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Together Forever

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

Because we’re all part of God, we’re together forever. Eternally one with each other.

I find this awareness particularly helpful when there’s a great sense of loss and grief, and when we don’t feel connected to someone we dearly Love. I remind myself that I cannot possibly BE separate from my loved ones, I can only FEEL separate – and that feeling will pass.

One of the most beautiful aspects of our life in Spirit is that we’re not alone – ever.

We’re interconnected and interdependent. With each other. With Spirit. With Angels and all manner of helpful beings. And, whether we like it or not. Without a cooperative effort much of life would be unbearable and yet there are many times when I’ve felt momentarily resistant to being cooperative.

One of the primary ways I’ve experienced the ego identification is when I’ve felt that belligerence rise up within me and I’ve refused to cooperate. When I was younger, I felt it all the time. That haughty, resistant, argumentative attitude was one of the ways that I would reclaim my power when I felt a lack of power. I’d try to regain my power Now I know better.

Opening my heart to collaboration and cooperation is my power!

When we work together, we are so much stronger than when we work alone.

Working together we can form a collective intelligence that is far greater and more powerful than anything I could create alone. It can also be far more satisfying.

These days, I prefer to be a bridge builder and a collaborator. The blessings are enormous and I am grateful every day!

A powerful daily spiritual practice is to find one significant way you can cooperate more effectively with the people in your family, your workplace, school or community.

Look for the ways that you can be supportive, extending compassion and let those things replace the criticisms and complaints. This is a powerful spiritual practice that heals our mind of lack, limitation and separation.
By being willing to cooperate I build a bridge. As I walk across the bridge, I bring with me an offering of my heart. By a simple act such as this I make the world a more peaceful place and that’s being truly helpful.

It’s not so hard to fulfill your purpose when you know your purpose is simply to Love and be loved.

Being able to model this purpose is healing to all. In a time of intense divisiveness and seeming differences, being a peacemaker is a great skill that we can hone and demonstrate. I’m so grateful we can be helpful instead of helpless!


Anger Can Be Helpful

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

It may seem hard to believe, but feeling angry can be very helpful!

Feeling anger is like a warning bell that lets us know what to pay attention to.  It lets us know that we have a false belief that can be healed and, when healed, will free up some emotional, mental and spiritual bandwidth that we can use for the following:

  • Healing our body
  • Becoming more prosperous
  • Letting more Love flow in our life
  • Receiving more inspiration and intuition
  • Being more creative
  • Having better relationships.

Just think about this:  if we make a practice of becoming grateful when we feel angry or upset in any form, we can call forth and receive a miraculous healing if we’re willing to interrupt the pattern and give the heavy lifting of figuring out HOW to have a healing to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.  If we’re willing, that anger can be a VERY positive turning point.

Anger comes in many forms:  irritation, frustration, resentment, passive-aggression, sarcasm, antagonism and more.

Let’s be willing to recognize when there’s a feeling of anger.  Let’s allow ourselves to treat the upset like an alarm bell going off to remind us to choose healing instead of reinvesting in the original thought that upset us so much.

Let’s be willing to love ourselves enough to choose healing.

You’d be surprised at how much you can PERMANENTLY let go of if you’re willing to ask Spirit for help.  What I can honestly tell you is that the more you practice this, the more amazing and miraculous healing you will have.  Anger will dissipate.  Happiness will increase.  Peace will be yours.  Aren’t those all things that you’d be grateful for?  Why wait?  Why not start today?

My Stop Playing Small Online Retreat is two week’s away.  We’re going to bring on an extraordinary breakthrough.  We’re all RIPE for a shift and now is the perfect time to do this work.

We can’t use excuses like travel and other things because it’s online.  If you’re of a mind to make a change and would like some support to go for it, come join us – it will be EXTRAORDINARY!  It always is.  I love retreats and this one will be SO beneficial.  I can feel it.


Good Friday, Good Neighbor

Friday, April 10th, 2020

We’re all having similar and also very different experiences during this time of pandemic. Some are very worried and afraid, some are very sick, some are grieving (there are many things to grieve) and some are simply bored.

Some are delighted to have the time to focus on doing things at home, like cooking, cleaning, organizing, and gardening.

The greatest way we can be of service is to deepen our spiritual practice and to extend more Love, more Peace, and more compassion.

If you have more time now, devote it to being of service through spiritual practice and you will have the greatest impact on this virus and the fear some people feel.

Some teachers are busying figuring out how to teach on line without much support, while also home schooling their own children, and it’s just WAY too much. Especially when you add in cooking all meals for everyone at home all day.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan and his wife live in New York City and they have 5 children who all need to be on screens at the same time for school – and finding different parts of their apartment to do it. Could be challenging. They’ve been live-streaming from their dinner table. They’ve had FIVE weeks in quarantine now. Five weeks, five kids, in an apartment. Yikes!

I got a report from a friend who is home with spouse and two little ones who are bouncing off the walls. When there are days of rain in a row and no one can go outside, it becomes too much for high-energy little ones in a smallish apartment. There are no breaks.

