"I studied spiritual teachings for years and didn't see my life change... I thought there must be something wrong with me."

Probably much like you, once I started on a spiritual path, I thought I’d experience life changing miracles and everything would become perfect.

I bought all the right books, went to so many workshops, talks, seminars, and retreats. I learned to teach about the law of attraction, cause and effect, why prayer works or a dozen other spiritual teachings at the drop of a hat. Talking ABOUT spiritual teachings was easy for me.

And yet, I knew my life didn't really reflect those teachings – I wasn’t actually living what I thought I knew. And I REALLY thought I knew them. I thought knowing them WAS living them.

I still got angry on a daily basis.
I was still judging other people.
I’d express my displeasure and disappointment with sarcasm, passive aggressive, and sometimes aggressive behavior.
At times I was mean and unkind.

Every other day I was hurt or offended.
My work wasn't satisfying.
It paid the bills (barely) and I knew there was something more that I could be doing.
I yearned to find a way to get to a higher place.

My relationships with my family were strained to say the least.
I had a lot of resentment.
It was painful.
Forget about being happy, I was barely maintaining.

I’d (secretly) overeat and drink and smoke and do all sorts of things to make life bearable, to help me manage the confusion and despair I felt. My justification? Why feel what you can’t change?

I truly came to believe that there had to be something wrong with me.

Why wasn't I advancing faster with all that study? It helped other people, but why not me?

My conclusion: There had to be something so unfixably wrong with me that I was doomed to suffer.

If you can relate to any of this, you've probably realized what it took me many painful years to realize:


Just reading lots of spiritual books, attending workshops, and even studying for years (or decades!) doesn't mean your life will improve. Otherwise it would have fixed everything in our lives by now!

Acquiring knowledge isn't the same as application...

It's not the same as permanently clearing out the deepest, darkest corners where all the problem-causing belief patterns are hiding, waiting to pop out at the most inconvenient times.

Like that time when you wanted to have a good conversation with a loved one and it all just went so wrong. Where you ended up shouting at each other or freezing them out because they didn't respond how you wanted them to.

Or where you were so ready to finally take a step towards a new job, or career, or something you felt called to do, but you felt the invisible choke of fear holding you back. Fearful thoughts or images of not being enough tortured you until you decided not to do anything at all.

Oh, boy did I experience that! So often, in fact, that I’d almost given up hope that anything COULD be different for me.

What do you do when that happens?

Do you take deep breath and get yourself into a calmer, more connected space, where you know that you’re divinely guided and everything is happening for your good?

Do you take responsibility for what has happened and learn from it so you can make a different choice next time?

Or do you do what I did?

Do you blame? Do you get angry? Shut down?

Do you try harder to make it go the way you wanted it to go?

Do you go into despair and think, “I just can't do anything right, nothing ever works out for me.”

I firmly believed life was happening TO me.

I’d blame the universe for my life not being the way I wanted. I’d blame the media for my being unhappy about my body. I’d blame the guy I was dating for the reason our relationship failed.

I’d blame God for not loving me enough to answer my prayers and bring me what I wanted.

I thought that if I was just better... If I worked harder... If I studied more... If I just got a better job... If I picked better guys... If I found a better diet... If I found the magic pill basically, everything would get better. Then I'd be perfect. Then, finally, I’d be done wanting.

But honestly, the wanting never ends.

If you think you need something outside of yourself, then your core belief is that you’re lacking. And if you BELIEVE you’re lacking, nothing from the outside world will ever be enough to satisfy you for more than a few minutes. Ever. It's just the simple Truth.

Like most people, all you're doing is perpetuating the cycle over and over and over and over.


The more unsatisfied and tired of it you are, the more you're tuning into your divine nature. That’s right. If you’re unhappy and unsatisfied it means you ARE connected to your higher self.

The highest possibility of your life is always calling to you. You're yearning for it. This could be your year!

If you feel dissatisfied in any area of your life, that's your intuition, your guidance, calling to you. Reminding you that there IS a better way. A divine path you COULD be following. One that has less struggle and less grief.

How can you settle in life and feel fulfilled? It’s not possible. You already know that.

I proved this: You only have to be WILLING to listen and let go of the shoulds, the coulds, the woulds, and the if onlys. And the “it’s not fair” thought.

If you KNEW that things were lining up for your best good, if you felt supported every day, if you felt loved unconditionally, how would you experience the world?

How would that feeling change your reactions to the world? How would that affect your actions IN the world?

What would you do if the whole world said "YES" to you?

Spirit’s there waiting for you to listen.

God would LOVE to work in partnership with you.

The question is:
Do YOU cultivate that relationship?


