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Trading Fear for Joy

Monday, August 10th, 2020

We frighten ourselves. We do. And we do it on purpose.

Some of us have trained ourselves to not rise above worry, anxiety, fear, sadness, or some other emotional state.

There can be many reasons for why we’re living this way.

To me, it doesn’t really matter why we’re being dysfunctional and living in fear or some other lower emotional state. I used to be fascinated with people’s psychological states and how they got there. I was so interested in people’s stories and tales of woe and how they had come to their conclusions that they weren’t good enough, or some other self-perception that was completely false.

Now, I can see that I was living from my intellect, always curious about other people’s patterns of “disinformation” about themselves so that I could be distracted from my own patterns. It’s not the case anymore.

Since Love is the healer, and only Love can heal whatever my issues are, analyzing how I got here isn’t helpful.

Only Love is helpful. I focus on how I can be loving to myself and others. It brings tremendous fruit! And fulfillment!

Are you analytical like me?
Do you feel safer living in your head than in your heart?

There’s a lot of us, and we can all be transformed by the Higher Holy Spirit Self. All we have to do is realize that our true heart’s desire is to live from the heart, ask the HHSS for support in living from the heart, and then follow the guidance until it feels easier and easier.

Before too long we will have changed our way of being in reaction and living in our intellect.

It brings such Joy and it puts an end to fear.

It’s so worth it. And our willingness is all that’s required.

Let’s be as willing as we can be to change our mind, be kind and remember to laugh. Our spiritual practice transforms the world!

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How I Overcame My Weakness

Sunday, August 9th, 2020

Today I’m joining Jon Mundy in his monthly program on A Course in Miracles. We’ll be sharing about the principles of ACIM – a favorite topic for both of us. The other morning, we had a talk about what we’d like to share today. It’s always great to talk with an ACIM friend and share what we love about The Course.

We were discussing the Characteristics of God’s Teachers as laid out in Chapter IV in the Manual for Teachers. I so often go back to those characteristics and what Jesus has to say about them. There are such simplicity and clarity in those ten characteristics. They truly are a guide for living. In some ways, we could say that they’re a summation of the entire workbook.

Over my many years of sharing ACIM with my beloved friends, I’ve come to see that many people read those Characteristics and feel like they understand them, more or less, and that’s all that’s needed. I don’t find many people who take them as a guide for better living or as a “prescription” for ego attachments.

AND YET, that’s precisely what these few pages are – a guide for better living and a prescription for how to heal what ails us.

In my classes – Finding Freedom, and Masterful Living, I suggest that folks read the first Characteristic section on “Development of Trust” once a day for a week and once a week after that. I find that section both unsettling and comforting at the same time.

We’re told that we’re going to have to give up all ego attachments, and if we don’t do it willingly, then Spirit will, essentially, take whatever we’re attached to from us (or show us how painful the attachment is in some other way).

We don’t have to give up the things we’re attached to, but we absolutely must give up the attachment or suffer. It’s kind of like this – if I know that I’m holding onto something sharp, that I have a strong attachment to, and it’s cutting me, which is painful and bloody, and leads to infection, possibly amputation and systemic breakdown, I can let go of MY ATTACHMENT to that sharp object and realize that it’s MY ATTACHMENT that’s causing the cutting, bleeding infection that is my suffering.

I may not need to give up the item, I may be able to find out how to hold onto it with no suffering, but I cannot find that way of holding it until I give up my attachment.

I can give up the attachment OR, I can keep suffering, but Spirit will likely find a way to rip that thing out of my hand anyway.

So, I’d rather give up the attachment of my own free will. I may get to keep the thing I have an attachment to if I can hold it without attachment.

Here’s an example: I used to have an attachment to kettle corn. Perhaps that sounds both familiar and strange at the same time, but I did have an attachment to it.

When I went to services at Agape every Sunday, singing in the choir for 11 years, and on Wednesday nights too, I’d walk through the parking lot to get into the building and there was a fellow selling fresh made kettle corn. You could smell it as you were walking towards the building.

I had an attachment to that kettle corn. I just loved it. It’s especially good freshly made, still a bit warm. Yum. I would get some once or twice a week. I felt it was a weakness. It felt addictive compulsive.

For years, I was in this attachment to the kettle corn. I called it kettle crack corn because it was like crack cocaine in a way.

I decided to hand over to the Higher Holy Spirit Self this “addiction” to the kettle crack corn. I put Spirit in charge.

I asked that the attachment be removed.

I was choosing Freedom.

Next thing I knew, it was a few months later and I realized I’d forgotten all about the kettle corn. I had been going to Agape for months without even thinking about the corn. I was free.

I surrendered my attachment to Spirit and Spirit took it from me.

I’ve been able to enjoy kettle corn since then, but it’s not craving and I don’t think about it even once per year. I can’t remember the last time I got some kettle corn. I’m just not interested in it anymore.

It was never about the kettle corn. Through self-forgiveness, I released the attachment to being addictive compulsive with anything. All that faded right out of my life, and now I help others to do the same thing.

I’ve learned that I have to live and apply these teachings, truly embodying them in order to have the healing. Reading and studying isn’t healing because healing doesn’t happen in the intellect, it happens in the mind that’s in our heart.

And our willingness is ALL that’s required.
I was willing.
I put Spirit in charge.
Spirit cannot fail.
And so I was successful.
I was successful the minute I decided to put Spirit in charge.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

TODAY, you can join me and my friends, Lisa Natoli, Omiyomi Ibuemi, and more friends on zoom. Lisa Natoli is a dear friend and a great ACIM teacher and Omiyomi for about 20 years. We’re coming together to share our inspiration in many ways. We’ll have a spiritual celebration together with message and music – we call it Sundays With Spirit. Please invite your family! If you can’t join us, you can catch the replay! Because we’re going to be live on video, you’ll have to register to get the detail. All are welcome, there’s no charge, but you do have to register unless you’ve already registered in the past.

When you register, you’ll also get easy access to past services with Lisa Natoli, Jon Mundy, David Hoffmeister, Maureen Muldoon, Corinne Zupko, Maria Felipe, Frances Xu, Jimmy Twyman and more. If you’ve already registered for a previous Sunday – you don’t need to register again, you’ll get a reminder with the details automatically.

I look forward to our gathering TODAY. It means so much that we can join together and celebrate Spirit together.

BTW If you’d like to get some inspiration, and also support this ministry, you can sign up for daily inspirational text messages. You can make a one-time donation for as little as $1 or set up a recurring donation to support this ministry as an active tither. These texts are such a blessing to me – I get them every day and I love them. They always seem to come with the perfect timing! Divine timing!


Change It UP!

Friday, July 31st, 2020

For a couple of years, I’ve not had a home of my own and it’s been a continuous adventure in releasing attachments and living in the flow – which is so healing for my mind. I’ve had long periods of “homelessness” and I stopped calling it that because people would write to me with concern and invite me to come and stay with them. There’s the thought that being homeless is a “bad” thing and while it can definitely be challenging, it can also be liberating!

My having been “on the road” and without a home base challenges some people. I have the same conversation over and over:

Someone asks, “Where do you live?”
I say, “I live wherever I am.”

“So, you live here?”
“I do, for this week, day month.”

“Where’s your home?”
“I don’t have a home.”

“But where’s your home base?”
“I don’t have a home base.”

“Well, where’s your stuff?”
“I can tell you where my stuff is, but why do you need to know where my stuff is?”

And then they usually say something like “I’m just trying to understand.” For a lot of people, it’s challenging for them to wrap their mind around – and I understand that. It’s not usual.

People might wander for a time, but not usually for years. And since people don’t usually wander for years, they have a home base.

They wonder why I would choose this way of living OR they think it’s exciting and wonderful.

I don’t feel like I chose it. I feel like it was guidance and I’m following along.

Moving around and being in different places and environments, traveling with a little or a lot of stuff is a constant practice of non-attachment.

I feel my mind healing so rapidly through this higher intensity of practicing non-attachment because It’s harder to settle into routines and to get attached to how things are. It’s definitely easier to stay in one place and know exactly where everything is.

I don’t enjoy packing and unpacking.
I do enjoy the spiritual healing and growth.

We can practice non-attachment wherever we are and it’s deeply healing.

I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s so helpful to notice each day where the attachments to routine are and to make the effort to relax the mind and let them go and try new things.

Experimenting is a wonderful spiritual practice of discovery!

I encourage you to pay attention to the “should” that still dominate your thinking. Examine the patterns of behavior that you have a strong attachment to. Look for your attachments to how you like things to be and how you don’t like them to be and be willing to just do things differently for a day, a week, a month. You’ll discover things you cannot possibly discover any other way.

