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Relax, Don’t Do It

Friday, August 21st, 2020

Do you remember the song “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood? It was very popular in the mid-1980’s and at that time I was working in the music business with Billy Idol’s manager. Every now and then I sing that song – or at least part of the chorus – to the ego and it came up again recently.

When we’re worried about something, we’re making “negative use of our imagination.”

That’s how Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of mind described it, and I feel it’s a helpful way to think of it.

When we’re holding in our mind the vision of what we do not want to come to pass, we’re actually investing in and energizing a future that we hope won’t happen. If we know the power of our thinking, we will stop that immediately.

In this world, people often invest huge amounts of time and attention into thinking about what they do not want to come to pass.

It’s actually a form of self-sabotage.

I can tell you story after story of people having very painful results from this practice of energizing what they don’t want. Their payoff is that they get to say “I knew it.”

I knew they’d fire me.
I knew they’d leave me.
I knew they’d reject me.
I knew they’d hurt me.
I knew they’d disappoint me.
I knew I’d fail.
I knew I’d make a fool of myself.
I knew it wouldn’t work.

And on and on.

So much suffering can be avoided when we break the habit of worry. It’s yet another habit that feeds into playing small, living in lack and believing in limitation. Ultimately, we’ll stop, and harvest the learning from our experiences, but I can say that people also have the option to stop doing it and to set themselves free.

When the temptation to imagine what you don’t want comes. Stop.

Don’t do it. Relax!

I’m for Freedom! Let’s do it together!

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Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

When it feels like there’s no way, Spirit can still make a way.
When it feels like only failure is possible, Spirit can still succeed.
When it feels like all is lost, Spirit can show us what’s valuable.
In God, all things worth doing, having and being are always possible.

When we’re feeling hopeless and helpless, then we’ve left God out of the equation, and that’s the real reason that we feel so down and desperate. We can say we think that we feel despair because of what’s happening in the world, but our upset is really because we’re not allowing Spirit to lead us, guide us, and direct us. And we can change our mind. We can go the other way.

When we’re worried, we’re imagining that things won’t go well.

We’re imagining what we don’t want. It seems scary to put Spirit in charge and that’s precisely why we’re worried. It’s because our faith is in our own ability to discern the best, and make it happen, and we know we cannot do it, and so we are fearful.

We can’t control the world.
We can’t control our mind.
Surrender is the key.

When we’re willing to put Spirit in charge then everything changes.

It can seem that we don’t want change. It can feel as if change is a threat and a worry. We can fear change because we can’t control it, but the fact is that we can’t control anything, so let’s not fool ourselves anymore.

All we have to do is to look to the world – at some of the most “powerful” people in the world and see how they try so hard to control things and no matter how much “power and influence” they have, they still can’t control things to go their way.

In truth, there’s only one way, and that way is God’s way. Let’s all get off the pain train and jump on board the Love Train. Let’s not wait until the pain is squeezing us so hard we just wish we were dead.

Let’s simply put Spirit in charge and allow the miracles to unfold.

Let’s get out of the way. And let’s get on with it and do what we’re here to do – Love ourselves and each other.

“Wherever [the Holy Spirit] looks He sees Himself, and because He is united He offers the whole Kingdom always. This is the one message God gave to Him and for which He must speak, because that is what He is. The peace of God lies in that message, and so the peace of God lies in you. The great peace of the Kingdom shines in your mind forever, but it must shine outward to make you aware of it.” A Course in Miracles, T-6.II.12.

Let us decide to really live as though we knew this to be true:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Therein lies the peace of God.

We are eternal.
We are real.
We are part of God.
God will not be destroyed.


Cure for Worry

Monday, May 11th, 2020

The worried mind has invested in the idea that some thing other than God is happening and that other thing is working against them.

The worried person has come to believe they are on their own.
Spirit has left them.

Their faith is in their own ability to defend themselves against the world.
And they know they cannot do it.

It cannot be done, because the true attack, is coming from inside their own mind.

Nothing in the world will ever cause them to feel safe for more than a moment because the issue is not in the world, it’s in their perspective of the world.

This is very intense for the person.

The worried person does not make good decisions, helpful decisions or wise decisions, because they’re operating from false evidence appearing real. Worry = Fear. When our interpretations of the world are incorrect, it’s impossible to make good decisions.


F undamental
E rror is
A voiding
R esponsibility

Rather than accept responsibility for how they feel and the poor decisions they’ve made and are making, the fearful person blames the fear on what’s occurring in the world – convinced that fear is based on situations and circumstances – which it fundamentally isn’t.

The worried mind looks to gather the evidence to support the theory that there is another power that’s more powerful than the Divine and they must defend themselves against it. They must fend for themselves.

The worried mind manages and copes with the problem of fear without ever solving the problem of fear.

The worried mind pours gasoline on the fire and then complains about the heat.

I’ve been there. We’ve ALL been there.
It’s part of our learning. It’s part of the curriculum.
We’re not fools. We’re not idiots. We’re not losers.

We’re learners.

What is the cure for the worried mind?

In my classes I say, Prove God in your life.

