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Christ’s Love

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

If you could have anything in this world, what would you choose? Each week I meet on the phone with the same Prayer Partners I’ve had for more than 22 years and we pray together. My prayer is to awaken to the Christ within.

I’d like to see with Christ’s Vision in each moment. This is my aspiration.

Anything that I might wish for in this world would be covered in my seeing with Christ’s vision.

That covers everything.

I pray to remember my true identity, my perfection, and to see from that perfection. I pray to see, with absolute Clarity the magnificence of all beings and the perfection of each one of us.

The greatest gift we can give our brothers and sisters is to see them with Christ’s Vision.

Let us choose that this Christmas, let us give this gift to everyone in our lives.

Today, in celebration of Jesus’ precious life, in celebration of the life He lived and the lessons He shared with us, let us give thanks for the Christ Presence in each of us.

Today, let’s look for the good in everyone and recognize it.

Today, let’s praise those around us and thank them for being in our lives.

Today, let’s be gentle with ourselves and everyone else.

Today, let us remember the one who sent us and be grateful for the opportunity to REPRESENT! To re-PRESENT. We can be the gift of Christ in this world.

We are Heaven sent to demonstrate Christ’s  Love!

Thank you for sharing this day with me.

A Very Merry Christmas to you!


The Greatest Gift

Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

This Christmas let’s focus on Christ and take a time out to drop into our loving hearts. There’s a healing that can happen when we’re willing to let go of taking things personally, and the only way we can do that is to be strongly centered in our heart.

For me, it’s about being clear about what matters most.

Being right doesn’t matter.

Being recognized and respected is not so important.

What IS important is to make the most of each opportunity to be loving. Not missing an opportunity to be loving is important.

This Christmas, let’s be truly helpful.

Let’s be on the lookout for the cry for Love coming from those around us.

The cry for Love is anyone’s upset, meltdown or breakdown.

Instead of being annoyed and resentful when adults act like children and start behaving in ways that are immature and unkind, we can open our hearts to them and assist them in coming back to their right mind. If we’re truly willing to be truly helpful, Spirit will guide us to exactly how we can be most helpful.

We can be a truly loving presence and bring more benefits than we can even imagine.

Helping someone recover themselves when they’ve lost their connection to their right mind, to their heart, that’s the greatest gift we can share, isn’t it?

Jesus said, “What you do to the least of them, you do to Me.”

Whoever we might think is the least of us is our brother, just as much as Jesus.

Let’s Love our brothers and sisters today and every day.

Let’s allow Christ to light our minds and show us the way.

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