Learn why the Personality is not the Real You.

Hidden Life Strategies

Starting Thursday, March 24th

4pm PST / 5pm MT / 6pm CT / 7pm EST
11pm UK / 10am Sydney* next day 


Each person has a hidden life strategy.  

What is yours?

A Strategy is a patterned way of thinking, feeling and behaving in life.

This class offers a window into a spiritual/psychological system called the Enneagram.

What is the Enneagram?  The Enneagram is a brilliant ancient system for understanding the motivational strategy  underneath  our personality.  Using the wisdom within the  Enneagram Circle, we can unlock rigid  patterns and reveal new opportunities for each type to grow.

The Modern Enneagram 



We will cover the 9 Basic Enneagrams in our 3 classes.  

In each class Jennifer will do a dramatization of the 3 types. Rosalyn will describe the defenses and typical family of origin stories of those types. 

Our Dramatization Method will be fun and will make the Enneagrams memorable. This class is geared for both new and experienced students. 


Your Instructors

Rosalyn Rourke, MSW, learned the Enneagram in 1995.  She  studied with some of the finest Enneagram teachers, including Russ Hudson and Don Riso, Tom Condon and  Helen Palmer.   As a psychotherapist for over 30 years, the Enneagram was Rosalyn’s most powerful tool for change in herself and with her clients.  In gratitude to the Enneagram, A Course in Miracles and Non-Duality, life is a much lighter and sweeter experience for Rosalyn.

Rev. Jennifer Hadley has been leading retreats, professional spiritual counseling training, classes and workshops since 1997. Her A Course in Miracles radio show has been a #1 radio show on the Unity Church network since 2011. Her daily blog has more than 5,000 subscribers. Jennifer shares how to get out of your head and into your loving heart so in order to be truly helpful by walking the talk and living the love. Jennifer offers programs for people who are ready to move beyond merely studying ACIM to deeply living it.

What you'll learn about yourself:

  • Go from Identity as Personality to an Identity as Spirit-Essence
  • Go from feeling Mystified by people to a Deep Understanding 
  • Go from feeling Stuck to feeling more Flexible                                    
  • Go from Judgment to Compassion
  • Go from Unworthiness to the  Perception of Worthiness 
  • Go from criticism of personality to an appreciation of  Enneagram GIFTS

What you'll learn about others:

  • Learn to recognize the other’s type from your own reactions
  • Learn to recognize the other’s likely family of origin style
  • Learn to recognize the other’s wound and the best communication approach   

Your Digital Giveaways:

  • The 9 Enneagram Types with their basic features
  • The Modern Enneagram Circle
  • Photos of Famous People to help remember each Enneagram
  • The 3 Centers of the Enneagram


Informational Enneagram Test: Rosalyn recommends taking this validated test before class.   It costs $12. Click here to take this test now!

If you take the test before class, Rosalyn can help you discern your home Enneagram.  The test takes about 45 minutes.  It is most important that you answer the questions from the place you were when you were about age 25, not how you have recently evolved.

Optional Book Purchase:

People often ask for book recommendations.  Books are not required, but if you are the sort that likes to read as you learn, a good beginning resource is: The Enneagram Made Easy by Renee Baron & Elizabeth Wagele.  Click here to purchase.

The other book I recommend as a handy reference that you will not outgrow is:  The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso & Russ Hudson.
Click here to purchase.

Benefits for Counselors, Therapists, Ministers and Coaches  

Knowing the other’s type will provide you with specific guidance for communication and transformation strategies.  A highlight of the Enneagram system is that there are no good ones or bad ones.  We can be healthy or unhealthy in our type, and we vary, depending on our current state.

Join us Live!
4-part class series. Allow 2 hours each class.

Thursday, March 24th

4pm PST / 5pm MT / 6pm CT / 7pm EST
11pm UK / 10am Sydney* next day 

Sunday, March 27th

2pm PST / 3pm MT / 4pm CT / 5pm EST
10pm UK / 8am Sydney* next day 

Saturday, March 26th

12pm PST / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm EST
7pm UK / 6am Sydney* next day 

  Saturday, April 9th

12pm PST / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm EST
8pm UK / 5am Sydney* next day 

What past participants say...

"Through Rosalyn’s perceptive facilitation, I have had a life changing experience from studying the Enneagram. I have a new understanding of old behavior patterns and new compassion for family and friends with their Enneagrams."

- Amy K.

"Rosalyn’s Enneagram class has opened up new opportunities for me. My relationship to myself and to my family have new possibilities. Rosalyn’s gentle, safe style invites me to be more vulnerable. I highly recommend studying the Enneagram with her."

- Katie D.

"I have a deeper understanding of the Enneagram Types through Rosalyn’s willingness to share personal stories. The classes are lively and fun. It’s an added bonus, if you can study the Enneagram with your partner, as I did."

- Rich C.

"It has been powerful and moving to see my fellow Enneagram classmates blossom. I see how they have moved beyond their old patterns. Their self perception and openness have increased. I feel blessed by my escalating compassion for myself and others. Thank you Rosalyn for your expertise, guidance and encouragement."

- Franca Z.

"The Enneagram has helped me make peace with the past, including all the characters involved. Knowing the other types has helped to lighten my attitude and add joy into my relationships."

- Diane B.

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