Prove God. Don’t just talk about it, read about it, think about it. PROVE GOD works in our lives.

There’s no substitute for knowing the truth. The truth is liberating.
When we prove it, we’ll know it forever, to our bones,
and that’s worth EVERYTHING.
that’s the END OF ALL FEAR.

Prove what’s true about God and you’ll never regret it.

When we’re intent on the truth, that which is false easily falls away.

For me, the spiritual practice that has been the most helpful is prayer.

I have witnessed prayer change my life, my relationships, my finances, my friendships, every aspect of my experience.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that prayer “is the medium of miracles.” Prayer is the divine soil in which we plant the deep desires of our heart so they bloom and grow to fruition.

AND it’s a real training to learn to make the prayer and leave it on the altar, and not take it back, not start trying to work our own will.

In the ACIM booklet Song of Prayer we’re told, “Prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation.”

Think about that!

Prayer is THE GREATEST gift we’ve been given and blessed by God with.

Get it?

For me, learning to pray was my answered prayer. How cool is that?

Jesus tells us, “Prayer is a way offered by the Holy Spirit to reach God.” Prayer is the way we can reach our creator and that IS the greatest blessing we can have – to be connected with God, our creator.

My confidence in the power of prayer comes not from anything I am doing, it comes entirely from my KNOWING that God receives and responds to every prayer of the heart because I’ve proven it.

We’re always heard. And the prayer is always answered.

We may choose to reject the answered prayer, but it’s always given.

Perhaps the prayer isn’t answered in the way we would wish for, but in the highest and best way that we’ll receive. Many times, our prayer is for something specific that may not be for our highest and best good. Many times, our prayer is for something that will actually get in the way of our happiness.

How crazy is that?
Again, we’re learners, learning from crazy choices.

We may pray for something that’s not for our highest good. Haven’t we all done that?
If we believe that a particular relationship, say, a marriage, staying together is definitely the answered prayer, or staying in a particular job, and we pray for that, aren’t we really praying for happiness? For Love? For healing and Prosperity? We just happen to think that the relationship with that particular person, or that special job represents all that we’d like, and so that’s why we want it.

Spirit knows the prayer of our heart – so perhaps that relationship will seem to end – so the true prayer can be truly answered with another person for whom we’re better suited can find us. Perhaps having three months of unemployment, while the perfect job for us lines up for us is actually the answered prayer.

We don’t actually know what’s best for us.
And even if we did,
we may not choose it.
We might reject it.
We’ve done it many times before.

I pray for truth to be revealed.
I pray for Love to prevail.
I pray to be receptive to the good.
I pray to let the causes of suffering go.
I pray to love without conditions.

If you’re interested, TODAY I’m starting my Prayer Power class, and soon I’ll be offering my Stop Playing Small Retreat online.

I would love to share with you the basics of what I’ve learned about HOW to pray effectively and use prayer as a power tool for changing our mind, our life, and to eliminate our blocks to Love.

If this is the right step for you right now, you will absolutely know it with your heart.

If you’d like to PROVE GOD with me, I will be so glad to stand with you, because I know that having the proof is the best medicine for a worried mind. Faith in God is the answer to all worries.

It may seem impossible, but that’s only for people who put their faith in their own perceptions.

Willingness is the requirement. A little or a lot. I’ll take whatever you’ve got.

Let’s do it together!


Undoing Worry

Monday, April 6th, 2020

Many people are feeling anxious and worried right now. It’s understandable, AND it’s avoidable. Truly it is.

I feel it’s so valuable to cultivate the peaceful mind. It’s worth the effort it takes. Being worried is exhausting.

We can undo the worry if we’re willing to focus on our spiritual practice.

I’ve been connecting with a number of folks who are concerned about their family members and the choices their loved ones are making right now. People see their loved ones making choices that seem to place their life in danger. That can be super scary. It can trigger a worried mind.

What adds to that intensity is judging our loved ones too.

When our mind goes to what they’re doing “wrong” we start to feel upset.

And we also feel guilty (even if we don’t realize it) because we know that it’s not helpful to judge anyone.

And then we blame them for making us feel upset.

And then we feel more guilty (even if we don’t realize it), because it’s not their fault we’re upset.

And so the patterns go on and on – unless we interrupt them.

This is why I’m such a big proponent of realizing the upset is a warning signal, an alarm bell that lets us know that we’re making unloving choices and thinking unloving thoughts and we can change our mind, go the other way, if we choose.

Every day presents opportunities for us to have a healing. It’s extraordinary what a difference it makes when we commit to no longer justifying the upset and instead we decide to extend Love to everyone.

When we accept responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, we can actually realize there’s power in that.

Let’s diminish the worry and anxiety by extending Love, choosing again and doing the U-turn so that we can go the other way and choose compassion.

I’ve learned that keeping myself peaceful is super important AND it’s within my control. It does require a great willingness and a discipline, but it’s SO worth it.

Let’s not add to the worry in the world, let’s undo it.

Today’s the day to practice!


