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Forgiveness Miracles

Friday, November 20th, 2020

I’ve had so much to forgive myself for.

Good heavens!

I used to believe that it was OK to manipulate people with my moods and attitudes. I grew up thinking that having an attitude, or getting into a mood was a way to effectively control and manipulate people to have them pay attention to me and do what I wanted. When I felt powerless, I’d find some way to feel more powerful. At the very least, I used to think, I can push people’s buttons and agitate them. It was the misuse of “power.”

I learned that if I was angry people would try to appease me.

I learned that if I was cold and distant people would inquire what was wrong and try to help me.
I learned that if I was sad people might comfort me.
Mostly I learned that manipulating people made me feel sick energetically.

In all of my relationships I found that others were manipulating me as much as I was manipulating them. It all felt SUPER uncomfortable, but that’s just the way it was. Everybody did it.

Forgiveness has taken me from the darkness to the Light.

I have had to forgive myself for so much, and actually doing that has been such a gift to me that it has changed my ENTIRE life!

Here’s a miracle: As I began to achieve some spiritual maturity, I realized that manipulating others, for any reason or in any way was a source of my suffering and theirs. It lacks authenticity and discourages intimacy – two things I deeply value.

Here’s a miracle: I dropped the controlling and manipulating behaviors and now. I notice that I rarely encounter anyone who tries to pull that behavior with me. If they do, I have compassion, because I know it comes from a place of deep wounding and suffering and I’m interested in Love, which is our healer.

I invite you to take a look at where you give yourself permission to manipulate people with your moods and attitudes. It creates more trouble than it could ever be worth. The worst fall out is that it will degrade your personal sense of self-esteem and worthiness.

Having loving relationship builds self-esteem and worthiness and that’s a far better investment of your precious energy, and that’s miraculous. Are you ready for a miracle? Join me in my Forgive & Be Free Classes this weekend.

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We just started my, in 3 parts, and you can get the replay of Part 1 right now and join me for Parts 2 and 3. Let’s do this sacred work joyfully, and JoyFULLY together! Register now and get the replay right now!
IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN MY FORGIVENESS CLASS: Forgive & Be Free class Click here for more details.



Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

At this time of year, our feelings of grief can become overwhelming. For some people this is the first holiday season without their loved one who passed. For some, this is the last holiday season with a loved one who is preparing to depart. Either way, it can bring up intense grief.

With so much loss for so many – on many levels – there’s much to grieve for many people. I feel it’s important that we’re all aware who is grieving around us – they may not show it.

Experiencing what feels like a great loss of any kind, whether it’s a loved one, a job, or any type of identification can be extremely difficult. It can feel overwhelming like no other thing we experience.

Grief can feel shattering for the ego, the personality.

When there’s a loss of a loved one, a job, a home, or something important – it can be a loss of identity that’s completely disorienting.

And then, sometimes, for some people, the grief can morph into a sense that their grief and suffering are what make them special. If the suffering goes on a while it can be difficult to let go of. It becomes part of their new (false) identification. The martyr takes over, and it can feel very sticky.

Grief is never wrong. It’s not a failure. It’s a part of our human experience. We can be tender with ourselves – and we can get MUCH comfort in connecting with others who are also experiencing extreme loss – there’s SO MUCH HEALING in that connection.

Grief can include an unwillingness to give up a strong attachment.

In Spirit, we are eternally one, so there’s no relationship we have to actually give up. Yet, for us to be happy, we do have to give up the attachment. Releasing an attachment is deeply healing, but it can feel very sad and disorienting.

The grief itself can just be another expression of the attachment to the relationship – and that’s a VERY important and valuable distinction.

In a sense, attachments are false idols. They can never make us happy.

We can lose a loved one, a job, a home, etc, and confront our attachment, release it and feel great Freedom, Peace, and Joy while still loving our loved one, our former job, our former home. Giving up the attachment doesn’t mean giving up that which we love, it means giving up the attachment and ONLY the attachment.

When we become identified in our own mind as the one who suffers, the one who is without, and in lack, sometimes we begin to affirm it over and over again all day long. It’s insidious. And it can happen REALLY fast. It’s like a virus that takes over our heart, our mind, and then our identity

One time I had an experience of meeting two other women at an event. It was just before Mother’s Day and we quickly discovered that all three of our precious mothers had seemingly died of cancer. If we had wanted to, we could have formed a club – the dead cancer mom’s club or something like that.