And the bonus is, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to release more attachments more rapidly! Nice!

2nd MAJOR bonus is that not doing the same things in the same way in the same place all the time keeps you present in the moment.

Sleep on a different side of the bed.
Use a different toothpaste.
Go to bed and wake up at a different time.
Try something different for breakfast.
Take a different route to or from work.
Listen to a different kind of music.

If it feels really challenging then know that your healing awaits you! What a relief to let go of attachments! It’s absolutely liberating!

What attachments from your daily living do you notice that you could let go and experience a greater Freedom? Please share in the comments section!

Do you have the willingness to change it UP?


Everything is Working for Us

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

There are times when it can seem like everything is against us. In truth, everything is for us even if it seems like it’s against us. We have to relax and be willing to relinquish our perspective to see what’s true.

Yesterday, we went into Mercury retrograde. This is a planetary movement that many view as troublesome, but is actually very supportive of our spiritual journey.

This is a time for us to be highly introspective and meditative.

Yes, we might find that technology issues are a problem, but isn’t that worth the spiritual benefits?

I long ago decided that Mercury retrograde works in my favor and not against me and I encourage you to do the same!

This is great time to deepen our commitment to our personal goals.

During this time of Covid-19, instead of looking to rush out to the restaurants reopening – why not take advantage of the planetary alignment with Solstice today and the new moon and eclipse tomorrow.

Everything is working for us, including the planetary alignments!

Here’s the opportunity: Focus within, stay off the screens and devices, sit in nature, and get deeply in touch with what’s most important to YOU.

You’ll never regret the time you invested in your spiritual practice!
Finding Freedom From Fear Bootcamp starts on July 5! Let’s have REAL and lasting transformation this summer with a spiritual practice that brings benefits and healing for all. Now is the time for us to dive deep and eliminate the patterns of fear in our life.


Three Little Words Changed Everything

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

One of the things that has come clear to me in my work training teachers and Spiritual Counselors is that if we’d like to stop playing small and be truly helpful in this world, living the Love, walking the talk, and giving up the feeling of constriction, then making higher vibrational choices is the thing that supports us.

Many of us go through long periods, many, many years, of self-medication and self-sabotage before we become willing to make higher vibrational choices. We keep playing small until the pain of us is so much that we cannot bear it any longer.

Often we think that the path requires us to go cold turkey on something and to control our impulses and deprive ourselves, and so we are resistant and reluctant to choose the very thing we desire the most.

If we view the path of healing as a path of deprivation, sublimation and regulation, it can feel very painful, and here’s the most painful part: with that method of trying to control ourselves, we’re healing at SUCH a slow pace because we’re actually putting the ego in charge of our healing rather than the Spirit.

I struggled for decades trying to manage and control my impulses ALL DAY LONG.

I had impulses to be mean and rude and unkind. I had impulses to do many things too much: eating, drinking, smoking, talking, gossiping, playing, exercising, and on and on. More was always better because I was looking to medicate and sedate myself, to distract myself from what I was feeling.

It took me decades to realize that my feelings were the indicator of whether or not I was on the right track. I wasn’t honoring my feelings. I was trying to push them down and NOT feel them.

I had no idea that learning to sit with my feelings was self-loving. I didn’t realize that being self-loving would lift my vibration and heal my life.

Love is what we are.
That’s why Love is the ONLY permanent healer.
Everything else is temporary cessation of the symptoms..

When we have the courage and willingness to sit with our feelings out of Self-Love, we learn not to fan the fire of our upset but to let the judgments and opinions go. Judgments and opinions are our interpretations, and if they’re upsetting to us, they’re not correct.

We’re never upset for the reason we think.

Fanning the fire of our upset is unkind to ourselves – PROFOUNDLY unkind. It’s self-attack. It’s punishment. It kept me on a hamster wheel of playing small. I learned this because I was upset so much of the time, and I even wanted everyone to validate me by joining me so we could all be upset together. Misery loves company.

I learned that upsetting other people was one of the most low vibrational choices I could make. It was “dragging people down with me.” And deep down, I knew it was just affirming my own feelings of “I’m bad and wrong, not worthy of Love.”

I often went into self-medication of fantasy as an escape from my painful feelings. I had so many low vibrational choices to either punish myself or escape from how I felt about myself. I didn’t know that I was digging a deeper low vibrational hole for myself. I was unhappy in the illusion, so I was trying to escape by going deeper into it through fantasy. It made me feel even more lost in time and space.

Finally, because of my prayers and my willingness, I began to discover that consistently looking for even a SLIGHTLY higher vibrational choice I could find my way out of my own personal hell.

The slightly more loving choices I began to make, day after day, built up my increasing willingness. I began to be excited to look for the more loving and higher vibrational choices. It stopped feeling like a drag to “have” to be more loving, instead of pushing myself and berating myself into making more loving choices (just think of that! LOL!).

I started to notice the feeling of the vibrational shift, and I liked it!
I was feeling SO MUCH better about myself.

My impulses to self-medicate were demeaning to me, and I was shifting into more loving choices. I came to a point where I decided to go all-in for God. The more I chose Love, the more I healed and the easier my life became.

One thing that really helped me was learning to sense if what I was doing felt violent in any way. If it felt like it was being unkind in any way, that would be the vibration that would let me know. That awareness became the opportunity to make a higher vibrational choice.

I learned to ask for guidance,
Listen for the response,
Allow my Self to choose it.

Ask. Listen. Allow.
Three little words that changed everything.
It’s a powerful formula!

Spirit will always guide us to the higher vibrational, more loving choice.
When we choose Love, suddenly we’re not playing small anymore. Nice!

Ask, listen, allow are three little words that turned into “I Love You.”

I got myself back into the flow of Love, and that started me on the healing path that I’m still on.

There have been times when it felt like a very intense roller coaster ride. I happen to like roller coasters. I love the laughing and screaming. I love having my hair blown back.

In our wild ride, let’s let the Higher Holy Spirit Self hold us, lead us and train us as we remember to Love ourselves free of lack and limitation by choosing a higher vibration. This way, we stop repeating the past.

Doing this inner work on our own is really challenging. Most people don’t do it. But what I’ve learned from offering my Masterful Living Course these past 11 years is that doing it together, in community, with like-minded souls, Spirit is in the midst of us and we become truly miracle-minded. Extraordinary healing happens in our community because of the level of support we offer each other. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

And that’s why I’m re-opening Masterful Living registration for 1 week only!

If you’re SO READY to make a change and don’t know quite how, if you have any inkling that TRULY living A Course in Miracles would heal your life, your relationships and your body, we may be the community for you. There’s so much support from like-minded folks all around the world. New friends await you. Prayer Partners. And a heck of a lot more.

Trust your intuition and book an Exploratory Call now to talk with a Spiritual Counselor – get all your questions answered so you can know if Masterful Living is the thing for you this year. Let this be the year your spiritual practice transforms your life in ways that you never thought possible.

My grandmother used to say, “You can get used to hanging if you hang long enough,” and it’s true. I had been hanging a long time before I had my breakthrough.

If you don’t see a clear path to happiness ahead of you, we may be your ticket to a happier life. You’ll do the work, but at least you’ll know what to do and have mighty companions to do it with.

Each one of us absolutely CAN realize that the Spirit is COMPLETELY holding us. We cannot fail if we ask, listen, and allow the guidance to flow in our heart. Cultivating trust and faith is an investment that pays the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Prayer is an investment in Spirit that always pays

I record a new prayer every day, and this is my 14th year of doing it. Let’s pray to be willing to live a life we love. You can click and listen now. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice.

I am grateful for this path of healing that we’re on and our ability to develop a spiritual practice that actually heals! Onward and upward, together we rise in Love!



Saturday, February 8th, 2020

In this Power of Love Ministry I have a policy that we all can feel comfortable when we make errors. I make errors every day, it seems. I call them “tactical errors”. This has really helped me to release any judgments against myself and others about the litany of errors that take place.

Everyone makes errors, and it’s a part of life.

In an online ministry, there are literally THOUSANDS of moving parts to be attended to. It’s extraordinary how many little pieces are interdependent upon one another, and sometimes things fail and fall like dominoes. I have three expressions that help me to stay at Peace:

That’s life.
Live and learn.
Stuff happens.

We learn through trial and error.

That’s what we do. In the human realm, there’s lots of opportunity to take offense and lose our Peace, but I’m not interested in that anymore. I’ve learned that it’s not self-loving to take offense or be upset. I’ve learned that I’m only upset because I am thinking incorrectly. I’m not thinking correctly because I’m misperceiving.

