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Losing Ten Tons of False Beliefs

April 9, 2021 | COMMENTS
Are you ready to lose the weight of ten tons of false beliefs and open up to the good in life? Sometimes it seems impossible to believe that there’s unlimited good available in this world, and still that’s the truth... Read More

Contact lenses & Spirit

April 8, 2021 | COMMENTS
If you read my Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso on a regular basis you might remember that about two weeks ago I went for an eye exam - the first in about 25 years - in order to get glasses... Read More

Lifting Up From Despair

April 7, 2021 | COMMENTS
It’s very common for people to go through a period of despair on the way to rising up out of the ego’s quagmire. I certainly did. Despair is a systemic hopelessness. When we believe many of the ego thoughts and... Read More

My Quarantine Lessons

March 14, 2021 | COMMENTS
It was just about a year ago that the quarantine started for me. I went out to Los Angeles from New Jersey for a week’s conference and the day I returned, March 16, was the day that California and the... Read More

New Moon Reboot

March 13, 2021 | COMMENTS
We’ve just passed the one year mark since this pandemic went full force.  It’s been a whole year of our lives in this insane experience that has been toxic on so many levels - while also offering so much opportunity... Read More

Following Intuition

November 30, 2020 | COMMENTS
I just rearranged the furniture in my bedroom and I am SO happy with it. Here’s my little story about it: When I first saw this house and was doing a walkthrough of the rooms, when I stepped into the... Read More

Last Argument Ever

November 27, 2020 | COMMENTS
In the aftermath of Thanksgiving, and feeling so fortunate that my family could get tested for Covid and come visit me, I am grateful for everything right now. I’m grateful for every challenge and every hardship that I’ve experienced because... Read More

Grace and Gratitude

November 26, 2020 | COMMENTS
Today is Thanksgiving in the United States and for many of us it feels sad.  This is the first time in my lifetime that there was ever a sense that it isn’t a good idea for families to gather and... Read More

Being Kind

November 23, 2020 | COMMENTS
It’s very common for people who are in the middle of some difficulty to want us to be on their side. I can remember wanting to sway people to be on my side if I felt threatened by someone. I’d... Read More

Together Forever

July 22, 2020 | COMMENTS
Because we’re all part of God, we’re together forever. Eternally one with each other. I find this awareness particularly helpful when there’s a great sense of loss and grief, and when we don’t feel connected to someone we dearly Love.... Read More

I am Grateful

June 9, 2020 | COMMENTS
I’m over flowing with gratitude right now and here’s why: I’m feeling so grateful for my life right now because I see that everything in my life has been training for this moment in our human history where we can... Read More

Strings Attached

January 22, 2020 | COMMENTS
Many of us had experiences when we were younger where we were given things to enjoy and then told later that there was a price for them. Women are particularly familiar with this. I’d venture to say that there’s hardly... Read More

Magical Solutions Don’t Solve the Problem

January 14, 2020 | COMMENTS
Part 1: (You Are Here) Magical Solutions Don’t Solve the ProblemPart 2: Letting Go of False Beliefs One of the most CRUSHING and punishing ego thoughts I used to have is that I had “wasted” my time, my energy, my... Read More

Lean on Spirit

January 13, 2020 | COMMENTS
I Love A Course in Miracles! I find the teachings bring me great comfort and upliftment. With having done nearly 430 episodes of my radio show, I’m still amazed at how inspired I am by A Course in Miracles. I... Read More

Let’s Kick the Complaining Habit

November 21, 2019 | COMMENTS
Yesterday I was traveling from Santa Barbara, California, where I’d been visiting my goddaughter’s family, to Scottsdale, Arizona. And I had another one of those experiences at the airport where we got on the plane and then we had to... Read More

Rising Above the Battlefield

November 19, 2019 | COMMENTS
Gratitude lifts our vibration so that we can hear, see, feel, and know more clearly our divinity and the divinity of all life. Gratitude lifts us above the battlefield. And that’s REALLY useful right now. Let’s just be grateful, shall... Read More

Healing the Habit Of Being A Fault-Finder

November 17, 2019 | COMMENTS
When I was in the graduate Screenwriting program at USC, my professor, the amazing actor/director Nina Foch, used to say “focus on the light. The darkness will take care of itself.”  This was her advice for directing students.  I’ve always... Read More

Shifting Into Abundance

October 5, 2019 | COMMENTS
In my Finding Freedom Spiritual Boot camp class, I talk about having an awareness of your spiritual budget. I have found this really helpful to me in shifting my mind and experiencing more happiness. It also has had an effect... Read More

IRS Gratitude

October 4, 2019 | COMMENTS
God is so good! I love it when we can prove how beautiful and powerful Love is and Spirit is. I’ve been having an issue with the IRS (in case you’re not familiar, that’s the Internal Revenue Service, and they... Read More