If you happen to be someone who is bored and has lots of time now, what can you do in your community or for your neighbors.

Maybe there’s a nurse in your neighborhood who could use some help with the groceries?

Maybe there’s a teacher who could use a casserole or two?

I’ve been weekly grocery run for my family. And I’m organizing more ways to support the folks in our classes, having many extra classes, and offing support to many people in my life by phone and zoom.

What other ideas do you have? What have you been doing that you can share? I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s get a list going and see what brilliant things people are doing or could do to be a help to those in need right now!


Stay Home, Be Safe, Be Helpful

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

One of the things I see happening is that many of us are having a common experience. All over the world, BILLIONS of people are staying at home, working from home or laid off from jobs, or home from school and we’re all making the best of it – or we’re working to get the services necessary for the people who’re staying at home.

I like to watch the late night comedy shows with hosts like Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee and Jimmy Fallon. They’re all working from home and their families are pitching in as camera crews and support. It’s sweet to watch them.

While David Geffen might be in a huge yacht in the ocean, most of us are having a totally different experience.

Rock stars, movie stars, and TV stars are all staying at home and they’re looking to see how they can be helpful. Being helpful is a really good way to pass the time. We can all be helpful in one way or another.

It’s our time to rise and shine.

Today is my Sacred Circle day and I feel that we value it even more in this time of staying home. Certainly those of us in Masterful Living are appreciating our connections and gatherings more. We’re adding extra sessions for us to gather and connect in this community and everyone is showing up, sharing the Love, and the gratitude is so palpable.

Right now, parents who aren’t usually at home all day with their little ones are discovering a whole new world in lockdown. Many are finding their worlds turned upside down.

Introverts like me are doing well. But people who like lots of connection are having to find it in new ways. See if you can find out who needs connection but doesn’t know how to reach out.

Some people are having trouble sleeping.
Some are having panic attacks.
Some are bored.
Some are having a lot more work to do.

Do you know who is experiencing what in your circle? Reach out, find out.

The main thing is that if we don’t have to leave home for work, we’re staying home and staying safe.

We’re being responsible. After all, the healthcare workers have enough to deal with already.

Even if you don’t feel you’ll be subject to the virus, let’s all pitch in to a new level of responsibility and caring for our brothers and sisters. I found this video to be helpful, inspiring, and informative. And let’s help others feel good about it, too.

It’s also important to remember to laugh.  A friend who is home with little ones sent me this meme and it made me laugh. I also posted it on my personal Facebook.

I think my favorites are the lecture series. Especially, “How to stop making unnecessary noise.”  Which part is your favorite? Do you have one to add?  Please share in the comments below!


Saturday, March 28th, 2020

I have dear friends who are committed to ordering food every day. They could cook all their meals, but they can afford to have food delivered so they’re doing it to support their local businesses and they’re spreading that business around. It’s a sweet way to stay connected, involved, and has good food, too!

Yesterday, I went for two, yes TWO, glorious walks in a nearby park and it was lovely. There were two signs that were tacked up on various trees and they are a contrast to each other as well as signs of the times.

The dove of peace artwork is a wonderful thing – like a sweet surprise that someone is sharing, and it makes me think I’d like to do something like that, too.

It’s such a great idea – and a great thing that kids can do and share!

This is a time for interesting and unusual, unexpected things.
We can make them ourselves or simply admire what others are doing.

One of the most important things for us all right now is to be helpful if at all possible. Calling and checking in on people, helping people who are feeling anxious, worried or alone.

We can get groceries for people, and maybe we can just have our groceries delivered – tipping the delivery person is a great way to be helpful.

I’m connecting with lots of people, staying close and organizing more support for the people who share in this ministry. We’re figuring it out. People are stepping up. We’re staying strong and we have moments of anxiety.

It’s valuable to remember that anxiety comes from our opinions and judgments, which are never helpful and always dispensable.

We can give them to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for removal and healing.

In this way we clear space in the one mind for amazing healing SOULutions.

It’s true! When we take out the trash in our own awareness, clearing out the judgments and opinions, we bring benefits to everyone, including the people who are searching for a cure for the disease.

We seek to change our minds about the world by giving up our false impressions and false beliefs.

Today’s a great day to practice!

What are you doing to keep people’s spirits up and spread the Love?

Please share in the comments below!



Friday, March 27th, 2020

It’s not fair. I could say that, everyone would agree, but I don’t believe life is ever unfair. But it sometimes seems unfair. It seems unfair that just a couple of miles away from me my family has a puppy that I do not get to play with because I’m “quarantined.”

I was in California 12 days ago, and I’m quarantining myself for a minimum of two weeks just to be safe. It feels like the responsible thing to do, even though I feel fine and I’ve felt fine all year.

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping for the family, myself and my brother’s family. It turned out to be a bit epic. It took three hours and two stores, but I managed to get just about everything we needed.

I’m grateful for that, and I’m grateful to be able to be helpful.

My friend who was in the hospital with Coronavirus came home yesterday. I sent his family a tent and tunnel set-up for their little boys to play in to wear them out and give their parents some downtime, and it’s working.

I feel so helpful!