I’ve learned that I can give the CAUSES of the upset to Spirit for healing and IT WORKS.

The causes are a false belief. Whether I know what it is or not, I can turn it over and be DONE with it. I am so very grateful that I’ve proven that it works.

I still get upset sometimes, but usually not for long. If the upset lasts a bit longer, then I’ve found it’s always because I’ve got a “should”, a judgment, directed towards myself. I can let that go.

For me, the biggest upsets are always with myself. When I’ve failed at communicating clearly, I find out later that I didn’t take the time to clearly explain what I’d like and it was done differently. It’s small stuff, and sometimes it has a huge impact. Still, I choose to focus on releasing any and all misperceptions and maintaining my calm. I AM SO GRATEFUL.

We live and we learn. That’s my life. That’s your life. To be upset by any of it is to punish ourselves. And that’s why we get upset. Because we feel people, including ourselves, deserve to be punished.

I, particularly, have had an issue with wanting to punish people for not doing what I wanted, whether they knew what it was or not. I used to think that they should be able to read my mind.

It’s a strong ego tendency to want to make people feel guilty for their errors, rather than just accept them and move on.

Punishing NEVER helps. Ever. Love is the ONLY healer. And it really DOES heal.

Everything really does work together for our good – even though we often can’t see it until we’re willing to accept it, without exceptions. Therein lies the rub!

I love that life has a path of gentle learning OR ever-increasing harsher learning, and we can decide how we’d like to do it. It’s our choice. I choose Love and a gentler path of learning! In fact, I prefer remembering to learning any day!

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We’re developing the ability to Love ourselves free of all resistance to living a life of Love, and we’re willing to look at no longer playing small.  We’re cultivating the willingness to rise and shine and break out of our cocoons.


Strings Attached

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Many of us had experiences when we were younger where we were given things to enjoy and then told later that there was a price for them. Women are particularly familiar with this. I’d venture to say that there’s hardly a woman that hasn’t had the experience at least once of having accepted an invitation for an evening out that was then expected to also pay up with some kind of sexual favor.

Many of us fear a hidden price tag. We don’t want to be manipulated, tricked, or controlled. Many of us are tired of living with people who keep score and who don’t give anything without expecting something in return. I find that women are often the ones most likely to keep score, perhaps because they also tend to do more in the home than men do.

(BTW, I’ve been counseling people for 20 years and I’ve not heard a man tell me he was tired of doing so much around the house while his partner did very little, but I’ve heard women say it MANY times.)

For reasons such as these, folks begin to conclude that it’s better for them to not owe anyone. They would rather be independent than interdependent. It’s safer to accept less from others and be assured you don’t anyone.

As a result, these good folks become less receptive in general.

This, then, causes the beginning of greater and greater limitation. People who have a greater experience of lack, when we look deeply into it, have often become highly resistant to receiving even a compliment.

If you’d like to reverse this, realize that all there is comes from God.

Determine to become receptive to whatever people would like to give you, including all kindnesses.

There are no extra points for doing everything on your own and not needing anyone.

We give God a chance to flow in our life by being a grateful receiver.

There may be times when it seems as though people would like to give you something you don’t really need or want, but if you pause with it, you may be able to feel the value of being receptive anyway.

I’ve learned the value of asking for help from the visible and the invisible. My practice is one of remembering to ask, be receptive, and allow the flow of good into my life. Allowing the flow is essential to experiencing expansive goodness.

It’s God’s Nature to always be giving. Our job is to allow!

If this topic of lack and limitation is one that comes up in your life often, consider getting my class:

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Saturday, December 28th, 2019

We’re all healing deep-seated unworthiness beliefs. Each and every one of us. It’s this unworthiness that causes us to self-medicate, self-sabotage and resist living the life that we deeply desire to live. And that’s why it’s essential that we focus on healing this false belief. We cannot let it persist.

Self-esteem is flimsy, at best, for many people. You can tell by how easily they get upset how challenged their self-esteem is. For a long time, I was deluded into believing that my self-esteem was very high, but it actually wasn’t at all.

I had a lot of confidence in my self and my abilities, but I didn’t have great self-esteem.

There’s a difference.

I had proven that I was smart and capable, and that made me feel confident. However, I was often irritated and very judgmental, and that was a reflection of my lack of self-esteem.

Many believe they are suffering from low self-esteem. They seek to gain self-confidence in order to feel better about themselves. They must ask: What is the “self” that I am seeking to place confidence in?

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote a book that is one of my all-time favorites: Peace Is Every Step. In there he writes, “The mind of love brings peace, joy, and happiness to ourselves and others. If love is in our heart, every thought, word, and deed can bring about a miracle.”

I have learned that the fastest path to true self-esteem and confidence has been to recognize that I AM One with the One.

I AM part of that stream of Divine Love Intelligence that is already perfect, whole and complete.

That is the origin of my self-esteem and confidence.

The nature of the lack of self-confidence comes from choosing to energize thoughts of separation from the Oneness. These are the thoughts of judgment, whether they are directed towards myself or others. Any lack of feeling good about myself came from being unwilling to place my trust in the Divine. If you do not trust God you will never feel good about yourself. If you do not Love your Higher Holy Spirit Self and seek to know it AS yourself, you will never know your true identity and you will always suffer from lack of self-esteem. That pain will never end.

True Self-confidence and Self-esteem cannot come from the size of our paycheck, the beauty of our features, or anything else in this world. When we place our trust and confidence in God, in our God Self, then we can remember our true identity. Placing your trust in the Divine, rather than your little self, you discover that you of yourself can do nothing worth doing. ALL Self-worth comes from discovering this.

When we are challenged in our relationships and think unloving thoughts, then our self-esteem and self-confidence take a nosedive. It’s amazing how quickly we can turn relationships around when we are willing to really learn about relating better and having harmonious relationships.

When we remember our Divinity and the Divinity of all life, then we can see and know and feel that ALL are worthy. When we’re willing to know that ALL are worthy, then we will absolutely know that we are worthy, too.

I’ve had a great deal of insight this year about this core belief of unworthiness that we all are healing together.

I AM willing to know that all are worthy. I place my trust in the Divine and remember that I AM worthy of God’s Love.

Healing this deep sense of unworthiness is just one of the things we learn in my yearlong Masterful Living Course. If you feel called, come join us in 2020 for the next best year of your life – the year that changes EVERYTHING, if you’re willing.  Let’s do it together.  If you’d like to find out what others are saying about this powerful community, please click here to learn more now.

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Our first BONUS class is New Year’s Reboot on January 1.

I LOVE the New Year’s Reboot class. I’ve been doing it for 12 years now, and it’s one of my all-time favorites! I just love the fresh start of a new year! WOOHOO!

I am grateful for this path we’re on and our ability to open to receive spiritual inspiration, guidance, and Clarity because we feel worthy. We are worthy!

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Finding A Better Way

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

I used to be SO very stubborn. Good heavens! It was so bad you could say that stubbornness was my “brand!”

Now, one of the things I’m most grateful for is my willingness to change my mind and to change course. It used to be that I would often “stick to my guns” in ways that I would back myself into a corner and feel trapped. I’d do it to myself and then I’d be angry with myself. But since I couldn’t handle any more self-judgment, I’d project that anger out onto others and attack them instead. It was a really vicious cycle in my mind. I’m so glad to be out of it.

Thank you, Spirit for my healing!

There were times when I caused my self so much pain and suffering, and those around me, too, that I couldn’t help but conclude something was wrong with me. Now I’m so grateful that I can (most of the time) easily come forward and ask for what I’d like, what I prefer, and what I don’t like and don’t want in my life. I can really be grateful to not placing myself into a corner anymore. What a relief that I don’t have to have any guns to stick to! Phew!

I am so grateful for my life! I am so grateful that I agreed to follow my guidance! All that I’ve learned I can now share with others to help them out of their tight corners and self-made prisons. That’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve been offering my yearlong Masterful Living Course since 2009 and I’ve learned so much since then. My life has really taught me HOW to recognize my guidance, how to listen to it and how to follow it. And most of all, how to trust it. It’s not all been fun, but it’s all been worthwhile and that’s the main thing.

I’m at the point of the year that I get to talk with the beautiful folks in Masterful Living as we do our end of the year 1-on-1 check in’s, and while not everyone has extraordinary results, many have made real and profound changes because of strengthening their spiritual practice. They’re focusing more on what they’d like than what they don’t like.

They can clearly see that they’re experiencing a much higher quality of life and relationships now. They feel better about themselves. They’re more willing to actually make changes and less interested in repeating the same things from the past. There’s at least some light at the end of the tunnel, instead of just a dark tunnel.

