• Create and Lead Workshops that Make a Difference with Karen Russo

    It is an intensive, interactive, virtual course.

    5 Virtual sessions begins Tuesday, August 16

    This experience is specifically designed for intermediate to advanced level healers, coaches, teachers, experts, and business owners have a desire to offer impactful, professional workshops.

    Discover and capture the essence of your content and offering so that you can feel confident and inspired in sharing what is uniquely yours to share.

  • Stop Playing Small Online Spiritual Retreat

    Online Retreat - Over 2 Weekends ~ 8 days of 3-hour sessions

    Begins Friday, September 9th

    Eliminate the root causes of playing small and release limitations and belief in lack. Join me and surrender the blocks to Love, open your heart, activate more JOY in your life, and so much more!

    Together we’ll use clear tools and take steps to eliminate the mental and emotional blocks that keep us playing small and resisting sharing our gifts and talents, and living the life we LOVE.

    If you would like to make this decision to stop playing small and gain some momentum – then don’t miss this opportunity.

    It’s so much harder to do it on our own. It’s easier when we do it together!

    Bring on your breakthrough so you can step forward into the life you desire! And let’s have fun together!

  • Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Bootcamp with A Course in Miracles

    Heal the Negative Patterns That Keep You Stuck, Heal Your Relationships, and Feel Happier in Everyday Life

    Begins Monday, October 10th

    Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Bootcamp with A Course in Miracles is a profoundly transformative 7 week Spiritual Bootcamp class to support you in moving to your next level of awakened personal success.

    Reverend Jennifer Hadley leads you step by step through your breakthrough transformation in this comprehensive class.


    • Let me show you how so you can do it too!

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  • Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive

    TWO WEEKENDS ~ 8 days of 3-hour sessions

    Begins Friday, November 4th

    This program is for anyone who would like to improve their compassionate listening skills and also let go of a MOUNTAIN of negative thinking.

    Increase your confidence, be more effective and help more people after just TWO Weekends of my heart-centered spiritual counseling training.

    • A like-minded community walking the talk together!

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  • Sundays with Spirit

    Celebrating Our Spiritual Connection

    Next Gathering on Sunday, August 21st at 3pm EST with Scott Diamond, Suzanne Finder, Rosalyn Rourke & Friends.

    Join us online while on retreat in your home. I look forward to our gathering. It means so much that we can join together and love each other!

  • Jennifer Hadley’s Sacred Circle

    Weekly Online Q&A
    Thursday Calls
    3pm Eastern

    Join Jennifer live on video Zoom, phone or get the download and listen later!

    Together, let’s dig deeper into spiritual principle and learn tools to apply to your particular life challenges. My Sacred Circle includes:

    • Four Q&A sessions on Zoom every month with me – You can submit your personal questions LIVE during the call, or email in if you can’t be there live.
    • Download & replay – you own the downloads and they are available to you for years to come at the Member Site!
    • A like-minded community walking the talk together!

  • Weekly Podcast: A Course in Miracles : Living the Love, Walking the Talk

    Provides profound support for those who struggle to express their beliefs from moment to moment in their everyday lives. Hear how Jennifer’s commitment to truly living the principles has transformed her life and led her to teach tens of thousands of spiritual students how to use the practical tools she’s discovered for living with more peace, joy, and freedom.

    Every Tuesday at 8 am Pacific, Jennifer interviews teachers such as Gary Renard, Ken Wapnick, David Hoffmeister and other beloved teachers of the Course so you can discover the practical steps they took to walk the talk and transform their lives—in the areas of self-esteem, relationships, health, prosperity and more.

    To listen or download previous shows visit A Course in Miracles Podcast with Jennifer Hadley

  • Inspirational Text Messages & More!

    It’s so nice to get an inspirational text message when you least expect it!


    Now you can sign up to receive daily inspirational texts from me, ACIM texts, and special offers – sign up only for the text messages you’d like to receive.  Click here to sign up now!

  • Kirtan Kriya 40-Day Meditation Challenge

    Join us!

    Each day for 40 days you're invited to complete 11 minutes of Kirtan Kriya.

    Kirtan Kriya is a Kundalini Yoga meditation that involves a mudra (hand posture), mantra (repeated phrase) and a visualization.

    “Kirtan Kriya is considered the highest meditation for a woman in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and was one of the first meditations that Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, taught.”

  • Spiritual Counseling Certification Program

    Finding Freedom Spiritual Counselor Certification Program is for people who are interested in deepening their spiritual studies, opening their mind, and learning how to be a professional spiritual counselor.

