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Thursday, July 30th, 2020

I love raspberries.

I just love them.  One of my treats in the summer was to pick fresh wild raspberries up at our family house in Maine and then bake raspberry pie.  Hot raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  YUM!

For so many years, decades, I didn’t allow myself to buy raspberries because they were too expensive.

I could splurge on other things, but not raspberries and not flowers.  For some reason these things just seemed too extravagant to me.

Yes, it’s true raspberries used to be more expensive than they are now.

It’s true that orchids and flowers, were more expensive than they are now.

AND it’s also true that money was worth more than it used to be which means they were really, accounting for inflation considerably more expensive than they are now.

Still, the issue wasn’t the extra cost, it was really that I didn’t believe I was worth it.  I thought I didn’t deserve to splurge on myself in that way.  I could splurge to be self-destructive, but not to just give myself a treat.

It’s crazy the way the mind works out these things.  

My invitation to you is to look at what are the little things you might be denying yourself because of a worthiness false belief.  

We can undo these false beliefs by addressing them directly.

I started buying orchids.

I started buying raspberries.  

I AM worth it!  

Now, worthiness doesn’t enter into it – if I feel like having raspberries I get them.  I am grateful for my healing and share the benefits of every morsel of healing I have with YOU because I’m one with you.  Please do the same for me and for all beings!


Self-Nourishing Spiritual Practice

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Phew!  Yesterday was an INTENSE day for a lot of people.  I felt the intensity from the moment I first woke up.  And, I have a Fitbit, so I also track my sleep and normally I have close to 4 hours of deep sleep and I had half that.  There’s so much intensity in the human experience right now it’s important that we take good care of ourselves.

One thing I’ve found very helpful is salt water baths.  Get a regular box of salt, I do prefer sea salt, you can usually get one for $2 at the grocery store – you don’t need a fancy kind.  Pour at least half of it in your bath water and soak in it.  The saltwater helps to reset your electrical system.  You will feel better.  

Another way to do it is get into the bath, pour some salt in your hand and rub it on your wet skin.  It will be the perfect exfoliant and will give you an extra benefit.  

I have found that it is so helpful to consider my self-care as part of my spiritual practice.  

I take good care of my hands, my feet, my skin, and that nurturing is part of my spiritual practice of self-care.

For an extra dollar or two (not more than that) I can get the organic lotion.  

I buy mostly organic shampoo, lotion and soap and it doesn’t cost me much more than regular things – perhaps $20 in a year.

I’m worth it.

I’ve discovered that having a break from the business, sitting outside, listening to the birds, not being on my phone or computer, being with Mother Nature – that’s self-loving and a spiritual practice.

Opening the windows and getting fresh air in the room.  This shifts the energy and support me and other living beings.

I have plants that give off lots of oxygen in the rooms I spend the most time in.  And part of my spiritual practice is to connect with them, acknowledge them and appreciate them.  They love it and anyone can tell because they’re so vibrant.

Taking time to really look at the trees, the sky, the people in our life, the food that we’re eating give us an opportunity to take in the Beauty that life is offering us ALL the time.

I remember hearing Dr. David Hawkins sharing that exposing little children to Beauty was one of the most nourishing things we can do for them.  Well, the same is true for adults.

When people don’t love themselves they can fall into ruts of living in a deprived state.  

Even people with very few resources can be nourished and uplifted with Beauty.  Look around yourself, do you live in a deprived way?  Is your world warm and inviting?  Is it welcoming to people and Spirit?    

What are some of the ways you self-care and self-nourish that are part of your daily spiritual practice?  Please share in the comments below!

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Thursday, April 30th, 2020

I notice that many spiritual students appear to have a false belief that deprivation is somehow more spiritual. I’m pretty sure that Buddha’s whole life taught us that the middle way is the faster path to awakening.

In my family, my grandparents were young in the depression. Then they went through WWII and lack and limitation became a way of life in many ways. In my family we really have never felt comfortable with extravagance. It seems somehow shameful or wrong. I know this is a false belief.

In my family, we’re hard workers. We enjoy working and we enjoy playing too. What I don’t see a lot of is self-nurturing. Yet, that’s something I’ve learned is essential to my awakening to my divinity.

The more I walk this path of awakening, the more clear I am that we don’t have to crucify ourselves, and we don’t have to live deprived of Joy and enjoyment.

Self-nurturing isn’t something we’ve all had lots of great models for.

So, we’re the ones who can learn to be those models.

Self-nuturing is healing and it’s life-sustaining.

There’s a difference between being nurturing with ourselves and indulging our ego.

Self-nurturing can be an important part of our spiritual practice each and every day!

For me, eating healthy food, getting outdoors, taking time to connect with loved ones, enjoying the foods I like the most, are simple nurturing things I do every day in addition to prayer, meditation and a good night’s sleep.

While some spiritual students have a deep aversion to pleasure, due to a fear of be coming addicted to pleasure, that doesn’t mean that pleasure is bad. Let’s just not make it a false idol. Let’s not pursue pleasure for the sake of pleasure because that really is a huge distraction and detour.

We can enjoy the pleasure of stopping to smell the roses and other uplifting pleasures.

The greatest Joy comes from knowing ourselves as God. Since we ARE the Presence of God in our own life, let’s nurture and cherish ourselves into our remembrance of that fact.

Now is the time to leave the aversions behind and to step into the present moment victorious and free! Self-nurturing is caring for the Christ within. That’s something we can all celebrate!