That’s worth so much to me. I used to wonder how I’d ever be able to really help anyone when my life was so challenging and difficult for me. I knew there was a better way, but I didn’t know how to find it. I knew what worked for other people, but those things didn’t work for me. It was special. It was an especially hopeless case. I really believed that.

The thing that began to change everything for me was my willingness to stop believing that ANYONE was hopeless. I became willing to see myself as not separate from others and I began to realize it was my spiritual responsibility to see the perfection in the people in my life, including everyone, excluding no one.

I never imagined I could succeed, but I decided I’d rather give it my best than not even try.

So, now I am so very grateful that I had even a little bit of willingness to believe that there must be a better way!

I’d rather go the better way than the bitter way any day!

There’s a better way for all of us and Spirit is always there to help us find it if we’re willing to look.

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Recognizing Our Holiness

Sunday, December 8th, 2019

I love A Course in Miracles because it’s a mind-training system that really works. It has really worked for me – and it continues to bring me benefits every day. I’m not interested in studying it, I’m interested in discovering how to fully LIVE it.

The more I live it, the more peaceful I am and the better my relationships become. I am so grateful that we can undo even the most entrenched patterns of unworthiness and upset.

Look, there are times when the patterns and beliefs of negativity and unworthiness are super sticky. They can feel like they have a magnetic pull that is impossible to resist. We can tumble or collapse into self-sabotage and then feel like an utter failure, ashamed and despairing.

We can feel compelled to repeat the patterns that we fear. We’ll act out the very patterns that leave us feeling like a fool and we cannot seem to stop ourselves. The only conclusion can be that we are worthless or malformed in some way, but this is not true and will never be true.

We are pure perfection and we have come to believe otherwise, but a belief is not the truth. And only truth is true. The only truth is real.

That’s what I focus on – the practical application and living of the truth that sets us free. I don’t focus on the darkness anymore.

As we’re only a few weeks away from the start of a new year, I’m inviting you to consider a new approach to your spiritual life in 2020. Consider focusing on living your practice by embodying it and applying it, day by day, in a non-intellectual, truly heart-felt way for the express purpose of liberation from the false – that’s a goal we can aspire to.

It’s much easier to let go of any idea that we’re not perfect than it is to start with the belief that we’re imperfect trying to carve out the worst bits and fabricate some kind of perfection. No! Enough!

Let’s recognize the perfection is ALREADY THERE.

Studying the truth doesn’t set us free. Living the truth is liberation!

One of my favorite passages in the Course that lit me up when I first read it is this, (T-18.VII.4.)

This course … aims at saving time. You may be attempting to follow a very long road to the goal you have accepted. It is extremely difficult to reach Atonement by fighting against sin. Enormous effort is expended in the attempt to make holy what is hated and despised.

Nor is a lifetime of contemplation and long periods of meditation aimed at detachment from the body necessary. All such attempts will ultimately succeed because of their purpose.

Yet the means are tedious and very time consuming, for all of them look to the future for release from a state of present unworthiness and inadequacy.

Your way will be different, not in purpose but in means. A holy relationship is a means of saving time.

I love this passage because it reminds us that we’re already as holy as holy can be. We cannot become more holy. We’re already there if we’re willing to “release from a state of present unworthiness” now. This now. What’s the mechanism that helps us the most?

Holy relationship as a spiritual practice.

Our relationships are the thing that can really challenge us consistently, and this is where we can have the most opportunity to practice ACIM. Our relationships and our bodies both offer a constant opportunity for us to recognize where our thinking is stinking, and we can Partner UP and change our minds.

When we see the shifts and changes in our relationships, then we know it’s working. It’s so obvious and it’s wonderful to share the results with our loved ones through our relationships.

This is what we live, practice and demonstrate in my year-long Masterful Living Course. And that’s why most participants find that relationship healing is the #2 result they have during the year. The #1 result is a closer connection to Spirit and a basic spiritual practice that really works for them.

We don’t study ACIM in Masterful Living – we LIVE it. That’s our focus. Really truly living it – and you don’t have to even own a copy of the book to learn to live it.

It’s the living of this precious teaching that is liberating. Studying is to inspire us to apply it, and that requires us to be willing to recognize our perfection and see that same perfection in others, no matter what the appearance is, no matter what the failure or shortcoming seems to be.

And that IS challenging. And that is why we pray! We pray in order to turn it over and Partner UP so that we’re not going on our own steam anymore and we can see and feel miraculous results.

Anyone can see your holiness and their own if they wish to.

Every day I offer “My Shot of Spiritual Espresso”. I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a power tool for our liberation. Pray with me today. The Prayer for Today is for Recognizing Our Holiness. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation. And that’s beautiful to share!

I am grateful for this path we’re on and our ability to take a step upon it!

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Turning Away From Darkness

Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Let’s face it if we’re labeling, blaming, attacking, and judging, we’re just not interested in healing. There’s no way for us to be interested in complaining and loving at the same time. We have to choose one or the other. We can’t have both.

We can’t choose the darkness and the Light at the same time. We have to turn in one direction or the other.

It’s a decision we can make. And for many people choosing Light means choosing the unfamiliar. Many would rather choose the familiar darkness than the unfamiliar Light.

We can hide in the darkness, but we cannot hide in the Light. Get it?

Here’s something to think about:
Why would you want to hide?

Really think about it.

Why do you want to hide?
What are you really afraid of what would be seen in the Light?

These are worth thinking about.

I do know so many who feel safer hiding in the darkness and I get it.

That’s why trust is such a core issue for ALL of us. Learning to trust and have faith is something we can do if we’re willing.

To gain that willingness, we have to be willing to stop hiding in the dark. Yes, it’s challenging. Everything worth having is challenging and it’s a different kind of challenging than the challenge of being unhappy.

It’s just that sitting alone in the darkness or feeling alone in the darkness is familiar.

If we rely upon Spirit to guide us, the Light will become familiar.
It’s one step at a time. One choice at a time.
The first step is we choose to be free.

Are you interested in getting to the root cause of all your problems?
If that sounds good to you, come join us! Undoing Unworthiness starts today!

Let’s have fun lightening our load and learning through Joy!

A belief in unworthiness and a habit of self-attack undermines your happiness every moment of every day.

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A 3-part live video online class to support you in having a breakthrough and learning the REAL benefits of life when you feel worthy of Love, Abundance and ALL the good life has to offer.

What could be more important than your happiness?


The Treasure is in Our Heart

Saturday, November 30th, 2019

This world is one where truth seems like a lie and a lie seems like the truth. Example: We, who are perfect, believe that we’re less than perfect.

Or how about this: We who are One with our Creator and can bring forth magnificence into existence, believe that we’re lacking.

Pause for a moment and consider this: are you looking for something, ANYTHING, in the world to make you feel better?

Do you believe that if things in the world were different that you’d feel better about yourself?

If so, you’re like most people – and the good news is you can shift that and actually feel better about your life! How crazy is it that eliminating looking for things in the world to improve our lives can actually improve our life? Crazy!

The Kingdom of Heaven is within each one of us. If we’re looking to find it somewhere outside of our own heart, then we will never, ever even catch a glimpse. Many people are still seeking outside of themselves, thinking that what they deeply want, need, and desire is somewhere in the world. They believe if they look long and hard enough, they might find it. They believe that if they work hard enough, they will be able to manifest it or attract it. They believe that if they’re lucky, someone will give it to them.

All of that seeking is an illusion.

The Kingdom is within us, and to look elsewhere is to go on a fool’s errand. Deep down, we all know this. That’s why so many despair. They are afraid to look within. And yet, that’s where Heaven can be found.

That’s where our treasure truly is.

Why would someone be afraid to look for the Kingdom in the one and only place it can be found? Well, if we’re thinking of ourselves as not good enough, if we’re thinking that inside of us is something ugly and unworthy, if we feel we’re filled to the brim with guilt, blame, and shame – then we probably won’t feel excited about looking within.

Instead, we’ll fear what we might find. Better not to look within and simply continue to seek in vain. Many believe the suffering of NOT finding is less than the suffering of discovering just how ugly your own heart is and don’t even know it. This is the thought that keeps so many from discovering the amazing riches of the Kingdom.

“Remember that where your heart is, there is your treasure also.” A Course in Miracles

The Truth: Amazing riches are ours already – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is pre-installed!

Let’s look within so we can find the treasure where it actually is!

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What could be more important than your happiness?


Spiritual Explorer

Friday, November 29th, 2019

Yesterday I had fun making a Thanksgiving dinner for very dear friends. I made a turkey with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, salad and three kinds of cranberry sauce. I hadn’t made cranberry sauce in ages. I made three different recipes, one was just a guess really, and all three had jalapeño peppers in them.

