup Monk Fruit
1 T cinnamon
1 t vanilla
Dash of salt
1/2 cup minced fresh ginger
2 T flax meal

Mix all that together then add:
3 1/3 cups oats

I let it set for a while as the pumpkin is quite wet and the oats will absorb the juices and I feel it makes better cookies.

You can add raisins and nuts as you like, use less ginger, omit the flax, use sugar instead of monk fruit if you prefer. These are flexible.

You can also make them with 4 super ripe bananas instead of the pumpkin. I just prefer the pumpkin.

Form the dough into normal cookie size patties and bake on a baking sheet – I use parchment or silicone baking sheet – no fat needed at all.

10 minutes at 350

Once baked, I store them in the fridge because they’re a bit damp – it just depends on how soon you’ll eat them. I keep them in the fridge and then toast them in the toaster oven and have a few for breakfast – they’re chewy and very satisfying.

Two make a great snack with coffee.

I haven’t tried with nutmeg, allspice etc. I’m sure pumpkin pie spice would be a nice change from just the cinnamon and vanilla. If you like turmeric, you might try that as well. Fresh or powdered.

Please let me know if you try them!

I order Monk Fruit from Amazon – it measures exactly like sugar – tests better (to me) than sugar. Click here to order the brand I’ve been using: Organic Monk Fruit – granulated.

Monk fruit has a surprising number of benefits which you can read about here by clicking here: Monk Fruit Benefits.

Monk Fruit Cookie Recipe

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Receptive to Miracles

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

Life is so interesting. It’s full of demonstrations, meaning that life is consistently demonstrating in accordance with what we’re thinking. Life can’t help it. That’s the divine design – life corresponds to what we believe and what we think, what we energize and what we are focused on.

I find that more and more I’m holding in my mind that everything is working together for my good and there are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever. I’m looking for the good. I’m allowing the good. I’m assured of the good.

Last weekend I was moving out of the house I’d been renting for the previous three months. I had hoped to stay there for a year or more, but the house was recently sold, right after I moved in. So, my moving day was this past Saturday.

I had made arrangements to have help with the moving, but one of the key people wasn’t able to make it. That would have been very difficult, but out of the blue, someone else I’d never met turned up. He saved the day for us.

Things like that happen for me all the time.

Expecting miracles works when you really are willing to receive them.

I used to feel that it was better that I do everything myself so that it could be done well. Now, I prefer to hold that everyone in my life is supporting me with excellence to the very best of their ability – and I mostly find that to be the case.

There’s always going to be stuff that’s happening that we would prefer to be different, but if we can focus on what we’d like and what we do like, then we’re staying positive and mostly happy and because like attracts like, the happiness multiplies and magnifies.

PLUS, if we can stay in gratitude, there’s more and more good to be had. Gratitude magnetizes the good into our life. If you don’t believe me, test it for yourself. If you DO believe me, test it for yourself. Testing it proves that it works and the we all have more good in our lives because when one is lifted ALL are lifted.

I’m so grateful that I became willing to be supported at the most profound levels. I have a whole different experience of my life because of it.

We are blessed. We are SO blessed.

AND we do have to be willing to accept it and allow it and give up the resistance and reluctance. We can’t be passive in our awakening – we must be actively calling it forth and accepting it. That’s our part that only we can do.

Look in your heart – how willing are you to actually accept the miracles that are yours to receive?

Have you rejected any miracles lately? I used to reject miracles every day. Now, I am open to receiving them and I’d like to be even more receptive! Let’s do it together!

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Sharing Our Gifts and Talents

Monday, August 17th, 2020

Everyone has talents. Everyone is brilliant in their own way – I’ve definitely seen this is true, especially as a spiritual counselor for 20 years.

Many people are hiding their talents, or underutilizing them.

It’s crazy that so many people are actually resistant and reluctant to do the very thing that would make them happy. They’re utterly convinced that something “out there” is preventing them. They blame their playing small on circumstances, when life’s situations and circumstances are the by-product of our choices, beliefs and thoughts.
If we don’t use our gifts and talents, do we lose them? Or do they just lay dormant? Certainly, we’ll be missing wonderful and fulfilling opportunities to be an authentic, inspiring and healing presence in the world if we don’t shine our light.

Why keep our light under a bushel?

We all have an interesting and unique relationship to our possessions, including our gifts and talents.

In THE PATHWAY OF ROSES, Christian D. Larson wrote, “Every individual is entitled to all the riches of the spiritual kingdom, and in addition, to the possession of as many things … as he can possibly appreciate and use in the enrichment of all the realms of his own entire existence. But before he can secure all these things, he must cause his personal nature and his spiritual nature to live together as one … the first essential is to make the best use possible of everything that we may possess now.”

How do we cause our personal nature and our spiritual nature to live together as one? For me, it’s ALL about staying focused on making loving choices. When I’m focused on making loving choices I’m aligned with Spirit and I’m not judging, not creating difficulties for myself and others.

Today I choose to be willing to use what I have.

So many people want more, but they don’t appreciate and make use of what they have. Let’s all be willing to look at ourselves from a Divine perspective.

Let’s consider things from a higher, spiritual perspective:

Would you be willing to give to someone more riches and rewards if they didn’t appreciate and make use of the ones they had? Wouldn’t that be a waste?

Do you have the ability to be kind? Do you have the ability to forgive? Are you a good listener? Do you have an opportunity to be generous or helpful? Go for it!

Let’s use the opportunities we have to extend Love and make our life more fully loving! Let’s go for it!

Can you think of a gift or talent that you have that you’re letting lay dormant? What’s your intention? Do you have one? Are you managing, coping or settling with not making use of your talents as you’d like?

Put Spirit in charge – be willing to do that much, and you’ll see a shift!

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The Strongest Hearts

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Peace to you, my friend! I’ve been in quarantine by myself now for over a month. I have much more work than normal offering extra support during this time and strengthening our community with additional offerings. I have no complaints.

In breaks, I like to catch up a bit while cooking and I watch youtube videos of the late-night hosts doing their shows from their homes. They have a lot of jokes about how they’ve seen everything on Netflix and are bored.

I get it. They’re used to commuting and having meetings all day long and getting dressed in hair and make-up, having rehearsals and all kinds of activities that they don’t have while doing the show from home.

Spiritual students who have the luxury to quarantine at home or who are forced to quarantine, have been laid off or fired due to the virus are having a different experience.

This is the time that we were born for and have been preparing for our entire lives. This is a time when we can do more spiritual practice and focus on being truly helpful in our community.

Now, more than ever, our brothers and sisters are turning to us for support.

It’s time for us to strengthen our hearts.

I was sharing in class yesterday that, at the beginning of this pandemic, I was watching an hour or so of news a day, while cooking and doing things around the house. I was learning about the whole virus situation, just like everyone else.

Now, I don’t feel a need to focus on virus news. I can read a few tweets, check the headlines in a few papers and that’ll do me.

My job is to be at Peace, and to know that, despite ALL appearances, everything is working together for our good. More people are becoming more compassionate than ever. They’re opening their hearts to those who are in service, and those who have lost loved ones.

