Forgive & Be Free Retreat

Forgive & Be Free Retreat 

October 4th to 7th  

Thursday to Sunday  

4 days - 3 nights  

Includes ALL meals and lodging  

Retreat begins with dinner on Thursday, October 4th  

Retreat ends with lunch on Sunday, October 7th


(non-refundable deposit of 200. No refunds after September 13th)

Payment plan options are available - enroll now to get the SUPER early bird price and we'll support you with a payment plan that works for you!  

Rates are per person double occupancy in the Retreat Style Room**  

Scroll down to see room options  

(**We will help you find a roommate, but we cannot guarantee it. If we’re unable to match you, then you’re responsible for finding your own roommate or paying the single rate.)

Forgive & Be Free 

Free yourself from the suffering of the past!

Many people are deeply challenged with forgiveness issues leaving them feeling stuck, hurting and unable to get over it. Jennifer Hadley has been teaching forgiveness since 2000 and has helped thousands of people to forgive, move on and feel free of the past. You’ll be amazed when you stop investing your precious energy in old hurts and you can have all that energy back to invest in LOVE!

  • A spiritual retreat with like-minded souls!
  • Move from studying spirituality to actually living it
  • Forgive that which has seemed unforgiveable so that you can move on 
  • Learn how to free yourself from limited thinking and beliefs 
  • Deep forgiveness – forgive yourself for EVERYTHING! 
  • Break the habits of complaining and judging 
  • Surrender the blocks to Love and open your heart 
  • Stop waiting for a miracle - have a healing instead! 
  • Activate more JOY in your life! 
  • Forgive youself for the poor decisions you made in the past 
  • Have FUN and RESTORE! 
  • Bring on lasting relationship healing - including your relationship with yourself! 
  • Learn to increase your willingness to choose Love 
  • Activate Self-Love, Self-worth and Self-Compassion

"The Forgive & Be Free retreat was very helpful to me. Art of Living Retreat Center is a very conducive environment - a beautiful and peaceful landscape, with meals at community tables where we could share concerns and ideas. Above all, the sessions with Jennifer were so rich in how to apply forgiveness in our daily life. We all wanted to feel more peace and to understand how to attain such a goal. I was able to truly forgive myself, and let the past go. I was able to find previously undetected spots where I had judgments and was able to see it differently. I have such gratitude for this healing experience."

~ Annemarie Wang

"I can't imagine where my life would be today if I hadn't pushed myself to take a chance on attending last year's Forgive & Be Free Retreat. I had spent three years reading and working through A Course in Miracles workbook and text, but I felt absolutely stuck between a rock and a hard place. I had no idea how to make a spiritual life worth living. I chose the Forgiveness Retreat out of desperation - I was nervous and not sure about the retreat, Jennifer’s teachings, or my ability to strike off on my own and travel to Boone, North Carolina to this mountain top retreat center. I look at this retreat experience as the beginning of finding a way to joy." 

~ Deana Desjardins

"The Forgive & Be Free retreat did me lots of good! The place itself is so beautiful and peaceful; the food was good and the most important part was the sharing! I learned a lot from Jennifer’s teaching, she explains things in such a practical and applicable way, with great examples. Listening to others' shares especially in the small group sessions helped me to feel safe about sharing myself. Others saw in me things I could not see for myself and that was encouraging!"

~ Carine Dorce

"Before the Forgive & Be Free retreat, I was at a place in my life where I was really insecure and struggling with letting go of my past mistakes and failed relationships. Most of all I was struggling with an extremely mean inner bully and one of the harshest critics on the face of this planet, myself. I gained so much insight from Jennifer and the others who attended your retreat. I discovered that this kind of struggle is very common in everyone. It was wonderful to be in an environment of love, compassion and support. I discovered how truly safe I am in this world. And wether it appears this way or not, everyone can experience this safety for themselves."

~ Jennifer Jamieson

"I cannot believe it will be a year in October that I joined Jennifer’s Forgive & Be Free Retreat. We met at The Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC. Magnificent setting, terrific facility and good food — all supportive of doing the deep work we agreed to do. Jennifer encourages each participant to levels of self-awareness that I had only read about. I began to understand Self-Love, for the first time in my life — and extend it to myself. That’s BIG! I left the retreat inspired by the loving and “on point” teachings of Jennifer, as well as the companionship of like-minded souls — all willing to choose Love."

~ Paula Martin

Where: The Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, North Carolina 

High up, in the heart of the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, a retreat center with all the amenities including an Ayurvedic Spa, surrounded by forest, offering yoga, meditation, where they grow much of their own food to offer delicious, nutritious and balanced meals to support our spiritual awakening. Enjoy the beauty of the spectacular vista, the serenity of the environment and go home feeling refreshed and renewed in body and mind and Spirit! The perfect place for an inspiring retreat! Give yourself the gift of renewal!  

For more information, visit their site.

Imagine how you’ll enjoy: 

  • The healing, clarifying and peaceful energy of the Blue Ridge mountains
  • 3 delicious and healthy vegetarian meals a day. Click here to see sample menus
  • Taking meditative walks on nature paths and on the labyrinth 
  • Ayurvedic spa treatments**
  • Meeting new spiritual friends
  • Adding an extra day or two to relax and restore

**For an additional charge, the center offers a wide range of restorative, rejuvenating, healing and nourishing Ayurvedic spa. Jennifer will also be available for private counseling sessions for an extra charge. Take the time to treat yourself and enjoy this opportunity to heal and restore! Come early and stay and stay an extra day or two.

Room Options

Retreat Rooms

Comfortable and simple, these rooms are located along the Eastern mountain slope and are a great option for those who desire peaceful relaxation accompanied by the music of the forest.  

For single or doubles  

All with private bathrooms 

The Hotel Rooms

Located on a valley ridge in The Spa, these rooms offer incredible vistas of either the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains or the quiet magic of the forest.  

For single or doubles  

All with private bathrooms 

Upgrade your room for your 3 nights stay in October 

For Single Retreat Style Room add 152. for upgrade  

For Double Occupancy Hotel Room add 161. for upgrade  

For Single Occupancy Hotel Room add 352. for upgrade  

Upgrade available upon checkout.  

(**We will gladly help you find a roommate, but we cannot guarantee it. If we’re unable to match you, then you’re responsible for finding your own roommate or paying the single rate.)

Extend Your Stay & Bring-A-Friend Options!  

People sometimes bring a loved one to hang out and enjoy all the beautiful amenities and delicious food while they’re attending our events. If you invite a loved one, they are welcome to come and sit with us during all our meals, enjoy the spa, etc. Sometimes in the evenings we watch a spiritual movie and your loved ones would be most welcome to join us. There are wonderful hikes and waterfalls in the area to explore! It’s also a wonderful place just to sit, read a book and enjoy the view! The fresh mountain air is so restorative.  

If you decide to stay any additional nights at the Retreat Center to enjoy their award-winning Ayurvedic spa and all it’s delights as well as delicious nutritious food, twice daily yoga, meditation and pottery classes, please do! It’s SUCH a spectacular setting for your rest and rejuvenation! Jennifer will also be available for 1 on 1 counseling sessions at an additional (discounted) cost. Jennifer will have limited availability for Counseling Sessions. Just let us know if you’d like to extend your stay or bring a friend!  

Rates for additional nights and/or to add another person - includes 3 meals daily - a full breakfast, lunch and dinner:

For Double Retreat Style Room additional night add 131.

For Single Retreat Style Room additional night add 181.

For Double Occupancy Hotel Room additional night add 182.

For Single Occupancy Hotel Room additional night add 252.