I also made the turkey in a way that I’d never tried before – in parchment paper, and it came out GREAT.

The experts advise against making new recipes when you have guests, but I like to try new things with other people and so I go for it. I realize now that it takes some confidence to be able to that. I remember one time I made an angel food cake for a friend’s birthday. It was his favorite kind of cake and I had to make two of them, because the first one was a disaster.

For me, the confidence to try new things isn’t about confidence in my ability. It’s not that at all. The confidence is in my ability to not feel humiliated if the new thing I try turns into a disaster. If I fail at doing something new, it’s okay with me.

At least I succeeded in attempting something new.
No matter what I attempt, I will learn something and that’s valuable to me.

Life can be lived as an exploration or it can be lived in a safety zone.

I’m a spiritual explorer.

I’m exploring my consciousness to root out that which no longer serves my life of Love.

I’m not much interested in just sightseeing or having the experience, but I am interested in releasing all fear.

I am interested in exploring the depths of Love.

Now, don’t get me wrong.I do feel that safety is valuable, too. However, most people feel unsafe only because of their own self-judgments. Learning not to judge ourselves is the way of A Course in Miracles – “In my defenselessness my safety lies” is Lesson 153 of the ACIM Workbook.

It’s our self-attack thoughts and attacks thoughts directed at others that make us feel unsafe. Give up all attack and defense and then you will feel SO MUCH safer. Don’t take my word for it, prove it.

I’m all about proving these truths. It makes such a difference when we’ve proven it for ourselves.

Have you come to feel safer through releasing judgments?
Is the sense of safety tangible?

Please share in the comments below!

33 Days to January 1st – I share what I learned that shifted me out of my habits of spinning around in the same repeating upsets in my Masterful Living Course 2020. Registration is open NOW. I encourage you to commit now so that you have that to look forward to. At no charge, you can also book an Exploratory Call to speak with one of the Spiritual Counselors who has already done the program and they can help you be clear if this is right for you right now.

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NEW Class in December: Undoing Unworthiness! Stop Self-Attack NOW! A belief in unworthiness and a habit of self-attack undermines your happiness every moment of every day.

With the work we’ll do in this class, you can end your year feeling spiritually successful and start your new year ready to have the best year ever. This is the perfect time to do this. Click here now to learn more.

A 3-part live video online class to support you in having a breakthrough and learning the REAL benefits of life when you feel worthy of Love, Abundance and ALL the good life has to offer.

What could be more important than your happiness?


Let’s Kick the Complaining Habit

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Yesterday I was traveling from Santa Barbara, California, where I’d been visiting my goddaughter’s family, to Scottsdale, Arizona. And I had another one of those experiences at the airport where we got on the plane and then we had to get off the plane and wait.

We were deplaned and delayed because of rain in Phoenix preventing all planes from landing or taking off. Miraculously, once again, I found I didn’t have any complaints. I just got off the plane with everyone else and got to work while I waited to re-board the plane.

Being able to be delayed and inconvenienced without complaining is such a victory. There was a time when I would have complained incessantly.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to change?
It’s such a victory for my soul!

Let’s find the way to put ALL complaining behind us.

Complaining doesn’t help anything, it doesn’t improve anything or heal anything – but it DOES change things. It drags the energy down.

It ruins the mood and it makes us a magnet for more things to complain about.

Who needs that? Not us!

November is the month of Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Let’s focus on gratitude and give it all we’ve got!

One thing I’m SUPER grateful for is the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness has changed my life and I’m inspired by everyone’s forgiveness stories. I am offering my F- Me, Here Come The Holidays class today and for the next few days – it’s totally free and it’s a really great way to get inspired to do some real forgiveness work NOW before the holidays. Click here to register now!

40 Days to January 1st – I share what I learned that shifted me out of my habits of spinning around in the same repeating upsets in my Masterful Living Course 2020. Registration is open NOW. I encourage you to commit now so that you have that to look forward to. At no charge, you can also book an Exploratory Call to speak with one of the Spiritual Counselors who has already done the program and they can help you be clear if this is right for you right now.

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RIGHT NOW, let’s stop paying lip service by SAYING we’re willing but not actually living it. We can bring on a breakthrough FAR beyond what we can imagine when we’re truly willing to truly forgive. If you don’t know how here’s how! Join me!

Why wait? Now is the time for our healing! If you’re willing, I’m ready – let’s do it together!


No More Revenge

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

One of my all-time favorite teachers is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and he is so clear about getting even.  It makes sense.  He was a true student of Jesus.  They knew the power of forgiveness to transform not only the life of the person who seems to be attacked but also the life of the attacker.  After all, we are united.  When one is lifted, all are lifted instantly.

Dr. King warns us that the opportunity to get even will come, and when that moment arrives, not to take it.  He advises to go the other way and have profound healing.

It’s good advice.  

There’s no personal benefit to holding onto resentments and then trying to get some kind of revenge.

That is not a good use of our time and energy.

I know a lot about that.  

I’ve done the research.  

If we hold onto our murderous thoughts, and let them ripen into revenge plots of anger, attack, and anguish we’ve not invested ourselves in anything that’s productive.  Instead, we’ve essentially built a Frankenstein monster that lives inside of us.

Attack is only satisfying for a moment – and that’s NEVER worth the price. Ever.  It’s a meal of broken glass and metal shavings.  Avoid it at all costs.

The temptation to exact revenge can be so strong at times.  

It’s the ego at its worst.

It’s often expressed in withholding Love.  That’s when we try to punish others by withholding Love from them, but we’re the ones who are experiencing the restriction, not them.  Ugh.

Since all attack is self-attack, it’s self-destructive to seek revenge.

Fortunately, there’s an antidote and it’s making a clear decision that you are worth more than being the ego’s puppet.  Your life is more than an investment in empty and pointless imaginings and expressions of bile.

My invitation is to look at all the littlest choices for revenge that come up in your life, in your heart and your mind, and give them all away to the Higher Holy Spirit.  Instead, dedicate yourself to being free and loving yourself fully.  

Instead of revenge, let’s choose unity and dissolve every thought of revenge ever had by anyone at any time.  That’s a far better use of our minds and our life.  It’s about Self-Love and Self-compassion.  It’s about not torturing ourselves and choosing to heal instead.

Let’s focus on something real and let the false ideas and resentments die from lack of attention.  Let’s make our relationships a goldmine of goodness.  Spirit will do the heavy lifting if we allow it!

FREE CLASS:  Let me suggest some simple ways you can immediately feel more successful in your relationships.  When you’re ready to stop and drop the same old patterns of upset in relationships, the tips and tools I offer in this free class will really support you.  They’re SO simple and yet they have a profound effect.    You can learn to remember to Partner UP rather than struggling in your relationships and that feels so good.  You can stop playing small, and live your calling by ALLOWING healing your relationships.  Are you willing to make more loving choices to deepen your spiritual practice and accelerate your awakening by being a healing presence in your family? It’s easier than you think!  Forgive me.  Here Come the Holidays!

The class is on Sunday – and it’s my gift to you, but you do have to register.  Please bring a friend since it’s free!


Turn Pain into Prosperity

Monday, November 4th, 2019

Some people are so used to repeating the same painful experiences again and again that they really don’t realize that all suffering is optional. I get it. It’s because they think that life is happening TO them instead of BY them.

The hardest thing in the world for me was to take responsibility for my life and to stop blaming other people for my unhappiness and hardships. I resisted taking responsibility so much because I thought it would be an admission of my personal failure. What I didn’t realize was that I was failing every day that I wasn’t taking responsibility. Taking responsibility, giving up blame, and putting my Higher Holy Spirit Self in charge of my thoughts began to shift everything for me.

Healing can be a journey, and it can be an ever-increasingly joyful journey for which I am so grateful! Time and again, I see that sometimes there is a breakdown that precedes a breakthrough. I see this with folks in my classes and retreats, as well as in myself. Yes, tears are shed, but with Love there comes encouragement, inspiration, and great willingness. The shift happens.

Prosperity is in many things:

Being in the flow of Love,
Good digestion,
A good night’s sleep,
Ease in movements,
The ability to laugh,

Prosperity isn’t just abundance.

Prosperity is being able to heal from difficulties and find the good in them.

Prosperity is a direct result of being able to be grateful for everything. And that’s not easy, but it’s so worthwhile.

So much more healing is possible than any of us can even really conceive of.

Let’s claim it together and get out of repeating the pain patterns.

We CAN get free of the past at last. We can do this together.