Just think, each day in NYC, at 7pm, the entire city applauds their health care workers and those in service to help them get through this incredibly difficult time. I lived in New York for 10 years and people used to say that New Yorkers are tough, and they are. They are resilient. They are strong and they are also loving and appreciative.

The toughest people on earth are the ones with the biggest hearts. Or so it seems to me.

One of the things that helps us navigate this intensity is to be able to feel our feelings and let them pass on through. Rather than deny them or subvert them, we can learn to feel our feelings. That does take strength and courage. It also builds strength, courage and compassion that we can share with others.

When we have the capacity to honor our own feelings without drowning in them, then we can support others who are going through a tough time and not fear their emotional outbursts.

Many people are grieving now, and suddenly. There is the obvious grief for the loss of life, but many are grieving the loss of their lifestyle, their job, their plans for the future and a myriad of things that they’d thought would be theirs.

Think of the weddings delayed.
Think of the families with new babies that no one can come visit.

Having offered grief support to many people for decades, one thing I know is that many, MANY people don’t know how to handle grief, and they definitely aren’t very good at handling the grief of other people.

Many of the folks I’ve talked to have been intensely wounded by the thoughtless things people have said to them. People don’t have an intention to be unkind or disrespectful, they just don’t understand what the grieving person is going through.

One of the most intense things I’ve ever heard said to someone grieving was said to an 84 year old woman who had recently lost her husband of more than 60 years. After only a few months into her widowhood, some of her closest friends were telling her she had to “get over it.” I was shocked.

Of course, this woman’s friends didn’t wish to hurt her feelings or disrespect her. Not at all, they just wanted her to be happy again and move on.

When our loved ones pass away, we aren’t going to get over it.

And we’re not going to move on.

Those things aren’t ever going to happen.
They are unrealistic expectations.

When someone loses a child, a parent or a spouse, a dear friend, even a beloved dog, please don’t ever say anything about getting over it or moving on.

To the person who is grieving, it’s worse than saying to someone who just had both their arms amputated, “you have to get over it.” They’re not going to EVER get over it. What they WILL do is learn to live with it, but until that day comes, they’re going to grieve and that will include being in denial, being angry, and feeling like they wish they could just die too. These feelings are normal.

Even our most extreme feelings are often perfectly normal.

Please don’t tell people to get over it or move on.

And, when people tell YOU those things, just bless them. You may want to smack them or shake them, but they don’t know what they’re talking about. They are ignorant. Not stupid, just ignorant.

If they knew what they were talking about they would just be quiet, and say something like, “I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. This must be so hard for you. That is so rough. I don’t know how you can handle it.”

You really don’t need to say any more than that.

Sometimes it can be helpful to say, “I know you’ll get through this. It’s very intense, and I’m here to support you.” But no one really NEEDS to hear that.

Initially, it’s not a good idea to ask people how you can help them. I know that seems counter intuitive. But if they have to figure out how you can help them it just becomes more work for them. If you ask them how you can help, now they have one more thing to do. Now they have to help YOU.

Instead, just start helping.
That’s why people bring food.

Bring food that can be put in the freezer.
Cut their lawn.
Walk their dog.
Take out their trash, bring their cans to the curb, put them back.
Water the lawn.
Clean the kitchen.
Do the laundry.

Offer to wash their car, gas up their car, drive them places and don’t take no for an answer.

Do whatever you can do. Take care of their recycling.

Just do stuff. Everyone can use help. Especially now.

And let’s remember that our hearts, like our bones, can actually be stronger for having gone through the challenges.

We live to Love another day and with more compassion than ever.

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Every day, part of my spiritual practice is to write inspiration and record a prayer to go with it. You can join me in cultivating the willingness that raises us ALL up so we can be truly helpful in this world. Please share my daily prayer with anyone who would find it helpful.

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You can also get the podcast of my daily prayers and/or find them at YouTube.

Having trouble sleeping?

There are more than 444 episodes of my radio show on podcast. And some people listen to me as they fall asleep. I don’t take it personally when folks tell me I put them to sleep. I’m glad my voice can be soothing. You can subscribe to my podcast and have that as a resource. Maybe I can help you fall asleep.

All of this is free.

I look forward to our Sunday gathering. It means so much that we can join together and love on each other!

May you and your family feel blessed today and every day!



Thursday, April 16th, 2020

One of the most helpful lessons I’ve ever learned is that when I don’t feel good, it’s an opportunity to let off a thought, belief or idea that no longer serves me. Good riddance, I say!

It used to be that if I felt down about something or hurt or upset in some way I’d feel like something was wrong. Often, I’d feel that something was wrong with ME and that’s why I was upset.

I’d get so weighted down by a belief that there was something wrong with me and I’d spiral into a place of unhappiness and upset and avoidance. That doesn’t happen to me anymore. In fact, I can’t recall that last time I felt that way.

And here’s why: I started taking those upsets as an opportunity to have a healing and transformation.

Instead of a curse, they’re a blessing.

BUT, we do have to choose the healing in order to experience the greatest blessing. If we don’t choose healing, then the upset is just another bit of pain pushing us to choose healing.

The more we choose to extend Love and be loving, the less interested in pain we’ll be.

The more healing we have, the more happiness we have.

We are no longer a vibrational match for the pain.
The patterns of upset dissolve and we live life without them.

Extending Love and being loving is selfless.
There’s no expectation of getting ANYTHING in return, not even a smile or a thank you.

Anyone who’s feeling resentful because they believe they’re not getting the appreciation they deserve, is just manipulating people to give them something in return for their gift.

That’s not really a gift is it?

Now’s a great time for us to become great givers, and also great receivers of Love.

It’s also a great time to quit addictive tendencies.

Cravings are a cry for healing as well.

To get the healing we desire, we partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self, affirm our willingness and welcome the healing. It might not be fun, but it’s definitely productive!


Spiritual Progress

Monday, April 13th, 2020

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned on this spiritual path is how to breathe and stay calm. I used to be very hot-headed. I used to go from zero to sixty in anger and annoyance and it really kept me spinning around in repeating the same lessons.

It took me quite a while to realize that I was repeatedly being offered an opportunity to transcend and transmute my mental patterns (karma) and I was failing. Instead, I was digging in deeper and responding with more upset and intensity. I wasn’t learning, I wasn’t growing, I was (temporarily) stuck in a mud puddle of my own making.

I didn’t realize that the constantly repeating experience, my own personal Groundhog Day, was a blessing only intended for my good.

It was SUCH a great lesson to finally get the power of being kind, patient, present and calm NO MATTER WHAT. Now, I rarely become upset, and when I do, I recognize that I have the option to make that U-turn, go the other way, and calm down.

Out of Self-Love, I’ve learned to do just that.

I can say now, that being patient is a profoundly powerful spiritual practice available to all.

It may not be easy sometimes, but that’s only because we don’t realize the benefit of it. If we knew, we’d be so happy to make the winning choice.

Being calm no matter what is to stay open and receptive to blessings.

To be angry and upset and vengeful is to feel completely cut off from the blessings.