I don’t identify as someone who has “lost” her Mom because I feel she’s with me in Spirit always. I’m one with her, so she can’t be gone from me even though I don’t see her anymore. I feel her. She’s gone ahead, and not far away.

I don’t identify with being motherless because I don’t live in the past. I sometimes briefly recall the past, but not often – and when I do, I share from what I’ve learned in my experiences because that feels truly helpful for others and that’s my aspiration: to be truly helpful to my brothers and sisters in this world.

Living in the past, no matter how great it might have been, only makes for a limited experience of Love now. For myself, I’ve learned there’s absolutely no value in holding onto the past. I can let ALL of it go.

I’ve found that offering any grief and suffering to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing has worked. Of course, it doesn’t work if we’re not actually willing. It can take a while to get to the point of real willingness. And we must be gentle with ourselves – we cannot rush this.

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Family gatherings, such as Thanksgiving are often triggers of grievances.  Prepare yourself to BE the Peace in your relationships and let the past go. 
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Ease, Grace and Prosperity

Monday, November 16th, 2020

In Masterful Living this year, we’ve been looking at our spiritual relationship with money and abundance. We’re looking deeply into patterns of lack and limitation. It’s been so liberating and we’re having a lot of aha’s.

I talk about having an awareness of your spiritual budget. I have found this really helpful to me in shifting my mind and experiencing more happiness. It also has had an effect on my Abundance and Prosperity.

There was a time when I was deficit spending in my finances and there was also a time I was deficit spending in terms of my happiness. It was a repeating pattern that kept pulling me down in so many ways.

What I realized was that the way to shift things, and to do it quickly, is to increase the positive and decreases the negative – work it from both sides.

Many people thing that the answer to debt is simply to earn more money or to cut expenses. What I’ve definitely proven is that shifting my mind from a focus on lack and limitation to a focus on gratitude and Love was the most effective change for me to activate my Abundance.

I’ve learned that doing my forgiveness work, and really looking deeply at the root causes of my resentments and regrets, while doing the self-forgiveness healing work has FAR MORE to activate and increase the flow of Prosperity in my life than just earning more money or cutting expenses ever did.

I had the experience of running up a lot of debt and carrying it for a number of years – and then through my active spiritual practice I attracted opportunities to earn much more money and I quickly paid off much of my debt – only to have it return. I found myself with even more debt.

This taught me that the answer wasn’t in the world – I learned it for REAL and so that led to my gratitude. I prayed for the answer and it came in the form of clarity, insight and divine guidance.

I did the deep forgiveness work – starting with myself. Then forgiving others and then I was led out of the wilderness of my debt.

I had avoided looking within because I was afraid of what I’d see. I preferred to blame others for my problems. Through my practice of prayer, I finally became willing to develop a greater spiritual maturity and I found myself truly desiring to forgive EVERYTHING.

I began to get on a roll and build some real momentum. And that’s what my classes are about now. I like creating a safe space, with lots of support, where those who are willing can work in group and develop the inner fortitude to do the deep healing work and build the momentum of growing from breakthrough to breakthrough and from glory to greater glory.

I feel so blessed now to support those who would like to do as I’ve done. Together we dive deep and fly high – on an ever-increasing upward spiral of God’s omnipresent goodness. I feel so blessed.

I know for a fact that forgiveness leads to all kinds of good, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship and financial healing – and so much more. That’s why this work is never boring or tiresome. It’s actually AMAZING because it’s always about returning to the unprecedented.

Being able to heal with ease and grace is an expression of Prosperity.

Being able to receive Love and the ALL good of life is part of the experience of Abundance.

Forgiveness unlocks the limits of Prosperity and Abundance, because it unlocks the patterns of lack and limitation.

So much healing is available to us when we stop blocking the flow with regrets and resentments.

Together we’re activating our abundance – we’re going for it! Forgiveness is the way.

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Grace is Always Available

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

I’ve learned a really beautiful lesson.  It was difficult for me to learn because my personality thought I was right and that I knew better than LIFE did what was best for me.

My lesson was that LIFE is always providing me the best possible ways for me to grow and learn.  

LIFE is leading, guiding and directing me toward easier, simpler, higher, better, faster, more direct ways to learn and grow with less difficulties – and I used to fight that.  I was a great resister.  

