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Healing the Root of Unworthiness

December 11, 2021 | COMMENTS
I’ve been thinking about the mental and emotional patterns of feeling unworthy quite a bit in the last few weeks, preparing for my classes on the topic. Many of us have had some rather hard lessons in life when people... Read More

We Are Liberators!

December 10, 2021 | COMMENTS
Wow! What a great session we had last night in my Undoing Unworthiness class. It’s so exciting for me that we can undo these false beliefs and have real healing when we’re willing to look within. A Course in Miracles... Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2021 | COMMENTS
Last year I was blessed to have family with me to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Today, it’s me and Bodhi and I’m just as grateful.  I’m steeping myself in gratitude for all the little things, like the snow we had... Read More

Get Out Of the Way Of Your Holiness

November 24, 2021 | COMMENTS
Our holiness is all that’s needed to shift everything in this world, and yet each one of us is, in some way, in the way of our holiness and we can move right out of the way! There’s nothing our... Read More

Special Hate & Special Love

November 17, 2021 | COMMENTS
A Course in Miracles tells us that our relationships are the #1 tool we have to help in our awakening.  This week in my ACIM podcast I’m talking about Special Hate & Special Love - Having clarity about what they are and how they work inside... Read More

Living the Holy Relationship with Bodhi

November 16, 2021 | COMMENTS
Phew!  Yesterday was a super full day.  I had 2 writing deadlines of some real substance, I taught a yoga and meditation class, I taught the final day of my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive, I was the guest teacher at... Read More

Guilt Grossness

November 12, 2021 | COMMENTS
Yesterday I had an experience where it felt as though someone was actively trying to make me feel guilty. Here’s what happened: When my parents built the house in Maine in 1986 they bought a beautiful dining room table and... Read More

Letting Go of the Past

November 11, 2021 | COMMENTS
For me, one of the greatest gifts I’ve experienced from my spiritual practice is my letting go of the past. Things that plagued me and even things that felt like they tortured me are now long resolved and dissolved back... Read More

Good Judgement

November 8, 2021 | COMMENTS
One of the things we talked about in Masterful Living that was so helpful to us all is understanding when we’re sharing our judgments and complaints versus when we can better serve ourselves and others and stay silent. The bottom... Read More

Facing the feelings

November 5, 2021 | COMMENTS
It takes real courage to face our feelings and actually feel them. I remember being absolutely terrified of fully feeling my feelings. I did everything I could to repress them for years. As a spiritual counselor I’ve spoken with many... Read More

Focus On the Light

November 1, 2021 | COMMENTS
When I was in the Graduate Screenwriting Program at the University of Southern California getting my masters in Screenwriting, I was fortunate to have as a teacher a brilliant actor, director and teacher - Nina Foch. I was also blessed... Read More

It’s Not Their Fault!

October 30, 2021 | COMMENTS
It used to be that, on a regular basis, I’d find myself in the company of people I found annoying.  Some were slightly annoying and some were intensely annoying. I used to think that the annoyance factor was their fault.... Read More

Savoring the Sweetness

October 29, 2021 | COMMENTS
Many years ago, when I moved to Los Angeles and found myself living in a place where things were blooming all year round, I made the decision to literally stop and smell the roses, as well as other assorted flowers... Read More

Making the Loving Choice

August 26, 2021 | COMMENTS
In my Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso yesterday Turn the Other Cheek I forgot to mention an important thing about turning the other cheek and offering a new face of Love to someone who seems to be intent on attacking us.  When we offer... Read More

I Sleep With The Light On Now

August 22, 2021 | COMMENTS
It’s true, I sleep with the light on now. It’s not because I’m afraid, it’s because I have a puppy! Bodhi has been with me for five weeks now. She’s barely four months old and, and she’s really the smartest... Read More

Changing My Trajectory

August 15, 2021 | COMMENTS
When NASA sends a rocket to the moon they plan a trajectory. The tiniest shift in the trajectory will cause the rocket to land in a completely different place. The same is true in our lives. Eliminating 25% of our... Read More

Starting Life With Bodhi

July 22, 2021 | COMMENTS
I’m so completely loving having this precious being living with me. Bodhi is 12 weeks old and it’s extraordinary that she’s settling into my life so well. We’re getting along great! Of course, a puppy is a baby dog.  Babies... Read More

It’s Not Too Late!

July 18, 2021 | COMMENTS
The ego thought system is always oppositional to living a life of Love, the life we’d like. It’s easy to get tricked into giving up. I used to feel that way, temporarily, on a very regular basis. Maybe not every... Read More

Learning Through Joy!

July 17, 2021 | COMMENTS
 once took a yoga class with a very well-known teacher who began by saying that we all have pain in our lives.  As a longtime yoga student, I know that pain can be a regular thing as I deepen in... Read More

I haven’t got time for the pain

July 8, 2021 | COMMENTS
During the last 16 months of Covid, many folks have told me they’ve been struggling with falling into old, self-destructive habits. There’s been a lot of fear, and a lot of isolation and a lot of suffering.  And when that... Read More

Sweet Celebration

July 7, 2021 | COMMENTS
Yesterday I drove from Vermont to Rhode Island along with two members of the Power of Love Ministry staff, Shawne and Glazy. We drove to RI to be with fellow staff member, Angela and her daughter Justine and Masterful Living... Read More

Great Gratitude

July 5, 2021 | COMMENTS
I am so very grateful for all of the spiritual teachers I’ve had who have helped me to have clarity about the truth. I have wept tears of gratitude and Joy many times. I give thanks for their precious lives.I... Read More

Thank God I Didn’t Give Up

June 6, 2021 | COMMENTS
Attaining happiness can feel elusive and complicated. Maintaining happiness can seem impossible. And that can be so intensely frustrating. I’ve been asking Spirit to teach me about happiness and I’ve been learning a lot. It makes sense that happiness seems... Read More

Entitled to Miracles

May 19, 2021 | COMMENTS
There is a direct path to awakening and we can find it. I’ve been absolutely astounded at how much I’ve been able to shift my mind, my life, my habits and beliefs in a relatively short period of time. For... Read More

True Love

May 17, 2021 | COMMENTS
I can remember when I would have shock waves of fear that seemed to shoot through me like lightning waves. I’d have a thought that would produce a rush of adrenaline and an energetic shock that moved through me in... Read More