FBF Workshop Online REPLAY - Oct 2018 - JH
  • Do resentments and regrets take up a lot of your energy? 
  • Do you often complain and feel bitter? 
  • Do you have a habit of taking offense? 
  • Do old hurts still steal your happiness? 
  • Would you like to let go of the past?

You can have permanent healing NOW. End this year with tremendous healing - let’s go for it together!  

With true forgiveness you can have a different experience in your family and your workplace. To have real and lasting healing it’s much more than just saying “I forgive.”  

When we feel very resentful or intensely guilty it makes our relationships toxic. It can seem impossible to recover from it. Yet, I see miraculous healing happen all the time through TRUE forgiveness.  

And that’s why I am offering my Forgive & Be Free as an online workshop.  

This interactive workshop is a great way to shift the energy in your relationships so that you have much better holidays this year. Let’s make miracles together. Let’s leave all the regrets, resentments, guilt, blame and shame in 2018 and be fresh and clear by the end of the year! We’ll do it together!

Come prepared to be together for 3 hours.  

We’ll take a break in the middle.  

This will be highly interactive, come prepared to participate.

The workshop is pre-recorded, with live breakout sessions & discussion led by one of my Spiritual Counselors.  

An online workshop to support you in having a breakthrough and learning forgiveness as a practical tool to increase your happiness each and every day.  

Forgiveness is essential to having more joy, freedom and prosperity. Forgiveness is THE #1 key to living a successful life.  

Cost $: Donation - Love Offering  


Tuesday, October 23rd 5am PST / 8am EST / 1pm London 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm London 

"We were challenged as participants to do the deep work of forgiving ourselves and others, and to work compassionately with others in the group to support them as they experienced the revelations of this type of work."

~ Deana Desjardins

"Jennifer's Forgiveness Workshop was amazing and moving for me. Her deep belief and conviction in the power of forgiveness coupled with her amazing ability to speak and move the individual in a group setting, allowed me to do some much needed work. Thank you, Jennifer!" 

~ Darrell Jones, RSCP, M.A.

"Jennifer encourages each participant to levels of self-awareness that I had only read about. I began to understand Self-Love, for the first time in my life — and extend it to myself." 

~ Paula Martin

"I learned a lot from Jennifer’s teaching, she explains things in such a practical and applicable way, with great examples. Listening to others' shares helped me to feel safe about sharing myself." 

~ Carine Dorce

If you carry around regrets & resentments, guilt, blame and shame, true forgiveness is the way to releasing it permanently. You can learn this simple tool and it will shift the entire rest of your life! What could be more valuable?

If you're willing, you can bring on your breakthrough to a more loving life and joyFULL life with a few simple steps.  


Tuesday, October 23rd 5am PST / 8am EST / 1pm London 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm London 

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