What a TREMENDOUS blessing it’s been to learn to go with the flow.  When things are going a way I don’t like, instead of resisting, I can relax.  I relax first, partner UP with Spirit and ask for the guidance I need to see the highest and best path of Love.

My willingness is the key that opens the door to ease, grace and real growth.

My resistance would show up as complaints, taking offense, feeling hurt, trying to control or manipulate.  That just made the lesson harder to learn and the pain harder to burn.  It was exhausting.  

When we’re fighting the flow, it’s exhausting.  When we’re resisting the growth, not trusting Spirit, and trying to figure it out on our own we find it tiresome and troublesome to proceed.

Grace is always available.  

“Spirit is in a state of grace forever.  

Your reality is only spirit.  

Therefore you are in a state of grace forever.”   

A Course in Miracles 

Grace is always there, just beyond our opinion that things should be different.

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Surviving Intense Times with Grace

Sunday, October 20th, 2019

What I am noticing is that the time of healing is getting increasingly intense for all of us.  People are melting down and flipping out.  

For those who are fully committed to being loving and compassionate, it does get easier and easier. Still, there’s not one of us that isn’t being energetically pushed to give up the habits, beliefs, and patterns that keep us playing small.

In my own experience, I noticed a pattern that repeated itself for many years until I finally broke out of it.

My pattern was this:

I would get triggered by something. Something would happen that felt like it was wrong and bad. It felt like a betrayal or a loss. I would start to ruminate on it, building my case like a lawyer gathering evidence for the dark side of my personality. I call it making “resentment stew.”

I would continue to stir that pot and eat from it, day after day, strengthening my case to argue about the unfairness, the blame, and my resentment. It was as though I was constantly arguing my case before God, looking for God to make me right and to make THINGS in my life right.

It took me A VERY LONG TIME – many, many years, to realize that the daily consumption of “resentment stew” was driving a whole sequence of things – it was part of a very intense pattern.

Here’s what I learned:

The making of the “resentment stew” would lower my vibration, which made me unable to see many good things that were available to me. I literally couldn’t see them or receive them because I wasn’t a vibrational match for them. Instead, I became a vibrational match for things I DID NOT want happening in my life.

My choice to ruminate on what I didn’t like and didn’t want just brought more of it into my life, because like attracts like.

Then I would find myself withdrawing into isolation and self-medication in order to drown out how I was feeling and, of course, lowered my vibration even more. It gained me even more time to ruminate on what I didn’t like and weave the web of attachment to upset.

There were times in that stuck place of self-medicating that I would literally think “This is all I have. This momentary distraction and fake pleasure of self-medication, the numbing of my mind and senses.” It was the only thing I was “enjoying.” I lost track of what real enjoyment, pleasure, and happiness were. My whole perspective got skewed and twisted.

I knew it was self-sabotage. I hated myself for it. I felt compelled and addicted. AND, because of focusing so much on resentment and revenge, I didn’t have the strength to lift myself out of it. My negativity made me weak. Like Superman and kryptonite – our resentments and judgments make us weak.

It is a dangerous and slippery slope.

It felt like I was caught in a whirlpool that was pulling me down, further and further. I wanted so much to live a spiritual life – to get God’s Seal of Approval and goodness, and it would seem further and further away.

The pull of the negative pattern was SO STRONG.

I remember thinking this thought “When I die from being stuck in this pattern, they should write on my gravestone – ‘She tried, she really tried, but she just couldn’t do it – the pull was too strong.'”

I couldn’t see the pattern until I was willing to take responsibility for it. I had to stop blaming others for how I felt and where I was in my experience. When I finally became honestly willing to commit to giving up my attack thoughts – the judgments and opinions, and all the attachments to the meaning I made of things, my interpretations and what I thought was right and wrong – that’s when things changed for me.

Because of my willingness to look for loving thoughts and to stop energizing the unloving thoughts, I learned that true gratitude raises my vibration very quickly. It was a relief to be grateful and raise my vibration! 

I learned to be grateful for everything and to practice it as part of my spiritual practice ALL DAY LONG. I began to trade the constant judging attack thoughts for being truly grateful, and that led me to see that I am the one who is responsible for everything in my life.

I learned that everything serves a good and holy purpose in my life – everything. And, I learned to accept that fact with gratitude, even when it didn’t make any sense for me. And I learned to ask for help from the I AM Presence – the Higher Holy Self.