Imagine that you live in a house with your best friend, but you don't talk with them or acknowledge them. You ignore them.

You know they're there, but you don't really engage with them.

Then you go around saying, "I have a terrible relationship with my best friend. We never talk. I don’t think they care about me."

Your friend says, "Hey, I'm here whenever you want to connect. If you’d like help, love, support or have any kind of question at all, come to me. I'm right here. I’m always available for you."

But you STILL don’t talk with them. Instead, you go to work, come home, turn on the TV and forget about them. You’re struggling and they can see it, but you, apparently, prefer not to receive.

Spirit IS your best friend. To enjoy the benefits, you have to cultivate that relationship. It’s a RELATIONSHIP.

Most people go to God only when they need something.

What if I told you that the only reason you think you need something is because you cut yourself off in the first place?

That's the reason why all the spiritual information you’ve been collecting DOESN'T WORK. It's just information.

In order to build a great relationship with Spirit, you have to build an EFFECTIVE spiritual practice. You could do that in 1 year.


It took me years to develop and create a spiritual practice that gives me the results I desire - a stronger connection with God, intuition I can trust and rely upon, Peace of mind.

It's not an ego practice where I can improve and improve and feel superior to others who do less than me.

Effective spiritual practice is for developing a true connection, increasing Faith, reducing fear. Learning to trust my intuition and being willing to receive the guidance clearly and follow through. Then constantly re-tuning myself throughout the day so I can be in a guided state most, if not all, of the time.

It can be as SIMPLE as a few minutes of focused prayer connection in the morning.

If you have more than a few minutes in the morning, there are meditation practices that are really effective and other exercises that you can do to clear the negative patterns more quickly.

The MAIN practice is throughout your day, while you’re going to work, living your life, being with family, continuing to stay in a guided place and not feeding the judgments, fears, and upsets.

That’s the REAL practice. That’s where the rubber meets the road to give you some real traction.

Your morning practice is a foundation for your practice throughout the day.

Spiritual practice is catching yourself when you go unconscious and then centering yourself.

It takes willingness. But it's like working out. In the beginning, lifting even 5 pounds can seem so heavy. But as you do repetitions every day, soon 5 pounds seems like nothing. And then you can do 8 pounds and so on. You build your spiritual muscle.

If you don’t build it of your own free will, life will force you to get in shape. Hey, that’s just how it is.

Painful motivation or divine inspiration – you choose how you travel.

I understand that sometimes just stopping yourself from beating yourself up over something you did or said, can seem impossible.

Forgiving someone who said something hurtful can seem excruciating.

Or letting go of that fear about losing something or someone you love can seem so scary.

But I assure you, with an EFFECTIVE spiritual practice it gets better AND easier. And then your life gets better and easier.

But you do have to do more than just read books and listen to audios to get the results.

If reading books and listening to audios could actually get people in shape you’d probably look like a super model!

The way energy moves – it’s like dominoes - one thing affects everything. Our choices ripple out into our life.

So, the more you can release and heal in one area of your life, other areas start coming up to be healed and then the healing starts beautifully rippling out into your whole life and even the people around you.

People start treating you differently and stop taking you for granted. After all, people with healthy self-esteem don’t get mistreated. That’s not on their radar.

Imagine what your life would look like if THIS YEAR the challenges that have plagued you for years or even decades started to PERMANENTLY melt away and things started looking and feeling really good for you. For real.

It might seem too good to be true. But what if it wasn't?

What if other people had found the secret sauce and proved it worked?

What if people who felt EVEN MORE helpless and hopeless than you can EVEN imagine have permanently changed their lives by using these tools?

It happens all the time in my year-long Masterful Living Course.

Miles in New Jersey

When I started doing Masterful Living, I knew it would be good but... I sort of "knew" that I was going to fail... My wife has completely transformed. Our relationship has completely transformed and I had given up... I came in with 100 pounds of shame that I didn't even know I had, and I think I've got maybe a pound left... I wake up every day and say thank you, because I'm a different person... I don't even think about money anymore... and I always worried about it before. I went from feeling frail to feeling strong and well.

Miles in New Jersey



He didn't believe it would make any real difference in his life. But he couldn’t just do nothing.

Doing something changed everything for Miles. How?

By having an effective spiritual practice. By taking the tips, tools, and practices I share in Masterful Living and using them in his life. A little bit every day.


My Masterful Living Course is a year-long program centered around a weekly live class with me and a Community Call with other students on the weekend.

The program consists of several classes that each break down a specific aspect of transformation so that by the end of the year, you have delved into almost every aspect imaginable to have a total healing.


New Year's Intentions

We start the year by laying the foundation for this year AND the NEXT 9 YEARS!