Which will YOU choose next time you’re upset?

We can boost our spiritual progress or we can delay it.

It’s our choice. It’s always our choice.


Good News

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

There is encouraging news mixed in with the tragic news. I’ll share the best news I’ve personally heard in a very long time. My friend Chris, who was taken to the emergency room two weeks ago with what they thought was a bad flu and who was diagnosed with pneumonia, and then later Covid-19, came home from the hospital after 14 days in quarantine. His husband and children are so HAPPY, as am I.

If you’re a person who prays, pray to know that all is well everywhere in this world. If you’re not a prayerful person, just bless everyone. That’s so beneficial to all!

Bless and bless again!

Sometimes, we might hesitate to bless someone we don’t like or feel should be punished. But if we think about it, when we bless those who seem to be generating hardship in our life, we’re helping them to have more clear insight about truth and Love and compassion and things that are helpful to all.

Bottom line: when we bless anyone, we bless everyone because all are connected.

This is so important to remember.

When we bless others, ESPECIALLY those who “despitefully use us” we are helping to undo the belief in separation. When we bless others, we bless ourselves because we’re One with them.

It’s never worth holding a grudge. Not for a single moment. The benefits of extending blessings and compassion are beyond our comprehension, and their are no benefits to holding a grudge.

When we can bless everyone we’re generating good news in our life every day. It will surely bring an increase of good news everywhere.

Let’s BE the blessing and share the blessing. It’s what we’re here for!


Twice Blessed

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

I’m traveling today. I am attending a conference in Los Angeles and I’ll be there for 5 days. I know that the news is full of stories about the coronavirus and I don’t feel worried or afraid. However, I can say that I prefer not to travel when there’s a lot of fear, because I am a sensitive person and I don’t personally like to be in an environment with lots of fearful people – at least, that’s the story my personality has about it.

In truth, I know that I am here only to be truly helpful. When there’s a lot of fear “out there,” then that’s the time for me to be available to support my brothers and sisters who feel worried and anxious. It’s the perfect time for me to travel and to help shift the vibration.

So often I used to blame other people for how I felt. I thought they were “doing it to me.” Now, I’m 100% clear that we do it to ourselves. And still, we can be truly, beautifully helpful by extending Love and compassion and supporting our brothers and sisters in shifting their stinking thinking.

That’s a gift that we get to receive as well as share.

I’m no longer interested in blaming others or circumstances for how I feel. I’ve learned that taking total responsibility for my feelings and eliminating the option to say “You make me feel” has been a great benefit to me.

A Course in Miracles tells us that taking that responsibility for our feelings is the way our of the hellish emotions we’ve brought upon ourselves. It’s hard to believe it’s true. That’s why we must practice it in order to know.

To learn anything at all is a blessing and I feel so blessed by the teachings of ACIM.

They help me and inspire me to live the life I most desire – and they are useful to me each and every day. What a blessing!

I share this blessing with you and I feel twice as blessed!

Thank you for being my Prayer Partner today!

What is a thought that you’ve eliminated that you’re so grateful to have let go of? Please share in the comments below!



Welcoming Abundance!

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

I didn’t and wouldn’t believe it until I experienced it myself. Truly. It didn’t make sense to me. I pondered it, but I couldn’t comprehend it until I gave myself the gift of it.

There is a way to remove the blocks to Abundance and it’s not what we might think it is.

Many of us have worked and worked to experience more financial flow in our lives when there’s a much easier way that brings SO MUCH benefit. It’s faster and available to EVERYONE.

First of all, I’ve known a number of people who were multimillionaires who were definitely abundant and prosperous, if you define Abundance as having money. However, some of them also taught me that if you’re not in the flow of Love, then no matter how much money you have it’s likely you will not FEEL abundant – you won’t truly be able to enjoy the Abundance.

It surprised me to discover that a major block to the flow of Abundance is unforgiveness.

Many of us get intensely triggered over money issues. When there’s a struggle financially, it’s often tied to blame, regret, and resentment. I discovered this myself, and I found out because I made the commitment to let go of the blame, regret, and resentment. Importantly, I had to forgive myself for being in my own way for so long.

A Course in Miracles tells us that all forgiveness is self-forgiveness.

Jesus also gave us the Lord’s Prayer which says, “And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.

When we let go of our judgment of others, we’re actually forgiving our own selves for all of our past debts and our trespasses. Why? Because we are eternally One.

When I realized that I was DONE with blaming people for things, that’s when I finally began the road to let go of creating debt and feeling the burden of debt.

ACIM says, “Whenever you act egotistically towards another, you are throwing away the graciousness of your indebtedness and the holy perception it would produce.”

In other words, our natural spiritual state of being is incapable of debt. When we recognize this, we’ll have the Clarity of mind – the holy perception – of our holiness, and all illusion of debt will dissolve into the nothingness from which it has arisen.

And this is why I teach forgiveness, because it has brought me back to my true Self and that has shown me the gift of grace that we all have. I am so grateful that I could forgive myself and let go of the past, truly and completely.

I consider it my calling to support people in doing this deep forgiveness work – it’s very challenging to do it on our own. It’s so much easier to do it with others in community.


Friends & Blessings

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Like attracts like and that’s for sure. We also attract people who are sent to us so we can respond to their cry for Love. That’s the story of our relationships. I feel so blessed this weekend that I’ve been able to gather with like-minded friends in NYC to celebrate Jimmy Twyman and Bill Free as they finish up their St. Francis journey across the U.S.A. In case you don’t know, Jimmy has been sharing a one-man musical he’s written to share the life of St. Francis.

Yesterday we had a gathering of friends Jimmy, Bill, Lisa Natoli, Corinne Zupko, David Fishman, Jon Mundy and others, including a few from Masterful Living!

It was such a treat to have hours to hang out and talk together, to have dinner, coffee, dessert, and to see Jimmy’s inspiring show. Last show is tonight at The Church in the West Village, 7th Ave and 13th S at 6:30. Come and have some delicious soup!

Of course, we had a coffee crew for our spiritual espresso!

Vickie Poppe and Jon Mundy were serving delicious food to the homeless who attended last night. The joining together is so enriching, nourishing and inspiring. Always. It’s never dull or not worth the time, energy and effort.

This is why I do my retreats and workshops. It’s why I’m a teacher and Spiritual Counselor. The two or more gathering is so healing.

Yes, we do need time alone with Spirit, but we also need to be the two or more gathered in Christ’s name with a strong intention to heal.

What could bring more benefit to this world then our healed mind? We heal more and help more when we gather! I’m going to be offering an online retreat for those who are recovering from sexual abuse – hold the weekend dates – first weekend in April, Friday to Sunday – all day, online, for our healing! Save those dates if you’d like to join us!

Let’s pray to let Spirit lead us and guide us!

Prayer is so powerful. Please join me in my daily Prayer for Today – today’s prayer is for Living with Christ in Mind. You can click and listen now. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice. And that’s beautiful!

Spirit is always for us and never against us, and we can learn to rely upon that. And when we do, we feel carried and lifted to much higher ground.

