Leading & Creating a Workshop

Learn how to be a TRUE INSPIRATION with your teaching gifts in a supportive, professional environment so you can feel qualified to share in the world with CONFIDENCE! 

LED BY Jennifer Hadley & Jon Mundy 

JOIN US OCTOBER 9TH TO 14TH Wednesday - Monday 6 days - 5 nights


There are workshops that convey information - and then there are workshops that change your life! In this week-long intensive training, you will learn how to create and lead a workshop that can be life-changing.  

Creating a workshop from your intellect will never be as effective as following Spirit’s inspiration. An effective teacher connects with the people in the audience or classroom and creates a group healing energy.  

This isn’t about following what worked for someone else - this is about finding the spiritual teacher YOU naturally are by learning to follow Spirit’s lead to be able to powerfully share with people in the moment for healing RESULTS.  

Join us and learn how to FEEL what’s best in the moment and trust it. When you are letting Spirit guide you, you WILL have the confidence to share what you’re being called to share.  

Learn to avoid the pitfalls most people make when leading their first workshop. Plus enjoy a special section on marketing and promoting your workshop so you can be effective at getting the word out!

BONUS: Learn how to teach Jennifer’s Forgive & Be Free forgiveness workshop so you can build your skills when you get back home! 

Clarifying your topic so that your workshop is appealing, dynamic and successful. Sometimes people know a great deal about a topic, but they don’t know how to create a workshop that has appeal and will bring the results they’d like. Workshops are a GREAT way to invite people to come and do more work with you in classes, counseling, coaching, and all kinds of services. 

Streamlining your workshop so you can meet the goals you’ll be marketing. Most people don’t become successful at doing workshops because they try to do too much and to appeal to too many people and their workshop becomes overwhelming and loses the audience and then you’ve done all that work for very little return. 

How to present in a powerful way so that you connect with your audience, inspire them and motivate them to make use of your teachings. Regardless of your topic, you can create a GREAT workshop that invites people with inspiration for motivation. There are key steps to avoid so you don’t leave your audience disinterested, just as there are key steps you can take to be effective and inspiring! 

Releasing ego-based insecurities that keep you playing small. Learn to get out of the way and feel confident, qualified and empowered to do what you Love.

Practice in a loving, safe environment.

Learn how to read the room and respond effectively, so you can turn on a dime if you need to - and we ALWAYS need to be able to do that. This is essential!!

Get certified! Learn how to lead Jennifer Hadley’s Forgive & Be Free Workshop so that you’re ready to go right away. Everyone can use more forgiveness support!  

Rev. Jennifer Hadley has been leading retreats, professional spiritual counseling training, classes and workshops since 1997. Her A Course in Miracles radio show has been a #1 radio show on the Unity Church network since 2011. Her daily blog has more than 5,000 subscribers.  

Rev. Jon Mundy, Ph.D. is an author/lecturer, former university lecturer (1967-2008), and the Executive Director of All Faith Seminary in NYC. He taught university courses in Philosophy and Religion from 1967 to 2008 with a specialization in The History of Mysticism. He is the author of 11 ACIM based books.

In this week-long intensive training, you will discover how to be successful at designing and leading a professional workshop.

A class? A workshop? But you haven’t quite felt ready to launch yet?  

Are you already a spiritual speaker, teacher or minister and would like more support and training to really feel confident and qualified to share your gifts and talents in a class or a workshop?  

It’s our time to shine!

We live in a unique time where anyone with a message can find an audience if they know how to make it appealing and to capture their audience.

Spirit will guide your audience to you - You will feel qualified when you have the confidence to share from an open heart.  

Yes, there’s a lot of content out there, if you’re trying to be like someone else, you’ll probably get drowned out.

Spirit has a divine idea of your clear voice and unique way of sharing that will bring benefit to all whom you are meant to serve.

When you cultivate your authentic voice you no longer get lost in the noise.

You are here to be of service by shining your light and inspiring others.  

You’ve been called. Would you like help FEELING qualified to answer the call? 

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time, this is it!  

The time is now!

I’ve spoken with so many wonderful people who are raring to go. They know their purpose yet… they’re hesitating.  

They’re resistant and reluctant. They’re playing small because fear is stopping them. 

Do you relate to any of these?  

  • I’m not sure how to get started…  
  • I don’t have enough training…  
  • Maybe I’m too old…  
  • It’s just not the right time. When <event> happens, then I’ll be ready…  

I get it. I really do. I’ve been there.  


Have you been out there and you’re just not getting much of a response?

Do you hold back a little because you don’t quite feel the polish and assurance in yourself that you know you can have? 

I learned EXACTLY how to bust through playing small and experiencing small results.

And I now I can share that with you.

I attended ministerial school, and spent about $20,000 over 5 years of study and I had to unlearn what they taught me in order to write, teach and speak in an inspired way.  

I had no confidence practicing their intellectual methods because they weren’t inspiring.

