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Trading Fear for Joy

Monday, August 10th, 2020

We frighten ourselves. We do. And we do it on purpose.

Some of us have trained ourselves to not rise above worry, anxiety, fear, sadness, or some other emotional state.

There can be many reasons for why we’re living this way.

To me, it doesn’t really matter why we’re being dysfunctional and living in fear or some other lower emotional state. I used to be fascinated with people’s psychological states and how they got there. I was so interested in people’s stories and tales of woe and how they had come to their conclusions that they weren’t good enough, or some other self-perception that was completely false.

Now, I can see that I was living from my intellect, always curious about other people’s patterns of “disinformation” about themselves so that I could be distracted from my own patterns. It’s not the case anymore.

Since Love is the healer, and only Love can heal whatever my issues are, analyzing how I got here isn’t helpful.

Only Love is helpful. I focus on how I can be loving to myself and others. It brings tremendous fruit! And fulfillment!

Are you analytical like me?
Do you feel safer living in your head than in your heart?

There’s a lot of us, and we can all be transformed by the Higher Holy Spirit Self. All we have to do is realize that our true heart’s desire is to live from the heart, ask the HHSS for support in living from the heart, and then follow the guidance until it feels easier and easier.

Before too long we will have changed our way of being in reaction and living in our intellect.

It brings such Joy and it puts an end to fear.

It’s so worth it. And our willingness is all that’s required.

Let’s be as willing as we can be to change our mind, be kind and remember to laugh. Our spiritual practice transforms the world!

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Grudges and Grievances

Friday, July 24th, 2020

I was an epic grudge holder. I was a dedicated grievance monger. I was a chronic complainer. And as I write these words, I can feel the energy of war, attack, violence that is in each of those thought patterns.

It made sense to me that holding grudges, grievances and complaints was a good strategy in life – until I realized what it was costing me and then I began to look for the fastest path to unwind those patterns from my mind.

Right now, I can feel that there’s an extraordinary opportunity for anyone who’d like to surrender these patterns and relieve themselves of the accompanying suffering that attends them.

It feels to me as though right now there’s a truly golden opportunity for anyone interested in letting the past go. It’s like being in some kind of spiritual car wash with a POWER CLEAN setting.

Of course we must be willing.
We must desire to let the past go and see the benefit in it.
And then we must actually CHOOSE to let it go – meaning that we change the channel of our mind to gratitude, and healing, and something wonderful instead of the past.

Each time we do this we’re not only helping ourselves, our family and loved ones, we’re helping ALL humanity, and future generations.

There are no small miracles. There are no small acts of Love.

“All expressions of love are maximal.” A Course in Miracles

Let’s put the pedal to the metal here and focus on this work at hand. Nothing is more important. It WILL bring healing, Abundance, Prosperity, Clarity, Freedom, Joy and all good things.

Offering up our complaints, grudges and grievances is the great gift we can offer right now.

Time to focus and make this clearing out our priority!

Are you with me?


Sheltering in Peace

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

I returned to New Jersey from Los Angeles this past Monday and I’ve been sheltering in place ever since. Even though my family is just a few miles away, I haven’t been to see them and I won’t go to see them because I don’t have a way to be tested for Covid-19. It’s entirely possible that I’ve been exposed while traveling, and it could possibly incubate for weeks without me having a clue. I’d rather be safe.

As an A Course in Miracles student, I know this: my script has already been written. Your script has already been written. All the possibilities for our lives are written into our script the way that all the possibilities are written into a video game script. We cannot change that script, but it’s vast. As with a video game, no one knows how we’ll play it.

In each and every moment we have the opportunity to choose Love.

The more we choose loving thoughts and actions, the more we open up the higher, more loving and harmonious aspects of our script AND the more we open up to new and sometimes intense challenges to help us increase and awaken our awareness even more.

The more we choose fearful thoughts and choices, the more we open up opportunities to learn through pain and suffering.

We can choose to learn through pain or Joy.

It’s our free-will choice.
We get to decide.

Mostly I choose to learn through Joy, but not always. I’m more consistent and I’m grateful for that.

I am choosing not to be afraid, and I’m also choosing to be responsible and not reckless. The protocols are quickly changing in this world, at least for now, and I am staying home, isolated in the physical realm by myself, but I have so many people I’m interacting with on Zoom and on the phone that I am feeling very connected with people. I’m actually talking with friends more often right now because it’s more important right now. What are you doing more of right now, besides praying?

I know that people are feeling worried and afraid, and so I’m working on things we can do to support people where they are.

I don’t feel worried and afraid, because I absolutely know that if I were to get sick that it would be in my script and it would be for my highest and best.

Being sick would present a series of forgiveness lessons that would be greatly beneficial, even if I didn’t like them.

I’m truly interested in the maximum growth opportunity, even though I must confess I don’t always choose it. Sometimes I shrink back and choose to avoid. Some days I feel stronger than others. Some days I have more dedication than others.

What I’m grateful to see is that every day I’m making more and more loving choices and that I am constantly feeling more free of ego thoughts, control, and manipulation. I rarely get bothered or upset, and when I do it’s usually quite fleeting.