Like, MLK, we can start to see and feel the promised land and recognize that it is within us. It has been there all along!


2020: Our Best Year Ever

Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

Today’s the day, and NOW is the time. The concept of “someday” in the future, is an old paradigm that we can put aside now.

I LOVE this new year, new decade day!

It makes me so happy to feel this global energy of rebooting into the opportunity of this new year.

I’m completely STOKED for this new year, this new decade, and the opportunity we have to turn the page, to wipe the slate, and begin again.

As an A Course in Miracles student, one of the great benefits of this mind-training is that we learn that ALL suffering comes from looking at the present moment through the lens of the past.

I can recall how my mind was obsessed with anticipating experiencing the hurts and pains of the past, in the future. I would go into many situations and conversations, expecting to be disappointed.

Think about this: an expectation is a disappointment waiting to happen.
Well, what about when your expectation is that you will be disappointed?
In my case, the expectations were met, I WAS disappointed, and then I’d have that self-righteous feeling of “I knew it all along. This world cannot be trusted.”

And yet, “this world” was completely showing up for me just as I wished it would.

I was learning the most potent lesson of response-ability. I am responsible for what I see and everything is just as I wish it to be.

I believed that there was something wrong with me and life proved it to me day in and day out.

I gave up that belief and life began proving to me that I am perfect just as I am and I no longer needed any expectations and certainly none about being disappointed. Paradigm shift.

We can actually drop the false beliefs.
We can hand them over to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and liberate from the pain of the past.

It does take real effort to give up our attachments to our view of the world and our view of ourselves in this world.

And, it is SO worth it!

Sometimes it feels to me that one of the great blessings we have and don’t take full advantage of is leaving the past behind, for GOOD. For our own good, we can let the past go. We can lay the burden down, but the trick is to NOT PICK IT BACK UP AGAIN.

Sometimes in our classes or on retreats, people begin to feel disoriented in their lives because their beliefs are changing so fast they aren’t sure who they are anymore. When they lean on the Higher Holy Spirit Self, there’s a recalibration that happens and a quantum leap of consciousness happens.

Then there’s no sliding back.
There’s real progress.
There’s true healing.
And we begin again from this new place.

It’s like climbing a staircase of mastery.
The real work happens not in the leap to the next step,
the leap happens when we incorporate our leap into our life.
That’s the path of mastery.

I love this day of starting anew.

I love to take the entire first month of the year to really get clear about my direction for the rest of the year.

It’s so valuable to take the time to relinquish that which no longer serves, to take stock, to consciously choose what our life is going to be out. I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years and it’s been tremendously helpful to me.

People often remark to me that they’re amazed at how much I accomplish. Well, it’s not because I’m special or a superwoman, it’s really because I’m clear about my intentions, aspirations, and goals.

I put real energy and effort, time and attention into being clear so that I’m not investing my precious energy into negativity, or into things that don’t support my spiritual goals as well as my life goals.

And I LOVE it! It’s fun for me!

On our own, it can be really challenging to hold a vision for our life. And that’s why I like to gather people together so we can hold the vision for each other and with each other in community.

We rise together.
And it works.
We ARE miraculous!

Power of Love Ministry, the non-profit I founded in 2013, offers many free forms of support, including classes, my ACIM podcast, and daily inspiration, daily prayer and much more. We also have our Masterful Living community which has grown out of my year-long class that I started offering in 2009.

I never imagined I’d offer Masterful Living a second year.

And now we’re starting year 12.

This community is extraordinary.
We are doing the deep forgiveness work of forgiving ourselves for having built a false identity of being not enough, and unlovable.

We’re forgiving ourselves for projecting our belief in unlovability, sin, and punishment onto our precious brothers and sisters.

We’re looking at the most intense patterns of separation and we’re FULLY releasing them and releasing a flow of Love in our lives that spreads out over everyone in our lives and transforms them as well.

We’re changing our mind about the world and watching the world change around us.

We’re incredibly courageous, and here’s why:

Every single one of us, when we began, we believed that we would fail.
Each and every one of us believed we would fail, that we didn’t have what it takes and we couldn’t succeed because we were weak – but we ventured forward anyway.

Today, I have my New Year Reboot class. It’s a foundational class for everyone in Masterful Living 2020 and part of the curriculum, but you can join us if you’re interested in doing this work with us. It’s a chance to get a taste for what we’re doing this year.

In my New Year’s Reboot class TODAY January 1, I’ll be inviting you to decide what your focus will be for the year. Pick something that seems impossible, and then put Spirit in charge.

Our job is to hold the vision and ALLOW it to unfold. This is a mind-training. We can’t get there with just wishing and hoping. We can only do this if we let Spirit do the heavy lifting of figuring out HOW.

Are you ALL IN for this extraordinary year that is the road rising up to meet us? Your willingness is all that’s required.

You may also wish to check out my End My Self-Sabotage 6 Day challenge on January 2nd. The first 2 days are my gift to you and open to everyone. For everyone in Masterful Living, it’s another BONUS class.

To me, this new year, this new decade feels like the best ever! I’m excited about it!

I’m excited about the healing we’ll have.

Every day I offer my shot of Spiritual Espresso. I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a power tool for our liberation. My Prayer for Today is for Having the Courage to Let the Past Go. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation. And that’s beautiful to share!

Learning to hold a healing vision is just one of the things we learn in my yearlong Masterful Living Course. We actively practice healing the deep sense of unworthiness that most spiritual students suffer from.  If you feel called, come join us in 2020 for the best year of your life – the year that changes EVERYTHING, if you’re willing.  Let’s do it together.  If you’d like to find out what others are saying about this powerful community please click here to learn more now.

Bonus classes start on January 1st.

If this is right for you, you WILL know it.

Our first BONUS class is New Year’s Reboot on January 1, but anyone can join us.  Let’s reboot into this new year and truly experience the sense of newness!

Our second BONUS is my End My Self-Sabotage 6 Day challenge on January 2nd. The first 2 days are my gift to you and open to everyone. For everyone in Masterful Living, it’s a BONUS class.

Are you unsure about whether my yearlong Masterful Living 2020 is right for you right now? You can book an Exploratory Call with one of the Spiritual Counselors and let them answer all your questions. Click here now to book an Exploratory Call. If you’re going to join us next year in the Masterful Living Course 2020, I encourage you to register early. Make the commitment to yourself NOW and you’ll have so much to look forward to – including tremendous healing and transformation! Give yourself this gift and you’ll be amazed at how your connection with Spirit will bloom!


Ask and It is Given

Thursday, December 26th, 2019

One of the questions I ask Spirit on a regular basis is “How can I be more helpful?” I am interested in being more clear, more open, more available, and offering more assistance and support with the choice I make as the leader of the Power of Love Ministry, but also as a participant in life.

And Spirit responds. Spirit gives me such wonderful ideas and insights!

I recently shared a fundraising request on Facebook, to support our offering more free classes and services to those who are interested, and a couple of people reacted with attacks. They said I was begging for money.

This is something that does come up in the A Course in Miracles community. Some people are of the opinion that a non-profit organization shouldn’t ask for donations.