Let’s choose Prosperity and share it with others.

Today’s the day, no delay!


The Cure for Needing to be Right

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

You might be interested to know that one of the biggest causes of suffering people tell me about is their need to be right.  I’m so familiar with that one!

In many cases, I didn’t realize that my need to be right was related to how wrong I felt.  

I’d fight so hard to push that judgment onto someone else and get it off me.  

But why does anyone have to be wrong at all?

That “need” to be right is a strong attachment – and the attachment isn’t what we might think it is.

This is often a tricky one!  

We think that we need to be right about things, or that we ARE right about things and that’s the thing that’s really got us bothered.  

However, in most cases, the real issue is that we feel so WRONG that we need to be right or we’ll collapse into our wrongness.  We can get so bent out of shape about the prospect of someone else making a wrong decision that we’ll make 50 “wrong” decisions while trying to convince others we’re right.  It’s insanity, and it makes us miserable.

This is the nature of attachment.

We get attached to our perspective and our ideas, our concepts, our beliefs.

Buddha taught us that all attachments cause suffering without exception. We are done with suffering.   Although we all remember when we thought that we had to manage and cope with suffering, we’ve come to recognize that suffering is optional.  Suffering is a choice.  And it’s not a choice we wish to make anymore.

The shift to an ever-increasing life of Peace comes through our consistent willingness to recognize the opportunity to give an attachment to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing.  That’s what I call “giving the Holy Spirit the heavy lifting.”  

I find that it’s extraordinary how much healing we can experience when we’re willing to pay attention to when we feel the hook of an attachment.  Attachments are really noticeable in the form of irritations, frustrations, and upsets.  These spikes of emotion are an indicator that we have some attachment that is coming up for healing.

It’s astounding to me how much my life has changed through the release of attachments.  Incidents that used to really bother me don’t happen at all anymore.  Upsets that would drag me off track and take a lot of time and energy, leaving me feeling depleted, stupid, wrong and bad don’t even happen anymore.

How cool is that????

I feel so grateful that I can increase my sense of expansion and connection with Spirit EVERY SINGLE DAY by releasing the attachments that come up for healing every day.  Instead of cursing them and feeling that I’m stuck in some kind of Groundhog Day repeating the same old annoyances and difficulties, I have come to realize that each challenge is an opportunity to improve my life.  I love that!

Now is the time for us to get with the spiritual program of Love and Light that is calling us to a life of Peace and Joy!  

I’m so glad we’re doing it together!  If you’d like help with releasing attachments, come join me in one of my classes.  Doing it together is SO much easier than doing it on our own.  Also, it’s more fun when we can be right-minded together!


Labels Aren’t Helpful

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

One of the big traps of the ego is deciding who is good and who is bad, who is right and who is wrong. Often we find that we’re the biggest culprits of them all. The ego is the mindset of separation. Its job is to separate and it does that through the activity of sorting.

Sorting out who is right and who is wrong is a major use of ego, time, and energy. We can spend huge amounts of our precious attention on determining who is right and who is wrong. And, for a moment, the ego seems to feel fulfilled, empowered, justified, and important.

Observing life, you can watch people all day long as they struggle to figure out who is right and who is wrong, to assign blame (and often shame) as well as responsibility. It gives the ego a lot to do.

What many of us don’t notice is that all that judge, judge, judging leaves an energetic hangover that is painful. The pain that leads us to tune out, disconnect, and hide. And then we slowly begin to learn what a bad investment we made with our precious attention.

Labeling people isn’t helpful.

The purpose of labels is to sort and separate.

Since God is all there is, aren’t we tuning out from God when we start labeling?
Since Spirit is omnipresent Love, aren’t we disconnecting from Love when we judge?
When we judge, attack, complain and label, aren’t we hoping to hide our attack thoughts from God?
Since the Infinite One Mind is omni-active, are we really thinking we can hide from within our own mind?

Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Or where can I flee from Your presence?
8 If I ascend into heaven, You are there;
If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there. Psalm 139

Deciding who is right and wrong is predicated on the concept that “I am the decider”. When I’m the decider it often means that I’m thinking that God has left the building and now I’m in charge. I’ve learned that I do NOT want to be in charge. I’m not (yet) able to see through all directions of time and space, and so I’m not able to discern what everything is for. My Spirit knows it’s all working together for my relentless good.

I do not wish to replace God in my mind – I tried that, and it didn’t go well for me. I’d like to do everything I can to avoid falling back into that mindset. I’ve worked very hard to realize that God’s Plan is the best way for me to go.

God’s Plan doesn’t include my judging people and deciding who is good and bad. I can think I know what’s right and wrong at the moment. I look for the loving choices and that feels right to me. Unloving choices feel wrong to me.

People are all good at their core. Their essence is still perfect and pristine, regardless of their behavior.

Knowing that I don’t need to label people with some story I’ve made up.

I’ll stick to focusing my attention on remembering the truth, which is that we’re all good and perfect.

I hardly use the words “right” and “wrong” anymore. Mostly they’re helpful in describing how things feel. Paying attention to how things feel is a great skill that I work on each day.

Labeling people isn’t helpful to me, only to the ego.

I don’t work for the ego anymore.

Is there anyone you’ve labeled wrong that you could let go? You can still feel their actions are unloving but do you need to label the person? This is a very powerful and healing contemplation. We can call the angels in to help us and be willing to see clearly the Face of God in each one we meet for our own Peace of mind. It works! Peace is worth it!


Alleviating Annoyance

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

It used to be, that on a regular basis, I’d be around people that I found annoying. Some were slightly annoying and some were intensely annoying.

I used to think that the annoyance factor was their fault. Some people were intentionally annoying and some were unintentionally annoying.

I’ve learned a lot about my own inner annoyance meter through the gift of being a spiritual counselor and teacher.

Some people actively press other people’s buttons. It’s a common thing that insecure people actively do their best to annoy and irritate others so that they’ll be rejected. Once rejected, in their own mind, they go from being just a loser to being RIGHT about being a loser.

Once they feel convinced they’re right, they don’t have to push so hard. Sometimes when we’re really nice and loving to someone who has a low self-image they can’t handle it and have to begin pushing to get you to reject them. And, if you can be pushed to being unloving and unkind, maybe you will be. This person is helping you to see how committed you are.

Other people seem annoying to us because they’re behaving in ways we don’t like about ourselves and some people seem annoying because they’re able to express things we have denied.

For instance, someone who feels really constricted might be intensely annoyed by someone who feels very free and demonstrates it. It’s the expression of Freedom that is threatening.

I’ve noticed that all of my upsets are of my own making and it’s better if I don’t blame anyone, including myself. 100% responsibility with zero blame.

What I notice is that hardly anyone annoys me, but sometimes I do feel frustrated in certain situations that are issues I’m working through.

It’s a relief not to be annoyed by other people anymore. I didn’t see that coming!

Spiritual practice brings so many benefits. It’s extraordinary. There are hidden benefits and amazing very noticeable benefits and I’d like to claim them all!


Eliminating Shame

Monday, October 21st, 2019

I didn’t realize it, but I was preventing myself from having healthy Self-esteem. I was actively ignoring the warning signs from Spirit and I was degrading my own sense of well-being and worthiness. And, to a large degree, I didn’t recognize the effects of the choices I was making. In a sense, I was “my own worst enemy.”

When I gave myself permission to attack others, to judge and criticize them, to blame and shame them, I didn’t realize it but I was preventing myself from having healthy Self-esteem.

Because we share the same mind and we can’t really hide our thoughts from anyone, it was as though I was covering myself with garbage and thinking no one would notice.

Things began to change for me when I realized what A Course in Miracles means when it says “There are no private thoughts.”

Once I was willing to actually accept that the One Mind is a fact and that we all share and have access to the One and only Mind of God, I began to choose different thoughts.

I became aware that every negative thought I had was a form of pollution I was sharing with all of life. My personal negativity, even if it seemed as though I was keeping it to myself, was like toxic waste poured into the collective drinking supply.

Similarly, every loving thought brings a healing benefit to all.

When I saw even a glimpse of the power of my thought, I made the commitment to focus on changing my mind.

I set the goal of cultivating an awareness of my thoughts and beliefs. I decided to be truly mindful. It felt like a burden in the beginning. It felt overwhelming to realize how focused on negativity I was. I decided to actively replace the negativity with loving thoughts and actions. But as I began to take out the trash from my mind and let Spirit heal it back to the root cause, there was less trash in my mind and I began to noticeably feel better about myself right away.

I saw that every time I chose a loving thought, I actually felt better about myself. That was tangible and it felt miraculous. I was so grateful that I could start to feel that I was being truly helpful instead of feeling like I was a monster.