If you feel something coming toward you in your script that you don’t like, make a change in your thinking. Call upon the Higher Holy Spirit Self and rise UP in your awareness by making as many loving choices as you possibly can. Don’t let it just come toward you and run you over – Partner UP and get help. Our mind is the Mind of God – we aren’t victims!

I’m looking at how we can offer my Finding Freedom From Fear Boot Camp sometime soon for those who are feeling really challenged by fear right now. If you’re feeling afraid, consider listening to my free podcast, A Course in Miracles. Consider subscribing, and you can search for topics that will support you at this time. There’s about 440 episodes, plenty of choices!

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People tell me often that they fall asleep listening to me, and I’m not offended. I have the intention that my voice is soothing and inspiring, so if it soothes you to sleep that’s a good thing.

I’ve been thinking of making a recording of me whispering positive thoughts that someone could listen to as they fall asleep – would that interest you? I’m looking to be helpful. If that would be helpful, or any other thing you think I could offer, please suggest it in the comments below or email it to me at

Thank you!


Undoing Unworthiness

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

It can seem hard to believe that the reason we aren’t having the life we’d REALLY like to have is because we feel unworthy of it. When we FEEL unworthy it means we also BELIEVE we’re not worthy.

Who decides who is worthy and who isn’t? We do.

Time and again, I’ve seen people who felt completely blocked to having a life they loved shift their experience by changing their minds. I know we talk about this often, but even though many talks about it – they don’t actually have the willingness to change their minds. And I know that prayer can help us with that.

I can think of the many people who’ve taken my classes and had the courage to do the inner work. Some of them were COMPlETELY convinced that certain things were out of their reach. They’d tried to bring their goals to fruition and failed enough that they were discouraged from trying anymore.

Then, instead of trying to MAKE things happen out there in the world, they worked on the inside, on their beliefs.

When their beliefs changed, their experience changed.
And that’s the definition of a miracle.

A miracle is a shift in thinking – a release of the blocks to Love and Wisdom always brings a shift in our experience of life.

For me, one of the most extraordinary revelations I’ve had is that we’re so alike! MANY spiritual students believe that these spiritual tools work for other people, but not for them. Why?

They work for other people because other people are worthy. They are not bad.

They don’t work for them because they are not worthy, they are bad.

These are the beliefs that are the blocks to Love. And they can be undone.

Yes, it does take work.
It takes real and actual work.
And, it’s joyful work.

If you know WHAT the actual work is that brings success, AND you have the support and encouragement to do it, it’s not such a mystery.

It becomes doable.

And then it can actually be done.

The biggest block to Love there is the belief that some are worthy of Love and some are not.
Since we’re all one, either everyone is worthy or no one is.
If we believe that one person is not worthy of Love, then we must also,
whether we know it or not, believe that WE are unworthy,
and then, of course, we’ll experience lack, attack, limitation, and separation.

We are the ones who choose the path of learning we take.

There is no need to learn through pain.” ~ A Course in Miracles

ACIM tells us that when we learn through the pain we will come to hate the world.
I know it’s true because I did use to hate this world and I no longer feel that way.

ACIM also says, “They hate the world they learned through pain. And everything they think is in it serves to remind them that they are incomplete and bitterly deprived.” In other words, we interpret the world as reminding us that we are unworthy, but we’re not. No one is unworthy of Love.

We can stop learning through pain and start learning through Joy and then we can discover a whole new life of Love.

Love is the way to a life of Love.
Love is our healer.
If we’re trying to solve a problem with something other than Love we’ll still have a problem.

Are you interested in getting to the root cause of all your problems?
If that sounds good to you, come join us! Undoing Unworthiness starts today!

Let’s have fun lightening our load and learning through Joy!

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What could be more important than your happiness?


Eliminating Shame

Monday, October 21st, 2019

I didn’t realize it, but I was preventing myself from having healthy Self-esteem. I was actively ignoring the warning signs from Spirit and I was degrading my own sense of well-being and worthiness. And, to a large degree, I didn’t recognize the effects of the choices I was making. In a sense, I was “my own worst enemy.”

When I gave myself permission to attack others, to judge and criticize them, to blame and shame them, I didn’t realize it but I was preventing myself from having healthy Self-esteem.

Because we share the same mind and we can’t really hide our thoughts from anyone, it was as though I was covering myself with garbage and thinking no one would notice.

Things began to change for me when I realized what A Course in Miracles means when it says “There are no private thoughts.”

Once I was willing to actually accept that the One Mind is a fact and that we all share and have access to the One and only Mind of God, I began to choose different thoughts.

I became aware that every negative thought I had was a form of pollution I was sharing with all of life. My personal negativity, even if it seemed as though I was keeping it to myself, was like toxic waste poured into the collective drinking supply.

Similarly, every loving thought brings a healing benefit to all.

When I saw even a glimpse of the power of my thought, I made the commitment to focus on changing my mind.

I set the goal of cultivating an awareness of my thoughts and beliefs. I decided to be truly mindful. It felt like a burden in the beginning. It felt overwhelming to realize how focused on negativity I was. I decided to actively replace the negativity with loving thoughts and actions. But as I began to take out the trash from my mind and let Spirit heal it back to the root cause, there was less trash in my mind and I began to noticeably feel better about myself right away.