Stay Home, Be Safe, Be Helpful

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

One of the things I see happening is that many of us are having a common experience. All over the world, BILLIONS of people are staying at home, working from home or laid off from jobs, or home from school and we’re all making the best of it – or we’re working to get the services necessary for the people who’re staying at home.

I like to watch the late night comedy shows with hosts like Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee and Jimmy Fallon. They’re all working from home and their families are pitching in as camera crews and support. It’s sweet to watch them.

While David Geffen might be in a huge yacht in the ocean, most of us are having a totally different experience.

Rock stars, movie stars, and TV stars are all staying at home and they’re looking to see how they can be helpful. Being helpful is a really good way to pass the time. We can all be helpful in one way or another.

It’s our time to rise and shine.

Today is my Sacred Circle day and I feel that we value it even more in this time of staying home. Certainly those of us in Masterful Living are appreciating our connections and gatherings more. We’re adding extra sessions for us to gather and connect in this community and everyone is showing up, sharing the Love, and the gratitude is so palpable.

Right now, parents who aren’t usually at home all day with their little ones are discovering a whole new world in lockdown. Many are finding their worlds turned upside down.

Introverts like me are doing well. But people who like lots of connection are having to find it in new ways. See if you can find out who needs connection but doesn’t know how to reach out.

Some people are having trouble sleeping.
Some are having panic attacks.
Some are bored.
Some are having a lot more work to do.

Do you know who is experiencing what in your circle? Reach out, find out.

The main thing is that if we don’t have to leave home for work, we’re staying home and staying safe.

We’re being responsible. After all, the healthcare workers have enough to deal with already.

Even if you don’t feel you’ll be subject to the virus, let’s all pitch in to a new level of responsibility and caring for our brothers and sisters. I found this video to be helpful, inspiring, and informative. And let’s help others feel good about it, too.

It’s also important to remember to laugh.  A friend who is home with little ones sent me this meme and it made me laugh. I also posted it on my personal Facebook.

I think my favorites are the lecture series. Especially, “How to stop making unnecessary noise.”  Which part is your favorite? Do you have one to add?  Please share in the comments below!

Healing the Cause of Worry

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

Look, I’ll be honest with you. I used to feel like a victim.

I was a victim of all the things that were happening in the world that I didn’t like.

I was a complainer. I complained about all the things that were happening in the world that I didn’t like.

I made myself miserable with all my complaints. I decided to stop making myself miserable, and I made a commitment to Self-Love.

That commitment required me to realize that my misery was not a result of what was happening in the world, my misery was the result of my thoughts ABOUT what was happening in the world.

My complaints were a symptom of the underlying fear I had.

Fear, worry and anxiety are all caused by stinking thinking.

Worry and anxiety are the direct results of beliefs that CAN be changed.

Fear-based thinking is NOT the result of things happening in the world – and it never will be.

It’s easy to assume that we’re thinking fearful thoughts because of our experiences, but this world just doesn’t work that way.

The mind doesn’t work that way.

First, we have a belief and THEN we have an experience that reflects that belief – and then we interpret the experience to prove our belief is true. But it doesn’t prove our belief is TRUE – it only proves that we are investing in that belief, consciously or unconsciously.

It’s so important to be willing to get this and to apply it throughout our days.

Applying this teaching from A Course in Miracles brings great relief from emotional and mental suffering.

It takes practice.
It takes effort.
It takes willingness.
It takes determination.

What could be more worth the investment than ending your fear, doubt and worry?

I can’t think of anything, can you?

Living a peaceful life is just one of the important and valuable things we practice in my year-long Masterful Living Course. We actively practice healing the sense of separation that keeps us disconnected from Spirit. We cultivate the relationship with Spirit. We transform the most painful parts of our life.

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I am grateful for this path of healing that we’re on and our ability to cultivate a spiritual practice that lifts us up above the battleground! Onward and upward, together we rise in Love!

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Cure for the Worried Mind

Monday, November 18th, 2019

It’s hard to believe, and even to conceive, that forgiveness can bring the amount of healing that it does. Part of why it’s hard to believe is that we’re not taught about forgiveness. We’re not taught what it really is.

At its core, TRUE forgiveness is undoing the blocks to Love which, of course, naturally opens up the flow of Love in our lives.

Love is everything. Without an AWARENESS of Love, we’re lost. Without an awareness of Love, we don’t know who we are and we don’t know what anything is for.

If we’re trying to solve a problem with anything other than Love then we’re not eliminating the problem, we’re merely managing and coping with it. Problem-solving doesn’t happen in the world of form. Problem-solving happens when we realize what the actual problem is – a belief in lack of Love.

The only thing that can solve a belief in a lack of Love is an awareness of Love.

When we let go of the meaning we’ve made of things, we’re letting go of the blocks to Love and that’s true forgiveness.

Willingness to forgive is a power that can move mountains of pain and suffering.

It’s very easy to fall back into the pit of pain and suffering until we reach the point where we’re simply not willing to do it to ourselves anymore. That’s what Self-Love is all about.

Love is our healer because it reminds us of what’s true and right and real.

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we’ve had the power all along.
Today’s the day – let’s not delay!

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