I decided to focus on being aware of shame thoughts so that I could eliminate them.

I was so grateful I could eliminate thinking that was designed to keep me feeling badly about myself. I was ashamed of playing small and living in limitation.

Shame comes directly from believing limited thoughts that aren’t true.

You cannot feel ashamed unless you believe a lie.

Shame drags our Self-Esteem to the ground.

We’re taught to feel ashamed of our thoughts and our desires. The idea is that if we’re ashamed then we won’t act upon it – but we all know it’s not true. Consider all of us who just hide what we’re thinking and feeling.

We’re taught to feel ashamed about how we look and how we feel. We can change our minds about these things. We can recognize that just because we have a thought doesn’t mean we are “shame-full”.

In my experience as a Spiritual Counselor for 17 years, many people have told me the things they’re most ashamed of, and through the sharing of it with me they’ve been able to relinquish the shame they felt. Bringing things to the Light is deeply healing when it’s done with someone who can be 100% compassionate and loving – and we can give ourselves this gift of Love if there’s no person who can support us.

Shame has no value to our Spirit, which is ever expansive and unprecedented – only the ego values living in lack and limitation. Being supportive and loving has value and keeps us in the flow of Love, which unites us with healing, Prosperity, and God’s Infinite Goodness. The more loving we are, the less shame we feel, the more Self-esteem we have.

The beginning of a transformation for me came in being willing to be aware of ALL my thoughts. I began to replace the attack thoughts with thoughts that extended Love. And, lo and behold, I began to self-medicate less and less because I was more and more willing to be aware of my thoughts, because they were more and more loving.

I was building my Self-esteem in two ways:
I was decreasing my shame by reducing my negativity.
The less negativity I had, the less interested I was in self-medicating.
The less self-medicating I did, the better I felt about myself.

Shame is a cycle. I would get triggered with low self-esteem thoughts, and then I’d engage in self-medication (low self-esteem behavior) and that would give me something to feel ashamed about, and then I’d want to self-medicate to forget about how I felt. The cycle would repeat, and it felt like a whirlpool pulling me in.

Choosing loving thoughts changes the direction of the whirlpool. What I found was that I began to spiral up and, feeling better and better about myself, I was inspired and motivated to keep going and increasing my awareness.

I began to build on my success, and I feel as though I climbed out of a very intense whirlpool. I was more than willing – I had a great desire to change my life and I let Spirit show me the way. It worked, and it continues to work. And this is precisely why I teach my classes the way that I do. I know the benefit of doing this work and I know how hard it is to do it on my own. And that’s why I offer the opportunities to work together and heal together, rising in Joy!


Eliminating Failure

Saturday, October 19th, 2019

I used to have a fear of failure, and I see that many are stopped in living their deep heart’s desires because they fear their own failure. There is a surefire recipe to avoid failure and it works every time. You are the chef, and the main ingredient is God’s Love living through you and as you. We’re always free to choose “whom” we will serve – God or ego.

The first thing you start with is your goal. What would you like to accomplish? Let’s say your goal is to have a job you love that pays well. In your recipe, your goal represents the photo of the end result in the cookbook. Your goal is the mental picture.

The main ingredient is your desire to serve the Light.

That fire of desire ignites the heart and the Spirit responds.

Next is your Intention. Make sure your intention is anchored in how you will feel. For instance: “My intention is to feel prosperous and fulfilled in the work that I do.” Your intention must incorporate the spiritual change you intend to make in how you feel or you’ll never FEEL successful. Keep the Divine out and you have already failed.

A key ingredient for spiritual success is dedicating the benefits of your fulfilled intention to be shared with everyone because you’re One with them. Allow yourself to fully embrace the fact that as One is lifted, all are lifted. Here is your opportunity to INTEND to share the benefits of your expansion with all beings.

“My intention is to feel prosperous and fulfilled in the work that I do and share the benefits of my expansion with all beings because I AM One with them.”

Now you’ve brought the Divine into your heart and mind, and God will do the work as long as you stay true to your intention. All are fed by your willingness to multiply the loaves and fishes in your life and release the thought of separation forever.

Spirit cannot fail and neither will you.



Complaining Is A Habit We Can Quit

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

We’re all working on a single tapestry. It’s a tapestry of human life. Some of us are focused on weaving something exquisitely beautiful and may look like the life of someone like John McCain, who (whether you agree with his politics or not) was able to survive being imprisoned and go on to lead a happy and productive life in service to others.

Another person may be like the man I met in Cambodia two years ago who was part of a food collective in his town, where the whole town was working to recover from war, prosper, and raise their children well with more education than they had.

Some people, like many friends of mine, their life is dedicated to undoing the knots. It may look as though the knots came from their family and the way they were treated by their relatives. Maybe.

I’ve learned for myself, with help from A Course in Miracles and my own willingness to value the truth, that I’ve brought the patterns in with me, and those who seem to have contributed to them have only helped me to bring my attention so that I will get on with the work of untying the knots.

I don’t wish to waste another minute complaining about how things are. It doesn’t help and, in fact, it becomes a magnetic attractor for more of the same.

There are no victims, even when it looks like there are victims.

We don’t know what’s really going on.

I’m absolutely certain that some souls volunteer to live a life in service being the challenging child of a person who wishes to learn compassion. This is the way of the Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva is the awakened Being who chooses to continue the cycle of reincarnation in service until all are awakened.

I imagine that, from the Bodhisattva’s perspective, the entire tapestry is beautiful.

I wish to see the tapestry of life from that Bodhisattva perspective and see only the Beauty.

I had to realize that complaining only muddies up my life and my view of life.

When I see something I don’t like, let me not complain and lend it energy. Let me not invest one more drop of my precious life-energy into that which is not untying the knots or refining the Beauty.

As Howard Thurman would say, let me “keep fresh before me the moments of my high resolve” so that there is nothing more appealing or attractive to energize at this moment or any other.

The way to achieve my goal is to quit complaining.

Complaining has been such a strong habit for me.

There were times when I thought, and I do really mean this, that it was the purpose of my life.

Now, I can feel clearly that the purpose was to untie the knot of complaining as a habit.

Today, let me untie the knots and bring more Beauty with each choice I make.

What do you choose today?
Can you see the knots that it is your life purpose to untie?
If you wish, please share in the comments and I will hold it with you in prayer.

Together we will surely succeed!
Spirit will carry us there, since we are so willing!

If you’d like support in doing this work of untying the knots, please consider taking my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual boot camp and joining with other like-minded souls who are doing the same work. I find that when we do the work together, we get there faster and we laugh a lot more. It’s so much easier when we peel the layers of painful patterns together. Easier, faster, more Love, more Light, more fun, that’s the way for me!

Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual boot camp with ACIM Principles starts on Thursday! I won’t be offering it again for about 6 months.


Shifting Into Abundance

Saturday, October 5th, 2019

In my Finding Freedom Spiritual Boot camp class, I talk about having an awareness of your spiritual budget. I have found this really helpful to me in shifting my mind and experiencing more happiness. It also has had an effect on my Abundance and Prosperity.

There was a time in my life when I was deficit spending in my finances, and there was also a time I was deficit spending in terms of my happiness.

What I realized was that the way to shift things, and to do it quickly, is to increase the positive and decrease the negative – work it from both sides.

Many people think that the answer to debt is simply to earn more money or to cut expenses.

What I’ve definitely proven is that shifting my mind from a focus on lack and limitation to a focus on gratitude and Love was the most effective change for me to activate my Abundance.

I’ve learned that doing my forgiveness work, and really looking deeply at the root causes of my resentments and regrets while doing the self-forgiveness healing work, has FAR MORE to activate and increase the flow of Prosperity in my life than just earning more money or cutting expenses ever did.

I had the experience of running up a lot of debt and carrying it for a number of years – and then, through my active spiritual practice, I attracted opportunities to earn much more money and I quickly paid off much of my debt – only to have it return. I found myself with even more debt.

This taught me that the answer wasn’t in the world – I learned it for REAL,and so that led to my gratitude.

I prayed for the answer and it came in the form of clarity, insight and divine guidance.

I did the deep forgiveness work – starting with myself, then forgiving others, and then I was led out of the wilderness of my debt.

I had avoided looking within because I was afraid of what I’d see. I preferred to blame others for my problems. Through my practice of prayer, I finally became willing to develop greater spiritual maturity and I found myself truly desiring to forgive EVERYTHING.

I began to get on a roll and build some real momentum. And that’s what my classes are about now. I like creating a safe space, with lots of support, where those who are willing can work in a group and develop the inner fortitude to do the deep healing work and build the momentum of growing from breakthrough to breakthrough and from glory to greater glory.

