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We Let Spirit Guide Us

January 6, 2022 | COMMENTS
About 25 years ago on New Year’s eve, I made up my mind to be unbotherable.  I’m not there yet, but that’s my goal.  I get closer every day.  It’s such a good goal to have.   With being unbotherable... Read More

Willing to Be Willing to Be Willing

January 3, 2022 | COMMENTS
About 20 years ago on New Year’s eve, I made up my mind to be unbotherable.  I’m not there yet, but that’s my goal.  I get closer every day.  It’s such a good goal to have.   With being unbotherable... Read More

Ending Self-Betrayal

January 2, 2022 | COMMENTS
Yesterday I offered the first part of my New Year Reboot workshop and it was a lot of fun. What a joy it was to be able to focus on letting go of the past and embracing the positive growth... Read More

Spiritual liberation is happening!

December 26, 2021 | COMMENTS
If you celebrated Christmas, I hope you had a lovely one.  I got to spend the day with Bodhi and had a 2 hour zoom with family opening presents and chatting.  As you may know, my trip to Maine to... Read More

Realizations of Truth

December 24, 2021 | COMMENTS
Here we are at Christmas Eve.  Many are struggling today and so it’s a good time to hold all humanity in prayer as many prepare for Christmas. I’ll be mostly alone with Bodhi as I said in my blog yesterday.... Read More

Choosing Peace Instead of Covid

December 23, 2021 | COMMENTS
You probably realize this as well as I do - people are freaking out all over the place because of Covid spreading so rapidly right now.  We’re also all worn down from all of it which I don’t need to... Read More

Freedom of Will

December 22, 2021 | COMMENTS
A Course in Miracles tells us there is no will but God’s will. One will.  One Life.  One Power.  One Presence.  I take comfort in that.  No matter what I choose in this world, I am still operating from that one... Read More

No More Unemployed Angels

December 21, 2021 | COMMENTS
This week already feels intense.  Yesterday was SUCH a full day.  Bodhi was really doing her best to be patient with me, but I really needed to focus on work so I gave her as much attention as I could... Read More

Releasing the Patterns of Pain

December 20, 2021 | COMMENTS
One of my challenges is getting to bed as early as I’d like.  It was no problem when I lived in Los Angeles or Hawaii, but it has been something I’ve not been able to consistently do since living on... Read More

2 tips for holiday happiness

December 19, 2021 | COMMENTS
As we’re heading into Christmas week and folks may be spending time with family and it may make things a bit sticky for some folks.  Here are some helpful tips to get you through, that also are good to know... Read More

This saves time!

December 12, 2021 | COMMENTS
I love A Course in Miracles because it’s a mind-training system that really works.  It has really worked for me - and it continues to bring me benefits every day.  I’m not interested in studying it, I’m interested in discovering how to... Read More

spiritual sabotage – putting an end to it

December 5, 2021 | COMMENTS
I used to have a MAJOR issue with feeling resistant and reluctant to move forward and make the highest and best choices for my life.  So often I could be like the person who would start eating right or exercising... Read More

When It Feels Impossible to Let Go!

December 1, 2021 | COMMENTS
This week my A Course in Miracles podcast episode is about how to transform obsessive compulsive thinking. I remember all too well when my mind would get stuck on something and chew on it endlessly, obsessively - confirming my belief... Read More

It’s my birthday!

November 28, 2021 | COMMENTS
Today’s my birthday!  I am grateful for all the gifts I’ve been given this year.  One of the greatest gifts in my life is the past 13 years of my Masterful Living Program.  Every day the people in Masterful Living... Read More

Prayer Power!

March 31, 2021 | COMMENTS
My practice of prayer changed me. Prayer is the POWER TOOL that made it possible for me to heal my heart and my life. I learned how to ALLOW the answered prayer and it saved me! A Course in Miracles... Read More

Temptation of the Maras

January 14, 2021 | COMMENTS
Some people who are highly identified with the ego will actively try to drag other people down to their low vibration so that they can feel more powerful.  Yet, no one can bring us down without our permission.  It’s our... Read More

Happy New Year 2021

January 1, 2021 | COMMENTS
What a gift we can give ourselves through our spiritual practice. We can connect with the highest wisdom and we can let go of the greatest pains of the past. We can liberate! Each year at this time, I think... Read More

No More Punishment

December 30, 2020 | COMMENTS
There are folks in my life who have been living an unhappy life for a very long time. Decades of feeling unfulfilled and believing that happiness is elusive, just out of reach. Some of them are acquaintances and friends, relatives,... Read More

Forgive Your “Failures”

December 19, 2020 | COMMENTS
In our human experience we have a tendency to ruminate on our failures and betrayals. We go over them again and again and AGAIN in our minds, like a hamster on a wheel.  We’re looking for the evidence of our errors... Read More

Long Awaited Healing

December 18, 2020 | COMMENTS
Strong attachments are coming up for healing with many people I know. This is the time of year for it. There are so many triggers around the holidays. Old stuff is coming up for healing. Again. Let this be the... Read More


December 16, 2020 | COMMENTS
My mother used to quote St. Augustine, who said “The reward of patience is patience.” Ain’t that the truth. Patience is its own reward. It’s worth celebrating. Life can be intensely challenging. It can be easy to get upset and... Read More

Leading With Love

December 14, 2020 | COMMENTS
Here’s something that all spiritual students have in common. Let’s see what you think: In Masterful Living class one time we were talking about a quandary we realized we’ve all experienced. We understand that change and healing can be simple.We... Read More

Spiritual Counseling

December 5, 2020 | COMMENTS
OMG.  Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity, as I do every month, to meet with the Spiritual Counselors in training in my Certification Program and it’s really very exciting.   It’s kind of crazy, but spirituality is booming. As more... Read More

Miraculous Healing Super Powers

November 13, 2020 | COMMENTS
Anytime my identification with ego is challenged there’s an opportunity for me to have a healing and that’s what I’m interested it. Let the challenges be gentle and let me see how helpful they are. Right now, we all have... Read More

Great Crusade

November 12, 2020 | COMMENTS
This week, in Masterful Living class, I was reminded of this valuable teaching from Jesus in A Course in Miracles. This is from the Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles under Miracle Principle #26 (page 19): "You... Read More