I saw that every time I chose a loving thought, I actually felt better about myself. That was tangible and it felt miraculous. I was so grateful that I could start to feel that I was being truly helpful instead of feeling like I was a monster.

I decided to focus on being aware of shame thoughts so that I could eliminate them.

I was so grateful I could eliminate thinking that was designed to keep me feeling badly about myself. I was ashamed of playing small and living in limitation.

Shame comes directly from believing limited thoughts that aren’t true.

You cannot feel ashamed unless you believe a lie.

Shame drags our Self-Esteem to the ground.

We’re taught to feel ashamed of our thoughts and our desires. The idea is that if we’re ashamed then we won’t act upon it – but we all know it’s not true. Consider all of us who just hide what we’re thinking and feeling.

We’re taught to feel ashamed about how we look and how we feel. We can change our minds about these things. We can recognize that just because we have a thought doesn’t mean we are “shame-full”.

In my experience as a Spiritual Counselor for 17 years, many people have told me the things they’re most ashamed of, and through the sharing of it with me they’ve been able to relinquish the shame they felt. Bringing things to the Light is deeply healing when it’s done with someone who can be 100% compassionate and loving – and we can give ourselves this gift of Love if there’s no person who can support us.

Shame has no value to our Spirit, which is ever expansive and unprecedented – only the ego values living in lack and limitation. Being supportive and loving has value and keeps us in the flow of Love, which unites us with healing, Prosperity, and God’s Infinite Goodness. The more loving we are, the less shame we feel, the more Self-esteem we have.

The beginning of a transformation for me came in being willing to be aware of ALL my thoughts. I began to replace the attack thoughts with thoughts that extended Love. And, lo and behold, I began to self-medicate less and less because I was more and more willing to be aware of my thoughts, because they were more and more loving.

I was building my Self-esteem in two ways:
I was decreasing my shame by reducing my negativity.
The less negativity I had, the less interested I was in self-medicating.
The less self-medicating I did, the better I felt about myself.

Shame is a cycle. I would get triggered with low self-esteem thoughts, and then I’d engage in self-medication (low self-esteem behavior) and that would give me something to feel ashamed about, and then I’d want to self-medicate to forget about how I felt. The cycle would repeat, and it felt like a whirlpool pulling me in.

Choosing loving thoughts changes the direction of the whirlpool. What I found was that I began to spiral up and, feeling better and better about myself, I was inspired and motivated to keep going and increasing my awareness.

I began to build on my success, and I feel as though I climbed out of a very intense whirlpool. I was more than willing – I had a great desire to change my life and I let Spirit show me the way. It worked, and it continues to work. And this is precisely why I teach my classes the way that I do. I know the benefit of doing this work and I know how hard it is to do it on my own. And that’s why I offer the opportunities to work together and heal together, rising in Joy!


Growing Through Joy!

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

Plain and simple: The things that bother me are the things that trigger a false belief. When false beliefs are triggered, I’m more likely to look at them, feel them, and give them my awareness and attention.

Awareness and attention are how I can shine the Light of Love on the dark thoughts of lack and attack.

It might seem crazy to be grateful for things that irritate us. It doesn’t make sense to be thankful to people who push our buttons, does it?

Well, I’m grateful that my willingness has shown me that what irritates me and bothers me is actually extremely helpful to me because it alerts me to where I believe something that’s false and my upset is pushing me to let it go so I can experience more Peace.

It took me a very long time to realize that the things and people that seem to upset me the most are ways that Spirit has come to help me. We can open our minds through being pushed by the pain.

When I can identify the things in my mind that are untrue and that cause my suffering, then I can place my loving attention on them and let my opinions go. This is a daily practice. It’s a moment by moment practice that is healing my mind.

It’s so tempting to say that other people are the cause of our suffering.

It’s so tempting to say that circumstances are the cause of our upset.

But no matter how strongly attached we are to the belief that our upset is caused by someone else – it’s not going to be true.

A Course in Miracles tells us that we’re never upset for the reason we think.

When we hold unloving thoughts it upsets us. It infuriates us. It frightens us. It worries us. We can open ourselves to the healing of the Higher Holy Spirit Self and transcend the limiting beliefs of the past.

Let’s claim our healing today. A powerful step is to be grateful that we can recognize an irritant as being a false belief rising into our awareness for healing. Let’s choose our healing today and be that living example of Self-Love.

It’s too difficult and punishing to continue to manage and cope with being upset when we don’t have to. Suffering is optional.

It may seem difficult to imagine that we can learn by remembering the truth instead of experience. Instead of trying to understand it, let’s simply allow the Higher Holy Spirit Self to show us the way.

We are choosing to remember the truth today.

We are choosing to grow through Joy today.

If you’d like support in doing this work of growing through Joy, please consider taking my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual boot camp and joining with other like-minded souls who are doing the same work. I find that when we do the work together we get there faster and we laugh a lot more. It’s so much easier when we peel the layers of painful patterns together. Easier, faster, more Love, more Light, more fun, that’s the way for me!

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