And I’m getting videos of the boys playing in the tent and tunnel gear.

Their joy is helpful to me!

I have a friend who hasn’t been feeling well and we don’t know what’s going on with her, but she’s making it through. Her neighbors have been doing her grocery shopping for her, and she was saying that she felt she ought to start getting her own groceries now that she’s feeling better and it’s been two weeks already.

I said, “Please let them keep getting your groceries for you, even if you can do it. You’re not 100% yet, and they’re sheltering in place so they probably feel SO much better being helpful to YOU. They have to go to the store anyway. Let them help you. You’re helping THEM by letting them help you.

We can help others by letting others help us. Almost everyone likes to be helpful. How are you being helpful? Please share and inspire us with your ideas! We’d love to hear them in the comments below! Thank you!


Friends with Coronavirus

Friday, March 20th, 2020

I have a friend whose husband who came down with a bad case of the flu. When things got REALLY bad, he took his beloved to the hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and tested for Covid-19. A couple of days later, they got the test results back and it turns out he’s got the virus.

And he’s doing better since being in the hospital. Phew! He’ll be there another week at least, minimum 14 days, but he’s mending and that’s great.

My friend is home with their two little boys under the age of 5. It’s rough because they can’t go out and no one can come in, a whole new concept of home alone with kids. Imagine not being able to go out and play, having to be in a smallish apartment with little ones for weeks without a break. We have no idea how long they’ll be quarantined.

I’ve sent them a play tent with two crawl tunnels and I hope it will help wear them out and entertain them for hours. I wish I’d thought of it last week – it can’t get there soon enough!

I know others that have had symptoms but can’t get tested. They’re getting better, too. Phew!

In Masterful Living classes this week we’ve been talking about how we can reach out to people we know who might be having a tough time. I invite you to make a list of people that you can check in on and see how they’re doing. You never know when your phone call might make all the difference in the world to them.

Most of us know someone who doesn’t have a lot of family who lives alone, who is older, and in this kind of a situation they become isolated.

Someone without a spiritual practice, watching the news all day home alone, can really be way too much for them mentally and emotionally.

Who can you reach out to and check on?

Maybe it’s an aunt or a cousin that you hardly ever talk to. Get out your address book and start seeing what people are up to.

Make a list and get started connecting with them.

In Masterful Living we all have Zoom accounts. Get a free Zoom account and start having Zoom parties.

I have 4 Prayer Partners that meet with me every week on the phone. We’ve been doing it for about 13 or 14 years. Every now and then we have a special meeting and meet on Zoom. This week we did that and it was so good just to see each other.

I had a family meeting on Zoom with my brother, his wife, my niece and my nephew in one place, my nephew in Spain, my nephew in California, my Dad and his wife in North Carolina, and me. It was great!

My nephew, Ben, in California was quite despondent about the Bernie Sanders campaign, so I made my dad tell us all stories about campaigning in the 60s. My nephews had never heard these stories and it was great! (I’m encouraging him to work for the brilliant and beautiful Rep. Katie Porter who is his local rep.)

There was a beautiful moment when my dad got really choked up, remembering what those times were like for him and my mother. He told stories of my mother working for social justice and pushing me in the baby carriage. I remember being in marches against the Vietnam war with my mother, mothers and daughters marching on Mother’s Day. My nephews were so impressed, genuinely, and that was beautiful.

I am an instigator. I’m an activator. I feel compelled to see how I can be helpful.

It’s who I am.

And we’ve all got the same life purpose: to be TRULY helpful.

For many people, these times will be the most difficult times in their lives.

And we need to think of them right now and how we can help them.

This is the time of extreme pressure that forces people to get real and decide, are they going to change and grow or keep resisting? It will be very intense for many.

Let’s vow not to judge anyone and have compassion for everyone, even the ones who hoard toilet paper, even the ones who hoard protective masks when the healthcare workers have none. Judge no one, Love everyone.

We can do this – if we work together!



Monday, March 9th, 2020

Is it helpful? That’s a question to ask Spirit often. Many times we feel compelled to do something because we are judging that things should be different.

Example: We think someone should go to college rather than start their own business, and so we work against them having what they’d like and discourage them. We convince ourselves that we’re only doing what’s best for them because we love them.

In reality, we want them to do what we think they should do and we’re trying to control and manipulate them.

Sound familiar?

Is it helpful?

Here’s another example: Someone is having a difficult time and we rescue them so they don’t have to struggle.

We think we’re helping, but is it actually helpful?

Someone is doing something that seems embarrassing. It seems that they will be looking foolish, but we don’t want to interfere so we don’t say anything. Is it helpful?

What about when we do say something and it’s very hurtful, but saves them from humiliation. Is it helpful?

Life is filled with choices like this.

I’ve learned to ask this simple question: What’s most helpful here?

Another way to ask it is: How can I be helpful?

Another way to ask is: What’s the highest and best in this situation?

Asking is a great habit to get into. It saves a lot of time and energy. We’ll get an answer if we’re willing to hear it.

I like being helpful.

A Course in Miracles tells us that our purpose is to be helpful.

How will you be helpful today?