I’ve been an active spiritual student for about 35 years. And in all those years I’ve noticed there are two opposing thoughts that are very strong in spiritual circles, and they generate consistent conflict.

There’s the spiritual teaching of “Ask and it is given.”

And then there’s the ego thought of “It’s better to give than to receive.”

If it’s better to give, is it still okay to ask?

People who believe it’s better to give than to receive may have a deep-seated sense of unworthiness. And sometimes their belief in their own unworthiness will be projected onto others.

In my spiritual practice of the past 20 years, I’ve definitely learned the value of asking. It helps heal the sense of unworthiness. I ask for help from anyone and everyone. I don’t believe it’s better to give than to receive,because everything that I receive comes from Spirit.

Spirit is the only Source of all.

Ask for something worth having, like spiritual insight, and it SHALL be given.

Try it out for yourself. PROVE God in your life.

When I receive from a person, that person is representing Spirit in my life – they’re RE-presenting Spirit to me.

ACIM says, “I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent Him Who sent me.”

Isn’t this true for all of us and not just ACIM students? It seems so to me. Therefore, isn’t it helpful to also be a good receiver? Isn’t it inspired to be a good “asker” in order to represent Spirit?

In my experience, asking for support and assistance, whether it’s from Spirit or from my brothers and sisters, is a way to be in the flow of Love. We’re designed to be the perfect givers and receivers of Love.

Letting the Love flow back and forth, in and out, is the way to maintain a true vitality in our hearts and mind!

Are you blocking the flow of Love by thinking it’s better to give than to receive?

In this ministry, and in our Masterful Living Community, we’re consistently giving and receiving. We’ve developed 4 levels of classes because people join, and after a year they’d like to continue again, year after year, growing together. So, I’ve been directed to have many levels so people can continue to develop their awareness and spiritual skills together. We’re a spiritual family that is powerful and beautiful.

To be of service to the Light, in the ministry of the Love of Christ is the greatest service.

What I’ve witnessed is that those who become Mastery Circle Facilitators and who go into the Spiritual Counseling Certification Program grow their consciousness at a rapid rate. We have so many ways that people can offer Love through our support groups for Parenting, 12 Steps, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Chronic Pain & Illness, Grief Support, Forgiveness Fridays and even more groups that meet on a regular basis to improve the quality of our life and the healing of our hearts and minds. It’s quite beautiful.

If people weren’t willing to receive the support, there wouldn’t be opportunities for those who would like to grow through giving and sharing. We require both the receivers and the givers to complete the circle.

How beautiful is it that we can be the giver in one moment and the receiver in the next?

There have been many times over my more than 20 years as a spiritual teacher and counselor that I have dropped to my knees in gratitude because someone desperate reached out to receive support from me. In being able to offer compassion and care to someone else, I was lifted up, I was healed and transformed – more times than I could possibly count.

While it may have seemed to the outside observer that I was giving something, I have ALWAYS received more than I gave. Spirit filled me up and taught me something beautiful in the process.

When we give from the heart, no strings attached, then we’re actually receiving a great gift because we’re wholeheartedly in the flow of Love.

For many years now in our Masterful Living community, I’ve witnessed that those who give back, who share and offer support to others, they grow their consciousness faster than those who don’t serve. It’s not magical, it’s miraculous, and it’s not that anyone is special, it’s simply the very nature of Spirit.

Those who receive, receive from Spirit. Those who share, IF they share FROM Spirit, they will be filled up.

To them that have (the consciousness of compassion) even more (Love) will be given. And to them that have not (the consciousness of sharing) even what they have will be taken away. This is the clear teaching of Jesus that has been shared with us from the Gospel of Matthew.

Do this to experience more flow of Love:

Let’s learn to ask Spirit for more insight, more Clarity, more willingness, more ways to truly help and fully surrender to Spirit.

These are the things worth asking for, because they are the things that we can share with everyone since all minds are joined.

When one is healed, all are healed.
When one is lifted, all are lifted.

As we move from Christmas to New Year’s Eve this year, I’m asking for the maximum load in spiritual expansion and Clarity. Of course, I will share it with you.

I pray for your spiritual expansion and Clarity and I ask you to pray for mine.

Together, all boats rise on this tide of Love!

Every day I offer “My Shot of Spiritual Espresso”. I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a power tool for our liberation. Pray with me today. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation, and that’s beautiful to share!

Learning to be better receivers is just one of the things we learn in my year-long Masterful Living Course. We actively practice healing the deep sense of unworthiness that most spiritual students suffer from. If you feel called, come join us in 2020 for the best year of your life – the year that changes EVERYTHING, if you’re willing. Let’s do it together. If you’d like to find out what others are saying about this powerful community please click here to learn more now.

Bonus classes start on January 1st. If you’re willing, I’m willing. If this is right for you, you WILL know it. In my yearlong Masterful Living Course, a number of people have healed their depression gone off anti-depressants, let go of old hurts and sadness that has troubled them for many years. They have accomplished what they never believed they could do because they gave themselves a chance, and they didn’t give up. You can do it, too.

Our first BONUS class is New Year’s Reboot on January 1.

I am grateful for this path we’re on and our ability to ask for spiritual inspiration, guidance, and Clarity.

Are you unsure about whether my yearlong Masterful Living 2020 is right for you right now? You can book an Exploratory Call with one of the Spiritual Counselors and let them answer all your questions. Click here now to book an Exploratory Call. If you’re going to join us next year in the Masterful Living Course 2020, I encourage you to register early. Make the commitment to yourself NOW and you’ll have so much to look forward to – including tremendous healing and transformation! Give yourself this gift and you’ll be amazed at how your connection with Spirit will bloom!


Good Fortune

Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Yesterday I flew from Arizona to New Jersey and, as usual, there was good learning all the way and I am grateful. Full of gratitude, am I.

Because I fly so often, and because I use airline credit cards and rack up the miles, I get to go in the priority line even though I’m not first class. Well, for the first time ever, the woman behind the counter was measuring my bag. This is actually my 3rd bag of this exact kind.

I travel so much that I’ve gone through two of these bags before the one I currently have. I’ve flown with this bag on American Airlines too many times to count, but it would be safe to say that it could be 50 times.

For whatever reason, the woman who checked my bags measured it and made me adjust it so that it was just a bit smaller and met the airline standards. First time for that. It took about 10 minutes or so to accomplish. I don’t know what anything is for, but I do know everything is helpful.

Later, as I was getting some food, prior to my flight and waiting for a coffee, I got boxed in by an airline employee who was helping a woman in a wheelchair. She was getting food and a coffee, just like me. They were blocking me from leaving the restaurant, and I was completely happy to wait until they had everything they needed before I could exit.

Now, here’s the thing — because I was standing there waiting for the woman to get her coffee and add the milk and sugar, I happened to notice that she didn’t properly put the lid back on her coffee. I pointed it out to her. If I hadn’t been there, she most assuredly would have spilled that scalding hot all down her front.

Was that why I was delayed at the counter with the repeated measuring of my suitcase? I don’t know for sure, but I could be.