    Jennifer Hadley offers a Spiritual Counseling Certification program based on her teachings in her Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp and her year-long Masterful Living Course. You can also take this Certification Program simply as part of your deepening spiritual practice and studies.

    • Become a Certified Spiritual Counselor!


  • Spiritual Counseling Certification Program Q & A Call!

    Would you like support to become a spiritual counselor or increase your counseling skills? Find out if Jennifer Hadley’s Spiritual Counseling Certification Program is the next step for you!

    Replay & Download available now!

    ♥ We’ve organized a Q&A opportunity with some of my Certified Spiritual Counselors and those in the training program so that you can get YOUR specific questions answered.

    ♥ Hear from people who have taken the certification and learn what their experience was.

    ♥ Learn if this is right for you now.

    ♥ Get inspired to take your counselling skills to a higher level.

    ♥ Discover how to release blocks to living your calling

    • Would you like to be of greater service?

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  • Prayer Practitioner Training

    LEARN simple techniques to pray that are practical and actually work! FEEL masterful with prayer, speaking prayers out loud.

    Click hete to see the schedule of classes

    The goal of this Prayer Practitioner training is to develop a MIGHTY faith and connection with Spirit. You will develop the capacity to experience miracles as a result of your prayers, your knowing, your faith and trust.

    Four Modules of Three 90-minute classes each (includes Prayer Power) Each Training Module is building a deep understanding of how and why prayer works.

    MODULE 1 – Replays are now available in our member site. Available for instant download now. Part of the Masterful Living Year 1 curriculum. Click here to enroll now!

    MODULE 2 – June 16, June 23, June 30. Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern
    Part of the Masterful Living Year 2 curriculum. Click here to enroll now!

    MODULE 3 – July 8, July 22, July 29. Every Wednesday at 3pm Eastern. Part of the Masterful Living Year 3 curriculum. Click here to enroll now!

    MODULE 4 – August 6, August 13, August 27. Every Thursday at 12pm Eastern. Part of the Masterful Living Ascension Pathway curriculum. Click here to enroll now!

  • Living with Holy Purpose with kironJ Gardner

    How to receive the abundant blessing of living in the flow of Love.

    Replay & download now available

    This class series is for anyone who is willing to recognise how they have been pursuing personal goals and interests, blocking the healing gifts of living with holy purpose and ready to adopt a way of living that is in service to Spirit, and so continually experience being in the flow of Love.

  • Eliminate Your Resistance & Reluctance

    In this 3-hour workshop, I'll share some of the practical ways I’ve learned to move out of feeling helpless and hopeless and into feeling increasingly tuned-in and empowered.

    Replay & download now available

    Experience more freedom and abundance in your daily life.

    Do you feel like you’re playing small in your life and relationships? Do you find yourself encountering the same negative situations and obstacles blocking you time and time again? Would you like to be more helpful in the world?

    This workshop is for you if you are feeling like you’re holding yourself back and don’t know why.

  • Unblock the Flow of Your Energy, Time & Money

    In this 3-hour workshop, I'll share practical tips and tools that you can start implementing in your life now so you can unblock your flow and invite an abundance of time, money, Love and energy into your life!

    Replay & download now available

    Wish you had more time to spend on things you’d like to do? Tired of working hard but not seeing the Prosperity you deserve? Too exhausted to enjoy life because the same problems keep popping up again and again? This 3-hour workshop is for you!

  • Self-Love: 6 Simple Steps for Self-Healing

    Attract more Love when you Love yourself! Join me in this 3-hour workshop and learn some SIMPLE TIPS on how to Love yourself free of your negative patterns that wreck your relationships!

    Replay & download now available

    You can rise above that feeling of drowning and start to set your sights on flying!  I’ll share practical tips and tools that you can start implementing NOW so you can invite more peace and love into your life right away.

    This is your YEAR, your DECADE! Give yourself your best chance! Let’s have FUN doing it together!

  • Living ACIM From A Deeper Foundation with kironJ Gardner

    A New Approach, Powerful Practice & Profound Healing

    4 Part Online Class - Replay & download now available!

    This ‘in-depth study and experience’ series of 4 sessions is designed to support participants, long standing Course students and newcomers alike, in becoming passionate about the supreme healing power of A Course in Miracles.

    2 Hour Online Class Series with kironJ

    Sessions will be highly experiential, with the focus on participants’ own healing responses to the mighty healing invitations and the support we can receive from sharing the journey with others.

  • It’s all a Dream – How to become a Lucid Dreamer with kironJ

    Clear teaching on our true power to be rooted in peace in the face of worldly and personal challenges.

    Replay & download now available

    This class will be highly experiential, with the focus on participants' own healing responses and the help we can receive from sharing the journey with others.