I feel so blessed now to support those who would like to do as I’ve done. Together we dive deep and fly high – on an ever-increasing upward spiral of God’s omnipresent goodness. I feel so blessed.

I know, for a fact, that forgiveness leads to all kinds of good, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship and financial healing – and so much more. That’s why this work is never boring or tiresome. It’s actually AMAZING because it’s always about returning to the unprecedented.

So much healing is available to us when we stop blocking the flow with regrets and resentments. If you’re interested in help with that, check out my Finding Freedom Spiritual Boot camp class which starts on Thursday, October 10.

Together we’re activating our Abundance – we’re going for it!

When we don’t feel connected to Spirit and supported by Spirit, or even when we fear God, it’s most likely a result of feeling unworthy. If you suspect that worthiness is your issue, then you might consider receiving my gift. My “Worthiness Workshop” this past weekend was such a hit, that I’m offering it again this week. Register to get my worksheet and fill it out. I’ll let you know when the next workshop is!

There’s no cost, but you do have to register. Click here to register now.

Worthiness Workshop

This workshop is for people who are interested in making a change. When you register, I’ll send you a link to download the worksheet that you’ll need to set aside some time to fill out and bring to the workshop to be able to get the benefits. Let’s do this healing together and not put it off any longer!


Symptoms of Unworthiness

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

I remember the very first weekend of ministerial school at the Ernest Holmes Institute. It was this time of year, in 2001. It was right around 9/11. We were on a retreat at Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara, California and Rev. Nirvana Gayle was the leader. I was so excited because I thought we’d be entering into a mystical training following in the footsteps of Ernest Holmes who inspired me so much.

That turned out not to be the case. It was a very intellectual program, with no study of Holmes or mysticism. However, because of my experiences, I now teach in a very different way from that and it has been tremendously successful and I’m so grateful for that.

That first weekend, two things stand out to me. One is that we were told that of the thirty or so people at the retreat only about five of us would be ministers 10 years from graduation. That statistic shocked me. I couldn’t imagine not being a minister. I couldn’t imagine going through all that training – pre-practitioner, practitioner, and then ministerial school – 9 years total – and then not being a minister.

In my senior year, I switched from the Holmes Institute to the Agape school, as Agape withdrew from what is now called Centers for Spiritual Living. I graduated in 2006. There was 1 other graduate with me and he’s still a minister too.

I love ministry. It is definitely my calling. I so love being able to support people from being caught in their ego identity, illness, and despair over their life, relationships, careers, and bodies into becoming miracle minded and truly living the principles of A Course in Miracles. Quite literally, it thrills me! I feel so grateful and so blessed each and every day.

I feel like I have cracked the code on how to live the life you really desire and I see more and more people doing it around me. The reports of folks in my classes and of how their families are healing all around them is my favorite thing. It’s so completely not rocket science, but it does require real willingness to be vigilant over their thoughts.

Which is why this work is not for everyone. Many people are simply not willing to be vigilant over their thoughts. They imagine that it’s too hard. It’s not. It is demanding though. But being miserable is demanding too. Thinking your life is hard and you’re not worthy of Love is even more demanding and has NO benefits. I know, I used to live in that space.

The other thing that I recall from that first weekend of ministerial school is we were asked to tell the group what we were most grateful for. That was easy for me. I am SO VERY grateful for my awareness. I am grateful that I’m ever more aware of my ability to choose. I don’t have to suffer unless I choose to. We can rise above the battlefield of ego consciousness. We really can.

Cultivating the ability to GENUINELY be aware of our thoughts is to living a miraculous life what stretching and exercising are to have a healthy body. Many people satisfy themselves with reading about spirituality and listening to audios about spirituality. They don’t break a sweat. There’s no real exercise in it.

It’s like getting a gym membership, putting on your exercise outfit, going to the gym and watching everyone else workout while reading a book about what they’re doing and then listening to audio about what they did and how they did it. It’s armchair spirituality. We can have gained without pain, but we cannot grow without doing the inner work.

That’s why having a great trainer to go with you, who keeps you company and makes it fun is so helpful. Having a workout posse to join with you is even better. That’s why I organize my classes the way I do. To make it fun, and get it done. For real.

We all have a personal trainer in the Higher Holy Spirit Self, but you have to be willing to do what the trainer advises. And that personal trainer that we ALL have, is always telling us to be loving to ourselves because we are worthy of Love. Every one of us. That is always true and never changes. All are worthy.

Unworthiness is the most chronic illness that people have in this world.

It attacks us mentally and emotionally – but only if we agree. It has no power if we don’t agree.

Symptoms of unworthiness are:

  • Not trusting intuition
  • Second-guessing yourself
  • Attacking yourself
  • Letting people take advantage of you
  • People pleasing
  • Giving to others and doing for others in order to get approval
  • Hiding and isolating
  • Letting people treat you poorly
  • Feeling unappreciated

I had all of these. I see very little of this happening anymore. What a relief!

If you’ve had enough of these things in your life – consider accepting my gift. I’m offering a LIVE VIDEO 2.5-hour workshop intensive next Saturday with a replay on Sunday and it’s my gift to you. There’s no cost, but you do have to register. Click here to register now.

Worthiness Workshop
Saturday or Sunday
September 28 or 29th
Los Angeles, 12pm ♥ Chicago, 2pm ♥ New York, 3pm ♥ London, 8pm
♥ Germany, 9pm ♥ Sydney, 5am (next day) ♥ Hong Kong, 3am (next day)

This workshop is for people who are interested in making a change. When you register, I’ll send you a worksheet that you’ll need to set aside some time to fill out and bring to the workshop to be able to get the benefits.

I’m all in for YOU. Will you meet me and we’ll have some fun with our healing together?

Please invite a friend or two and do the worksheets together. Invite your ACIM Study Group and let’s do this together! You can also listen to the last two weeks of Conquering Unworthiness episodes of my podcast. Click here to listen now and get the transcripts too!

Transformation is REALLY fun and it’s also a huge relief when we do it together. It’s such a relief to let go of the false identity and stand in the beauty of our true nature. We truly can be helpful and we can teach only Love. I’m going for it. Come join me!

If you see an announcement for this on my facebook page would you please SHARE it so more people find it?

Let’s make the most of every opportunity for our healing and awakening and remember to laugh when we forget. Every day I offer my shot of Spiritual Espresso. I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a powerful tool for our liberation. Please pray with me today. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation. And that’s beautiful to share!

We’re all on a journey of developing trust and faith and there’s so much help for us in the invisible. We’re never alone. I Love you and I thank God for you. We bless each other with our willingness to rise in Spirit and come back into our right minds. Together we’re answering our call to BE the Love. YES!


Along the Extra Mile

Friday, September 13th, 2019

I’ve learned that praying for awakening is a really smart thing to do. Praying to let go of the past is a brilliant strategy for making life more peaceful. Praying for greater willingness to choose Love increases happiness TREMENDOUSLY.

Of course, if we aren’t willing to follow our guidance, then the answered prayer eludes us.

And then, we feel like Spirit isn’t there for us.

What’s really going on is, we’re not available because we think things need to be the way we think they should be – or we’re focused on our grievances.

Recently, I heard someone saying that they understood that “Pain is a wrong perspective” as A Course in Miracles says it is, but then what? What do we do when we’re in pain?

We recognize that the cause of the pain is not what we think it is. We’re never upset for the reason we think. That’s ACIM Lesson #5.

We can have the courage to realize we’re upset because we’re believing that God has left the building, and we’re on our own and separate. What we think we see as proof on the screen of life is actually our projection.

These teachings are just words until we’re willing to practice them.

Doing the actual practice is where the rubber meets the road, and we can actually get some traction.

As Wayne Dyer said (and I don’t know if he was first to say it) “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.” This is SO true. Lots of people will read books and listen to audios. That’s easy.

Doing the actual healing work is not easy. It’s not. It’s often intensely challenging, and that’s why the extra mile isn’t crowded.

Each one of us has to find the courage within ourselves to go from just talking about spirituality and collecting more information to actually having a spiritual practice that works. And that’s why I put my focus on the practice and supporting people in having an EFFECTIVE spiritual practice.

It’s so discouraging to be a spiritual student for years and years without much benefit. We’re capable of much more. Yet, it does take courage.

I’ve seen people with real courage having amazing results – blessing their families and their co-workers. That’s being TRULY helpful. It’s exciting. It’s a relief!

Do you have an effective spiritual practice? Please tell us about it and share in the comments below! Thank you!