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Living by Grace

June 18, 2021 | COMMENTS
I’m deeply inspired by the words of Joel S. Goldsmith. There have been many times that reading his words I couldn’t help but weep with gratitude for his clarity and his Love for our Creator. In the programs we offer... Read More

Courage and Willingness

June 3, 2021 | COMMENTS
It’s not that complicated.  We avoid healing when we’re afraid to change.  Why would be afraid to change?  Because we think the changes would be more painful than the mess we’re experiencing right now.  It’s not that complicated, but when... Read More

Tama Kieves is Brilliant

June 2, 2021 | COMMENTS
My friend and inspiration, best-selling author, the brilliant Tama Kieves is teaching a series of 4 LIVE Masterclasses, Trusting the Voice of Love for The Presenter Series, this month! It’s incredible to EXPERIENCE the power of love. How would you live if you KNEW ... Read More

Great Gratitude

May 8, 2021 | COMMENTS
Mother’s Day is tomorrow and for some it can be a time of mixed emotions.  Many of us no longer have their mother here on the planet and we miss them.  Others have been intensely wounded in their experience with... Read More

Walking In Spirit’s Shoes

May 7, 2021 | COMMENTS
There’s tremendous power in being able to stay calm no matter what. Not a denial of our feelings, but mastery. When I feel blasted by the storms of emotions and drama, whether it’s of my own making or someone else’s,... Read More

My Confession

May 6, 2021 | COMMENTS
Here’s my confession:  I’m not a healer.   Well, that’s not entirely true.  I AM a healer, but only for one person, and that’s me, myself and I. I can heal myself, and I cannot heal you.   However, I... Read More

Fear of Not Enough Time

May 5, 2021 | COMMENTS
One of the persistent fears people tell me they have is the fear that there’s not enough time for them to get the things done that they believe need to be done. It can be haunting and intense. There’s a... Read More

ACIM and Prayer

April 6, 2021 | COMMENTS
The Text of A Course in Miracles begins with fifty miracle principles. They’re beautiful and helpful and some are cryptic. The 11th miracle principle is:"Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with... Read More

Virtual Hugs

March 18, 2021 | COMMENTS
Oh, my!  The energy in the world for the last few days has been quite intense.  People are noticing how agitated they feel.  I have been doing my part to let folks know that it’s not them - it’s all... Read More

How Do You Do It?

March 17, 2021 | COMMENTS
How do you live your life? Do you push yourself to do things, motivated by fear of not being enough, or doing enough? Or do you inspire yourself to see how creative you can be. Do you procrastinate on things... Read More

Resolving the Authority Problem

March 16, 2021 | COMMENTS
I remember how worried and fearful I could get when I was overwhelmed by my thoughts of lack, and also limitation.  If only someone had told me that if my thoughts upset me it meant they HAD to be false.... Read More

Practicing Joy

March 15, 2021 | COMMENTS
Many times, people have told me they don’t know how I get so much done. Folks also tell me that they know how busy I am. I do get a lot done, and I do have a full life and... Read More

My Quarantine Lessons

March 14, 2021 | COMMENTS
It was just about a year ago that the quarantine started for me. I went out to Los Angeles from New Jersey for a week’s conference and the day I returned, March 16, was the day that California and the... Read More

New Moon Reboot

March 13, 2021 | COMMENTS
We’ve just passed the one year mark since this pandemic went full force.  It’s been a whole year of our lives in this insane experience that has been toxic on so many levels - while also offering so much opportunity... Read More

Forgiveness Friday

March 12, 2021 | COMMENTS
I really struggled with the blocks to Prosperity in my own mind.  It was so challenging to keep trying to change things in the world, when the issue was inside my own mind and I didn’t realize it.  It was... Read More

Progressive Healing

March 11, 2021 | COMMENTS
We live in a progressive universe. Ever-expanding Love Intelligence is the field in which we live. I AM focused on healing. I don’t have any problem telling anyone who’s interested that I’m actively working on my healing. And I share... Read More

No Problem!

March 10, 2021 | COMMENTS
I find that life gets so much easier with consistent spiritual practice. It’s not that there won’t be challenges, they’re always there to help us grow. Yet, with a spiritual practice we learn to see the challenges as opportunity instead... Read More

Pleasure and Sacrifice

March 9, 2021 | COMMENTS
Almost everyone likes to feel good.  We find the pleasures we enjoy and seek out more of them.  Some people go to extremes and become obsessed with pleasure, but most people don’t fall down that hall.   Pleasure can be... Read More

Living As My True Self

March 8, 2021 | COMMENTS
Do you have a repetitive cycle of being a victim in some way? A lot of people do. Do you ever have fantasies of being a victim? Have you ever let people take advantage of you, just so you could... Read More

Live and Learn

March 7, 2021 | COMMENTS
This morning I’m contemplating dedication and devotion and why it is that I have such a passion for this spiritual path and the work I’ve found with this ministry. I check in on myself every day to be clear about... Read More

Good Investment

March 6, 2021 | COMMENTS
Just think how many previous life times we’ve all had where we were laboring almost every waking hour just to survive - hunting and harvesting food, preparing it, washing clothes by hand, doing EVERYTHING by hand, carrying water, focused almost... Read More

Me First!

March 5, 2021 | COMMENTS
I used to be one of those grudge holders who wouldn’t let go until the other person went first. I wasn’t going to give in to other people easily. I could be tough and outlast anyone else’s anger, hurt or... Read More

Being A Follower

March 4, 2021 | COMMENTS
One of the most fundamental teachings of New Thought, which includes A Course in Miracles, is that life isn’t happening TO us, it’s happening BY us. And the sooner we take responsibility for our thoughts and words, our beliefs and... Read More

Interrupt That Pattern Now!

March 3, 2021 | COMMENTS
Obsessive thinking is more common than most of us realize.  A lot of us think we’re the only ones who go over and over the same things in our minds obsessively.  This used to be a real challenge for me.... Read More

Love and Sacrifice

March 2, 2021 | COMMENTS
One of the most destructive thoughts that’s also pervasive in our world is the idea that we must make sacrifices for Love. As they say, “nothing could be further than the truth.” A Course in Miracles tells us that sickness is... Read More