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Spiritual Career

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Over the years I’ve met many amazing and beautiful people who absolutely love spirituality.  It’s thrilling to them.  I feel the same way!  I absolutely LOVE spiritual principle and I Love being able to connect with like-minded souls and share what we’re learning.  

Many of the folks I meet would like to be able to have a spiritual career, share what they’re learning with others and make that their career.

That’s what I did and I feel so blessed every day that I get to do what I LOVE every day.  

I’ve also met a number of people who don’t have the confidence to follow their heart.  They study and study and study and study and prepare to have a spiritual career, but then they don’t seem to get off the ground with it.  

I remember when I first started ministerial school, twenty years ago, they told us that the statistics were that only a few of us would actually end up having a career as a minister and most would not.  

I’ve known a number of people who never really had the confidence to succeed although they had the talent AND the training.  Their lack of confidence was what prevented them from living their dream.  

I’d like to do everything I can to keep that from happening to more people.  I’m interested in offering support for those who are inspired to answer the call.  With support we can eliminate the reasons for lack of confidence.  With training people will feel qualified. 

For those who would like to follow their heart and have a successful spiritual career,  I’d like to support them in truly going all the way.  

I know that the the Love of God can never fail.

Light always wins.  I also know that there are several keys to being able to be successful and not give up.  

Right now, light workers are being called to step up and do what they’re designed to do – share the light!  Let’s do it together!

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Perceptions Sometimes Aren’t Helpful

Friday, August 7th, 2020

It’s interesting to notice what we notice.
It can be fascinating to view how we view.

In New Jersey they don’t have self-serve gas, the attendant pumps the gas for you. In Maine, at some stations there’s no self-serve and I when I learned about that I realized that I could help contribute to someone having a job by choosing the stations where there’s no self-serve. I might cost a small amount more, but it gives someone a job. Since I don’t particularly enjoy pumping gas, that completely works for me.

I used to return the shopping carts, to the store, but then I realized that there’s no need to return them it’s easier for me not to, and by not returning it, I’m giving a person employment. I can receive the support of not having to return the cart.

In small towns, grocery baggers will sometimes ask if I’d like help taking my groceries to the car, wouldn’t they also like to help by taking the cart and putting it away?

Do you feel guilty if you don’t return the cart where they’d like you to?

What’s interesting is the meaning we make of things.

Our perspective generates our perception, but many times we really don’t know what anything is for.

Once when I was at a Wednesday night service at Agape with a friend. As the collection basket was being passed, my friend saw someone pass the basket without putting anything in it and she turned to me and said, “that bothers me so much, how can they pass the basket without putting anything in it?”

I said to her, “I do that all the time. I write one tithe check per month to make it easier for myself. I’m here at service twice eight times a week or more, but I only write one check. So, I don’t put anything in the collection most of the time.”

My friend was taken aback. After a moment she said, “I never thought about that. That makes sense.”

Whenever we judge, we’re taking ourselves out of the flow of Love and we’re usually creating some kind of personal, emotional and mental distress.

If we don’t correct our thoughts, then we start feel the upset in our physical body. Our life is so much easier if we simply focus on being loving.

We’re designed to be peaceful, harmonious and prosperous and our misperceptions trigger a feeling of upset so we can realize that it’s time to course correct.

It’s a great system to remind us that Love is our true identity and Peace is our natural state. Let’s remember what’s real.

What perception is operating in your mind, triggering guilt? Please share in the comments and help us realize where we can all make a change! Thank you in advance!


Our Gifts and Talents

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

If you don’t use your gifts and talents you might not actually lose them – but you will definitely be missing extraordinary opportunities to be an authentic, inspiring and healing presence in the world.

One of the most satisfying things I’ve ever experienced in this world is when I’m sharing my natural gifts and talents in ways that are uplifting and inspiring for others.

 I have a gift for sharing.  I’ve taken my natural talent and honed it with skill.  

When I get to teach a class, lead a retreat, or a Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive, it feels like the sweetest spot to me.  I don’t feel as though the truths that I share are mine, or that I in anyway the author of them.  They are available to everyone and I’m interested in sharing them.  I love, love, LOVE sharing these spiritual principles.

We all have an interesting and unique relationship to our possessions, including our gifts and talents.

In THE PATHWAY OF ROSES, the great mystic, Christian D. Larson wrote, 

“Every individual is entitled to all the riches of the spiritual kingdom, and in addition, to the possession of as many things … as he can possibly appreciate and use in the enrichment of all the realms of his own entire existence. But before he can secure all these things, he must cause his personal nature and his spiritual nature to live together as one … the first essential is to make the best use possible of everything that we may possess now.”

What Larson describes there, is what I feel I experience when I’m sharing spiritual truths.

Today let’s be willing to use what we have, and share it.  So many people want more, but they don’t appreciate and make use of what they have.  

Let’s be willing to look at ourselves from a Divine perspective.  Would we be willing to give to someone more riches and rewards if they didn’t appreciate and make use of the ones we had already given them?  Wouldn’t that be a waste? 

It’s worth asking, “what God given gifts and talents have I got that I’m hoarding?”  

You can get real with yourself and get ready to rock.  

Now is the time of our liberation!  Let’s go!



Saturday, April 11th, 2020

In order to facilitate our own spiritual growth with ease and grace it helps to be aware, really aware, of when we’re resisting moving to the next level of our growth, and then having intention about making that shift.

What are we actually resisting?

In my exploration the only thing that’s real is Love, and that’s the only thing to resist.

Knowing that is helpful to me because I can make a more conscious and loving choice.

That helps break down the resistance, and I can do that all day long by looking for the more loving choices.

It also helps greatly to be aware of what we might be reluctant to step into. In my classes we look at what we must become in order to have the next level of expansion.

In order to have the next level of growth and expansion in your career, what must you become? Perhaps you’re being called to become more organized, or more patient, or more kind.

In your relationships, what does the next level of growth require? Perhaps it requires you to have a greater capacity for intimacy, which means you have to drop the sarcasm and the defensiveness. Perhaps it means that you have to be willing to say how you really feel without blaming anyone for your feelings.

It does feel like there are levels of growth. The more I shed what is false, the more actively those level distinctions are blurring and it feels that I’m becoming more my TRUE Self.

I can remember very well moving through a particular shift where I really was giving up the blaming and resentment, the grudge holding and practicing forgiveness full on. I began to feel markedly more free, and more like my true Self. I was so surprised to find out I really like being my true Self because I’m not what I thought I was.

I used to believe that I was fundamentally bad and wrong, to the core. When I became fully committed to forgiveness, that false view of myself fell away. It was such a relief to let it go. I felt so much lighter on my new “level” of awareness.

What is it that you feel you must become in order to embody the next level of growth you most desire in your life?

The way to get to where we’d like to go is to give the Spirit the heavy lifting of figuring out HOW, instead we declare our spiritual aspiration and intention and we ALLOW ourselves to be guided by Spirit as to the choices that we must make to have the transformation we’re calling forth.

There’s so much we can do to help ourselves and ease our way. We can learn these things. It’s part of the process of remembering to Love ourselves and care deeply for ourselves. We’re so worth it. When we Love ourselves, we’re loving everyone.

All boats rise on this tide of Love!