How could I really KNOW what the reason for my delay was? Yet, I did feel that it was so I could be there to help this woman avoid spilling the coffee on herself.

Had I been able to check my bag easily and quickly, as usual, I would’ve left the restaurant before that woman came in. We don’t know what anything is for, but if we’re willing, we can rest assured that everything always works together for our good and the good of all, because we’re One with them.

Everything is a blessing if we’re willing to see it properly.

That’s the trick.

Is there anything going on in your life that you’ve been thinking isn’t a blessing?

Would you be willing to change your mind about it in order to receive the blessing that is most assuredly encoded into it?

All through the holidays, we get to choose Heaven or hell with each choice we make. If you find the holidays difficult, if you struggle with old family patterns, if you’re feeling you’d like to really have a breakthrough then you might find my F* Me Here Come the Holidays free class helpful. (The F is for forgiveness.)

You can sign up now for this free class offering this week.

If you’d like to have a powerful, healing and transformative spiritual practice that TRULY helps you to undo the past, release attachments and dissolve the patterns of pain, consider joining me in Masterful Living Course 2020. We’ve got a lot to offer!

Follow your intuition – let yourself be guided by Spirit to join us or not.

Are you unsure about whether my yearlong Masterful Living 2020 is right for you right now? You can book an Exploratory Call with one of the Spiritual Counselors and let them answer all your questions. Click here now to book an Exploratory Call. If you’re going to join us next year in the Masterful Living Course 2020, I encourage you to register early. Make the commitment to yourself NOW and you’ll have so much to look forward to – including tremendous healing and transformation! Give yourself this gift and you’ll be amazed at how your connection with Spirit will bloom!


How about a free forgiveness workshop?
If you missed my class Forgive Me, Here Come the Holidays? We’re doing free LIVE replays coming up in the next week. This is my gift to you, come and join us!


Airport Angel

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Since the day before Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year, and today is predicted to be unusually higher amounts of travelers, AND we’ve got major storms across the U.S., I’m sharing my favorite “Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso” that I’ve written and it’s about traveling.

Waiting my turn at the LAX American Airlines Terminal Burger King at 5:30 one morning I watched the woman who filled the orders. She had an authentic smile for each customer, asking them if they wanted juice or coffee with their value meal. Each half-awake traveler was lovingly told where to find the napkins and the ketchup. Each was told to have a nice day with real sincerity. By the time it was my turn to receive her kindness, I had to tell her how much I appreciated and admired her spirit. Her smile grew even brighter. I felt the depth of her heart.

For many people, having to be at work before 5 a.m., dealing with the public for what is hardly a living wage. would be crushing. But for this woman, it seemed that she felt SHE was the one who was deeply blessed. Every day she faces people who are flying around the world for any number of reasons. Some are flying to or from funerals, some are frightened of flying, others worried about their jobs and their families. I saw that this woman recognized her opportunity to provide a personal and powerful blessing for each customer. We all have this opportunity with each person we meet, regardless of our circumstances.

This woman at the Burger King seemed to have it all because she was giving so much to each one she met.

With her every breath she teaches us that if we want more Love we need to be the Love we seek.

I intend to walk in the world as a loving, giving presence wherever I am and with whomever I’m with, and with every passing day I find more Joy in my walk. Still, I don’t know that I could do what this angel does. I know many people who yearn for a deeper expression of life purpose, more loving relationships, more Peace, more Prosperity. People often think they have to go somewhere special or take a special class to be transformed. I hear the words “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Today I resolve to find my inner angel nature and to walk in it.

I look for opportunities to share the Light that I can find in myself this day.

Angels don’t look for rewards or gratitude. The simple opportunity to be the giver IS the gift.

Today I am willing to be the Love in my life!

Please let me know your thoughts! And have a blessed trip if you’re traveling, and enjoy being cozy if you’re not traveling! I’m cooking and having time with my dearest soul sisters and Prayer Partners of 22 years. We’re so glad to be together. There’s much to be thankful for!

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Rising Above the Battlefield

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Gratitude lifts our vibration so that we can hear, see, feel, and know more clearly our divinity and the divinity of all life.

Gratitude lifts us above the battlefield. And that’s REALLY useful right now.

Let’s just be grateful, shall we? Even if our family doesn’t agree with us or even like us. Let’s be grateful. Even if the food comes out wretched and the weather is awful, let’s just be grateful anyway.

I used to be ungrateful a lot of the time. I missed so many opportunities to experience the healing, expansive power of being thankful.

I’m glad to be aware that I can actively choose to be grateful NO MATTER WHAT.

That is the attitude that has helped me transform my deepest pain.

Isn’t the prospect of transforming your deepest pain something that is worth being grateful about?

I know it’s very challenging to be grateful for what you don’t like.

So, I learned to focus on being grateful for what I do like.

I’m grateful for sunshine and for snow.
I’m grateful for movies that I enjoy.
I’m grateful for anyone that has ever crossed my path.
I’m grateful that I can hear the birds singing.
I’m grateful that I can pray
I’m grateful that I can listen to music.
I’m grateful for funny cat videos.
I’m grateful for the beautiful flowers and trees.
I’m grateful for the delicious food and snacks.
I’m grateful for a good cup of tea.
I’m grateful for the beautiful smiles.
I’m grateful that parades and marching bands making me cry happy tears.
I’m grateful that you are my prayer partner!

Oprah said that the single most helpful thing that changed her life was being grateful. I heard her say that in the beginning, sometimes all she could feel grateful for was ice cream and other foods.

That’s an ok place to start. It seems to have done pretty well for Oprah.

We can start there. I AM grateful for ice cream! AND I’m grateful for Oprah and many other things.

There! I’m smiling and my vibration feels lifted. I hope yours does, too!

44 Days to January 1st – I share what I learned that shifted me out of my habits of spinning around in the same repeating upsets in my Masterful Living Course 2020. Registration is open NOW. I encourage you to commit now so that you have that to look forward to. At no charge, you can also book an Exploratory Call to speak with one of the Spiritual Counselors who has already done the program, and they can help you be clear if this is right for you right now.

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Bulb Planting

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Today I finished planting 900 bulbs at our family’s house in Maine. I have a vision of how the daffodils, iris and Siberian Squill will multiply and spread throughout the area making the Spring a beautiful vision of nature’s glory.

In Maine, they joke that their four seasons are winter, more winter, still winter and road repair. Spring in Maine comes quite late, so the flowering bulbs are MUCH appreciated signs that winter is finally over.

It was much more work than I anticipated, because some of the areas where I wished to plant took a lot of work to dig up and plant.

I was concerned about getting it all done because of the first 5 days or so, because the bulbs I ordered online took longer to arrive than I’d anticipated, and then when they did come, it rained for 3 days. I only had 6 days to get it all done and there was a heavy rain day in the middle, so that left me 5 days.

Yesterday was the last day, and I prayed for Divine Assistance because I still had a couple hundred left to plant and so many other things to do. I wasn’t on vacation, by any means, and with the time change it was dark by 5 p.m. each day and too cold to get out there early, at least for my hands in the wet soil. Even with gloves, also wet.