It took me years to figure out everything I needed to know to really feel confident as a spiritual teacher, speaker and writer and now I’ve got a worldwide ministry, having served over 50,000 people with my writing, teaching and speaking.  

People have asked me how they can achieve the same confidence and clarity as a teacher.

You asked – we’re answering!

Let us show you HOW to surrender the blocks to sharing your gifts and talents so you can finally get on with it and do what you’re born to do!

Let us teach you the techniques of precisely HOW to let go of the fear and anxiety of not being good enough or not knowing enough - so you can shine your light and inspire others! 

Forgive yourself for waiting so long to get started and let’s do this! It’s time! 


Honor's Haven Resort & Spa is located in the historic Hudson Valley. A beautiful location nestled amongst 200 acres of lush gardens and rolling hills surrounding a crystalline freshwater lake with a view of the Shawangunk Mountain Range. Hiking, biking, climbing or birdwatching, and numerous outdoor recreational activities are close by. And it's just a short drive from the world-famous Catskill Mountains, whose majestic beauty inspired a generation of American artists.  

Honor's Haven Resort & Spa is one of the most convenient year-round destination resorts to enjoy in every season.  

*** Jennifer and Jon will also be available for private counseling sessions during some breaks for an extra charge. Take the time to treat yourself and enjoy this opportunity to heal and restore! 

A spiritual adventure to expand beyond your previous limits! 

Immersion in an intensive, fun learning experience.

A hands-on practical approach to learning.

Real practice and feedback in a non-judgmental, loving, supportive group.

Connection with like-minded peole to support your expansion, growth and professional development. 

FUN and RESTORATION through the fun activities of playing in Spirit!

If you’d like to gain that polish and confidence to stop playing small and share your talents with the world, join Us!  

  OCTOBER 9TH TO 14TH Wednesday - Monday 6 days - 5 nights  

Includes all group activities and teachings. Room & Meals are separate charge - book directly with the Honor's Haven Resort.

We have arranged for a discounted Room & Meals package rate at the Honor's Haven Resort. Once you register, book your room and meals package directly with the hotel.  

(Non-refundable deposit of 200. No refunds after February 28th)

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Professional Training Program for Writers, Teachers, & Speakers

This professional training is part of a Teacher & Minister program being developed and offered by the Power of Love Ministry to support Lightworkers who intend to share their gifts and talents in the world with confidence, and who’d like the opportunity to learn how to be a TRUE INSPIRATION with your teaching gifts in a supportive, professional environment so you can feel qualified to share them in the world with confidence.  

Power of Love Ministry offers Spiritual Counseling Training for Certification and is developing a Teacher & Minister Program as well as a Prayer Practitioner Program. All of these professional training programs and certification are built on the foundation of the Masterful Living Course and the Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp classes.  

These teacher & minister training modules will be required courses for the Teacher & Minister program at Power of Love Ministry.


Q: What will the daily schedule be?  

A: These days of training will be full on FUN with immersion learning. Jennifer and Jon will be giving you the maximum amount of learning opportunity in each day. Plan to participate fully.  

Our schedule will be as follows:  

  • First Day of training begins maybe at 7:00pm after dinner. Please come early to get to know fellow participants over dinner at the hotel. Dinner served at 6pm.  
  • Middle Days of training will begin at 9am and go until 10pm – there will be an approximate 2 hour break for lunch and a 90 minute break for dinner.  
  • Last Day of training will end approximately 1pm. You are encouraged to stay for lunch and enjoy the opportunity to connect and share. Between trainings there will be a free afternoon to rest, restore, play, explore or have a counseling session.  

Q: Where is the hotel located? Is there a special rate?

A: Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa is located in an enviable location (90-minutes from just about anywhere in the Tri-State area).  

Per person, DOUBLE occupancy, including meals, taxes, resort fees - shared room, per night

Standard 135.

Executive 152.

Suite 169.

Per person, SINGLE occupancy, including meals, taxes, resort fees - per night 

Standard 191.

Executive 225.

Suite 257.

After you enroll, you'll receive more information on special room rates at the Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa (some restrictions apply. See your confirmation email for more details.)  

Nearest airport is Stewart International Airport which is 50 minutes by car. Albany, Laguardia and Newark airports are all approximately 1 hour 45-minute drive (we can help with car pooling and arranging rides). JFK airport is 2 hours and 20 minutes by car. Boston’s Logan airport is 4 hours by car.  

Q: Can you help me find a roommate?

A: We will gladly help you find a roommate, but we cannot guarantee it. Contact admin@jenniferhadley.com for more information.  

We are experts at busting through that resistance and reluctance. You CAN move past fear and live your destiny.  

You were born for this!


OCTOBER 9TH - 14TH Wednesday - Monday 6 days - 5 nights  

Includes all group activities and teachings. Room & Meals are separate charge - book directly with the Honor's Haven Resort.  

We have arranged for a discounted Room & Meals package rate at the Honor's Haven Resort. Once you register, book your room and meals package directly with the hotel.  

(Non-refundable deposit of 200. No refunds after February 28th)

Have questions? Read our FAQs!