I realized I was never upset for the reason I thought, and I was always upset when I didn’t take responsibility and didn’t choose gratitude. It was pretty simple, really. Phew! I started to see some light at the end of this birthing tunnel.

Gratitude raises us up so we can see and hear and feel and know more clearly the truth that sets us free.

The most challenging and torturous situations in my life became a Godsend. Literally. I couldn’t see that until I was willing to see it. (This is why I say: You gotta wanna.) The intensity of my challenges gave me the PRESSURE COOKER to be vigilant and change my mind 1000 times a day. 

I began to be grateful for everything, even when it felt like my heart was breaking and my mind was at war with itself. That pressure cooked me, and I began to live a miraculous life — because of my willingness.

In the last 19 years of counseling, teaching classes and workshops, and leading retreats, I’ve experienced a lot of miraculous healing and I’ve witnessed a lot of miraculous healing. My offerings are about doing the work – rolling up your spiritual sleeves and getting to it – in the community – with like-minded souls who also have some degree of willingness.

Together we wipe away the shame, reluctance, resistance, self-hatred, and the stains of all the mistakes of the past. A lot of the time it’s not easy. It requires attention and willingness. It rocks our world. And, it does bring a miraculous life – a life of miracles, unfolding Joy and Beauty. It’s a fact.

Sometimes the 3-D world of form seems so intense. I call it density, because that’s how it feels when we’re stuck in the muck and mire. What we don’t know is that the density becomes so intense to get us in order to squeeze us to finally make a decision to do things differently. It’s like the pressure that is put on a piece of coal to reveal the diamond that is possible. It’s like a birthing.

Birthing is never easy, never pretty. It’s always quite messy. There’s screaming and crying and pain.

We all have a diamond heart we’re giving birth to. We can discover it willingly and gratefully or with tremendous pressure, or we can give up and come back later. It’s up to us. It’s our choice. This world is about choice.

Rev. Michael Beckwith introduced me – spiritually – to the wonderful Christian Mystic, Dr. Howard Thurman whose writings have been an inspiration to me. I share this with you now as an offering of inspiration to remember you are true diamond heart nature:

The Moments of High Resolve

“Despite the dullness and barrenness of the days that pass, if I search with due diligence, I can always find a deposit left by some former radiance. But I had forgotten. At the time it was full-orbed, glorious, and resplendent. I was sure that I would never forget. In the moment of it’s fullness, I was sure that it would illumine my path for all the rest of my journey. I had forgotten how easy it is to forget.

“There was no intent to betray what seemed so sure at the time. My response was whole, clean, authentic. But little-by-little, there crept into my life the dust and grit of the journey. Details, lower-level demands, all kinds of crosscurrents – nothing momentous, nothing overwhelming, nothing flagrant – just wear and tear. If there had been some direct challenge, a clear-cut issue, I would have fought it to the end and beyond.

“In the quietness of this place, surrounded by the all-pervading presence of God, my heart whispers: Keep fresh before me the moments of my High Resolve, that in fair weather or in foul, in good times or in tempests, in the days when the darkness and the foe are nameless or familiar, I may not forget that to which my life is committed.”

Keep fresh before me the moments of my high resolve. ~ Dr. Howard Thurman

In this time of birthing, don’t give up. Keep fresh before you the moments of your high resolve. Call upon the Higher Holy Self to lead the way and bring the Light. Find like-minded souls to go through the journey with. Give yourself extra support, tenderness, and care. Begin to speak to yourself with words of Love, “Darling, you can do it, you ARE doing it. Sweetheart, you have what it takes. Everything is for you and nothing is against you. You already are perfect Love.”

Now is our time, now is your time. You DO have what it takes – it’s pre-installed and cannot be damaged or removed. The Kingdom is within, seek first the Kingdom and ALL else will be added unto you. A little gratitude and willingness will turn the tide today. It always does.

Every day I offer “”My Shot of Spiritual Espresso”.  I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing.  Prayer is a power tool for our liberation.  We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other.  Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation.  And that’s beautiful to share!

We’re all on a journey of expanding awareness, and there’s so much help for us in the invisible.  We’re never alone.  I Love you, and I thank God for you.  We bless each other with our willingness to rise in Spirit and come back into our right minds.

Together we’re answering our call to BE the Love.  YES!