Still, I got it all done.

And I am SO grateful for my strong body which is now a bit sore from all of it.

Since I have to leave this morning and the weather was a challenge, I was truly concerned that I mightn’t get it all done. I have a tendency to take on big bites, and sometimes it’s more than I can comfortably chew.

I’m so glad I’ve learned to rely upon a Higher Power and not go it alone.

I asked Spirit to guide me where to plant and how to plant and it all worked out.

I am trusting that the nature spirits will do their work and help turn over the bulbs I may have accidentally planted upside down – those crocus are small, and it’s really not easy to tell which end is up!

Gardening has been such learning for me. It’s definitely humbling. Things that I’ve thought would be magnificent barely do anything, and then things that I don’t expect much from are flourishing and lovely.

Thank goodness I am a forgiveness expert!

Part of why the gardens at the house in Maine are important to me is because it was my mother’s dream to have lovely gardens and she made that come true at this house. I’m doing my best to get them back up to where they were before she got ill. During her illness, things got neglected and then after she passed my father didn’t make it a priority.

So now it’s my turn, and I do it with my mother in mind. It’s a tribute to her, in a way. She loved beauty and she taught me to love it, too. Nothing is more beautiful than what nature can create. I’m so happy to play my part.

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I’m A Happy Camper

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

These are challenging times. There’s no doubt about it. For those of us with a spiritual practice, it’s a constant call to be more dedicated and more devoted. I see that happening in our community.

I’m a happy camper today because I have so many wonderful announcements. Earlier this year we, at the Power of Love Ministry, decided to create a community newsletter and we sent the first issue yesterday. If you missed it, you can view it in your browser here: Community Newsletter.

I’ve learned that it really does take a great willingness to have an effective spiritual practice and to follow the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Fortunately, the more I practiced, the more I truly wished to be even more willing and more available to choose Love and to be truly helpful with every choice I made.

I find I am not alone in this ever-increasing willingness and joy in willingness.

In some ways, it becomes a no-brainer. I see this with folks in class with me all the time. What happens that turbocharges our willingness is we start to prove that it works. Once we can begin to see that, the changes are helpful, that the changes are desirable, that life is easier and better, then we start to actually wish to give up the past and make the changes that are EVEN MORE HELPFUL.

Remember, in ACIM, Jesus tells us that ALL are chosen. We all have a call to be truly helpful and to return home, like the Prodigal Son. And, eventually, we’ll all actually DECIDE to make that journey. We can speed it up or we can slow it down.

I’m also excited because we’re consistently doing a much better job of serving our community. In September, I held my first retreat on the topic of “Recovery from Sexual Abuse” and it was a HUGE success, in that those who attended had profound healing and they’re now offering a support group for folks in Masterful Living and Finding Freedom classes. They’re going gangbusters, and we’re looking to have another retreat as early as late January.

Those who do the deep forgiveness work, like these beautiful folks who are rising above their wounding of the past, are inspired and compelled to help others. Their Joy is infectious! Just think: they went from feeling betrayed and wounded to feeling joyous and inspired!

Forgiveness continues to be my teacher. I am consistently amazed at how profound the healing power of forgiveness is. And that’s why I’m getting ready to offer a free class on forgiveness NEXT SUNDAY, November 10, and I’m calling it Forgive Me. Here Come The Holidays! Register now and we’ll send you the details – also, please do share with friends – it’s my gift to you!


I feel it’s so important and helpful to do extra forgiveness clearing and healing BEFORE the holidays, so that we can end the year beautifully and feel launched into our best year ever. Please join me in this free class! I’m so inspired to do this healing work!

I’m also very inspired because I just had my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive and my “Teacher Training” intensive – and they were both so much fun and so fulfilling. How cool is it that as people are entering our Spiritual Counseling Certification Program others are completing it?

At the Power of Love Ministry, the Spiritual Counseling Certification Program is going strong. And I’m so pleased to announce that we are certifying two new counselors. Woo hoo!

I’d like to introduce you to Phil Rego, who has been participating in the ministry for a number of years now. I’ve watched her shift and transform her life and her thinking and expand her coaching business. Phil is an inspiring counselor who is doing beautiful work

I love to help people discover who they truly are and to live with a sense of joy and wonder as they claim the future they want for themselves. After nearly two decades of helping people deal with difficulty as a social worker, I became a leadership coach who helps people transform themselves and their lives. Our journey is to find our source of light and illuminate ourselves, our greatness, and our unique calling. In studying with Jennifer it became clear to me that love is a healer and we must love ourselves first. With that, I focus on helping people discover and love who they truly are. When we tune in and turn up the divine light shining deep within us, we release our hurts, troubles, doubts, and fears. I would love the opportunity to help you uncover and shine your light. Please contact Phil at:


I’d also like to introduce you to Rieko Yamanaka who has been in our Masterful Living community for three years, and for several years has been a Facilitator for our Mastery Circle program, as well as facilitating small groups in the Finding Freedom From Fear program. She is a much loved and valued member of our community. She’s taking a break from counseling right now.

My goal is that all the graduates of our program will feel confident and qualified to do the work that they LOVE. And they do!

In order to be certified, these powerful Spiritual Counselors have had to do at least 111 practice sessions with evaluations and they’ve done far more than that. Plus, they have a substantial list of other requirements that have brought them to a place of great willingness and great knowing of Spirit. They are experienced. I invite you to consider working with Phil if you’d like to deepen your spiritual practice of truly living A Course in Miracles.

Working with a Spiritual Counselor who was trained to see the ego’s mental and emotional patterns that were running my life helped me to be able to dissolve and resolve those patterns. I could not have done it on my own.

For me, my belief that I had a deep-seated, fundamental wrongness and badness was so strong, and had been affirmed so often, that I really needed someone who could sit with me and say “It ain’t so. False. Not true. Never will be true. It cannot be true. You are perfect Love and you have forgotten it. You’ve hidden it. You aren’t aware of it, but even so, that is what is actually true.”

The truth IS that we are ALL fundamentally good – even if we’ve never demonstrated it. And because THAT is the TRUTH, one person holding and knowing the truth with you and for you is more powerful than a lifetime of believing a lie. That’s how powerful truth is.

Love is truth.

Love knows no opposition, because any appearance of opposition is false. It ain’t so.

I began to find out just how powerful this is when I became a spiritual counselor as a licensed Prayer Practitioner in the Agape community in Los Angeles. I was so committed to helping my clients see the truth that I was seeing. It was an honor and a privilege to hold the truth and know it with them and for them.

And that’s why I began to train Spiritual Counselors for certification. I have an aspiration to support people who would like to have a profession in spirituality as counselors, teachers, and Prayer Practitioners as well as ministers.

Congratulations to Phil & Rieko! Let’s give them some applause!


If you think you might be interested in learning more about spiritual counseling and our program at Power of Love Ministry, you can reply to this e-mail and we’ll set up a time for one of the counselors to answer your questions.  You can also email us at 

I encourage you to consider work with one of the Spiritual Counselors who I’ve certified, or one that’s still in training, and see if they can support your journey.  They ALL have had amazing relationship healing with their families.  Click here to see the list of Spiritual Counselors.  

Folks who have been therapists, doctors, teachers, coaches, ministers, dads, moms, and grandparents for decades have all found that it was very helpful to them in all kinds of ways, professionally and personally.

Every day I offer “My Shot of Spiritual Espresso”.  I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing.  Prayer is a power tool for our liberation.  We use technology to transcend time and space, and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other.  Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation, and that’s beautiful to share! It takes a village to raise anyone.  And certainly, it takes a village to raise this minister. I Love you and I thank God for you.  We bless each other with our willingness to rise in Spirit and come back into our right minds.  

Together we truly are answering our call to BE the Love.  YES!


Family Blessings

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

I’m up in Maine at my family’s home on Deer Isle. I’m here to do some Fall planting. I’ve got hundreds of bulbs to be planted. I’m excited because here on the island, Spring comes late. Spring is mostly mud season all the way until Memorial Day, and snow after Easter is common. Daffodils are just beginning to bloom in mid-May. The trees have a while before they start leafing out, and so every bit of color and brightness is a welcome gift from Mother Nature each Spring.

Yesterday morning I was looking out the window at first light, well before sunrise, and I saw someone clamming out in our cove. You see, the tide goes completely out at low tide. Every drop of water is gone, and that makes it a perfect place for clammers to come in and dig.

Here on the island, many people make a living through digging for clams. It’s really hard work. You have to bend over but you cannot kneel, because the mud would suck you right in. It’s cold and wet this time of year, and you always have to go when the tide is out. So, if that means 6 a.m. and it’s just over 40 degrees out, so be it.

We let the clammers onto our property and are happy to have them. This means they often drive down our driveway and slip down to the water whenever it’s low tide.

We welcome them because we know they’re working to support their families, and so by supporting them in doing their work we’re supporting their families, too.

So in the first light yesterday, I look out and see a lone clammer out there working to feed his family in the near-dark, cold wet mud. I thought about how many men and women are up well before the sun, doing back-breaking work in order to put food on the table of their loved ones.

I also thought about how sometimes those same people are not able to be emotionally available for their loved ones. Sometimes they pick difficult work that gives them space to be alone because they don’t mix well with others and relationships are really difficult for them.

It’s so important to look at what people do and not just what they say.

Someone who works so hard to support their family might not be good at relationships, but their love and care are evidenced in how hard they work to take care of them.

When I’m traveling, sometimes I’m at the airport between 4 and 5 in the morning and the airport is filled with people at work. People are working for the airlines, for concessions, and there are many people who are traveling for work, as well. All those people working to support many loved ones – because not many people would be motivated to work those hours just to support themselves.

I have learned how important it is to focus more on what people do than what they say. Many people are not that articulate about their feelings, but you can feel the Love in what they choose to do.

Let’s say a prayer to bless all the people who work in the wee hours.

We bless them and their families.


Transforming Challenges to Blessings

Sunday, October 27th, 2019

A lot of people are feeling extremely and consistently challenged right now – so if that’s you, just know you’re not the only one. Life IS intense for many people right now.
I remember there was a point in my spiritual unfoldment where it seemed like I was being challenged to my core. I felt that the challenges were coming in all directions.

My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
My spiritual community profoundly let me down.
My best friend cheated on me.
My sweetheart … oh, don’t even get me started on that one.

Anyway, there was more but that’s enough – it was an ego lollapalooza of betrayals, upsets and freak-outs.

It felt like the challenges were on all levels and in all areas of my life – except that I had my health.

Thank GOD for that!

I had the sense that I was being “tested.” I was being tested not in the way that an unkind teacher would prepare a grueling test in order to put you through the wringer, but rather I was being tested in the sense of being offered an opportunity to rise above all past precedent and break through to a new level of awareness, understanding, strength, and willingness.

That time of challenges was far from easy.

It did help that I could feel that it was a test of my mettle. It was the opportunity for me to focus on developing the Clarity that I so deeply desired. It was the required course for me to purify my heart and relinquish the habits of playing small.

It was both difficult and exhausting. It was also exactly what I needed to step more into my true identity as a spiritual being capable of great Love and compassion. I reached a tipping point, and I have noticed that I’ve not had any backsliding. Instead, it continues to unfold and expand which is wonderful.

Honestly, I don’t see one spiritual student who truly wishes to awaken from the painful dream of separation who doesn’t go through some very intense time of healing. It’s when the storm is raging so intensely and we’re really up against it that we can break through the most intense attachments to the mental patterns of the past. It’s actually a tremendous gift from the Higher Self.

If we’re willing to give up the attachments to the past, we can have a whole new future.

Check out the photo above. I was leading my Teacher Training, and we’d just finished doing kundalini yoga when I stepped out to take my picture in front of this painting of the angel wings. Somehow, this rainbow was captured in the photo. Is it in my aura? I don’t need to make sense of it, but it’s a beautiful reflection of the beauty of spiritual practice and the practicality of doing the INNER work to release attachments.

We all know that willingness is the key to transformation. Spiritual practice is EVERYTHING in your awakening. Willingness to be loving and to choose that loving connection over everything else is a spiritual practice.

Leverage your willingness to choose love and cultivate a belief that you can leave the past behind and release the future, also.

This gives you the experience of being present to the now, which is the only place your transformation can happen.

When you feel you’re being tested, be grateful. The tipping point is at hand. Let’s go for it and let resistance be the reminder that we ARE doing it and we’re not stuck anymore!

Every day I offer “My Shot of Spiritual Espresso”. I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a power tool for our liberation. We use technology to transcend time and space, and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation, and that’s beautiful to share!

We’re all on a journey of expanding awareness, and there’s so much help for us in the invisible. We’re never alone. I Love you and I thank God for you. We bless each other with our willingness to rise in Spirit and come back into our right minds. Together we’re answering our call to BE the Love. YES!


There is No Lack

Saturday, October 26th, 2019

Love is intelligent. It is a Divine Intelligence that is so perfectly brilliant it is inconceivable how beautiful and miraculous it always is. And this is what we are.

Spirit’s unfailing Wisdom is always available to us. We can tap into it. We must ask for it.

Why must we ask to receive what we already are?

Because we’ve rejected it so many times.

We’re not asking Spirit to give us back what was taken. We’re asking for the veils we’ve placed in our own awareness that prevent us from seeing, knowing, feeling, and believing the truth to be removed. Ask and it is given.

Ask for ASSISTANCE and it is given.

Instead of asking for money or something in this world, we ask for assistance in being better receivers.

There is no lack of support,

No lack of supply.
There’s a lack of demand.

When we feel unworthy, we don’t ask.
The way to break that spell is to ask for what is ours – access to our own Higher Wisdom.

I’ve learned that asking for support to help me see, feel, know and recognize the highest and best most loving choices is the most effective path for my healing and awakening.

Let us demand of Spirit what is ours.
Let us ask for that return to our natural state in our awareness,
That pristine awareness of our own holiness,
The holiness is there unbroken.
Let us recognize it today.