If you've had trouble with sticking to your decisions or can't commit to what you want, this class will help you release old patterns and help you find inspiration so you CAN achieve the life you want.

Prayer Power

In this class we explore the power of our words and thoughts and what they produce in our lives.

If you've ever turned away your answered prayer or have never prayed before, this class will help you learn exactly WHY and HOW to pray so you can stop getting in your own way and allow miracles into your life.

Stop Playing Small

In this class, we start identifying and healing the core reasons we hold ourselves back from our greatness.

If you know what your next steps are but you've felt unable to take them, or feel like an invisible wall is stopping you from moving forward, this class will help you find the inspiration, motivation and support to take those steps and live your life to the fullest.

Be a Love Magnet

In this class I divulge the secrets to attracting more love in your life.

If you've had trouble with having loving relationships and often fall into the blame trap, this class will help you shift the way you think and act so you can be the love of your life and attract more love everywhere you go!

Relationship Reboot

In this class, we examine the quality of all the relationships in your life.

If you keep making the same mistakes over and over that ruin your relationships, this calss will give you tools so you can finally have holy, healthy relationships!

Building Trust & Faith

In this class, we delve deeper into your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

If you're often fearful or worried or you blame circumstances for how you feel, this class will help you build new levels of trust & faith so you can opt out of suffering and experience real and lasting Inner Peace.

Healing Negative Patterns

In this class, we root out the negative patterns that have been sabotaging your life.

If you find yourself making the same mistakes, or you try to create something different but find yourself in a similar, distressing situation, this class will help you break those patterns and replace them with healthy, loving choices so you can finally feel free and happy!

Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence

In this class, we explore the keys to true self esteem and how to truly love yourself.

If you have low self-esteem, or you have challenges being loving toward yourself or others, this class will help you heal old wounds so you can he confident and a more loving presence in the world!

Healing Your Mind About Your Body

We’ve all tried diets and exercise programs that don’t last and leave us feeling like a failure.  All healing is at the level of the mind.

To have lasting change we first decide to change our mind and then we release the attachments and negative patterns that prevent us from experiencing beauty, health and wellness.

Living In the Flow of Time, Energy & Money

Release the hidden blocks that prevent you from living a prosperous life. You can experience a greater flow and release the recurring experience of lack and limitation in all areas of your life

Clear Mind, Clear Guidance

Clear steps to increase your intuition and experience more ease and grace with divine guidance leading you every day.  Open yourself to divine insights and wisdom!

Sacred Sexuality - Holy Relationship

Spiritual practice increases our ability to connect with Spirit and relate to each other.  If you are interested you can focus on having more intimate and loving romantic relationship and have a holy relationship that truly lights your fire!

and MORE...



I was guided to create my Masterful Living Course as a year-long course.

Why? Because you're shifting deeply rooted beliefs and patterns.

To expect them to be completely healed and transformed in 5 or 7 classes is unrealistic. You’ve already tried that many times and it didn’t work.

We take a whole year so you can learn how to integrate spiritual practice into your daily life without giving up if it gets challenging.

We spend a year identifying and discovering beliefs and patterns, hidden and known, that hold you back from being your best self so you can feel a lot freer and lighter.

We do all this in a loving space together. You get the support to keep going so you start making traction and know what that feels like.

You get a year in community, working together, to strengthen your self-esteem, to increase your trust in Spirit, to let you know that you’re NOT alone. I’m doing this work with you.

In a year, you can really form a new habit, replacing the negative thoughts and beliefs that you've been carrying around for years, or decades, and start living a life that’s truly fulfilling and satisfying.

The Masterful Living Community is one of the MOST crucial pieces to the success of the program. It’s unlike any others I've seen and been a part of.

There’s so much support to keep you going even if you feel like quitting.

Most people, when asked at the end of the year, say the best part of Masterful Living IS having a real and powerful spiritual community.

100% of people surveyed at the end of last year said they enjoyed being in this loving spiritual community

They’ve finally found people they can be completely transparent with and share honest emotional intimacy with. They make lasting, deep friendships that are so valuable to them. And then they begin to attract more friends like that to support their life of love.

I speak to Masterful Living alumni all the time who are still very close friends with prayer partners with people they met in class years ago. Some people even say that they feel more safe to share with their prayer partner than with their spouse!

NOTE: It's ok if that's a little scary, if the thought of connecting and sharing with people is foreign to you.

You can choose exactly how much you would like to be involved.

But most people, even the most introverted, reluctant people, do find so much support in the community at the level they feel comfortable. I’m there to help you find the balance that works for you.

Obviously, the people who are willing to stretch themselves the most, end up making the greatest shifts. Only you can know what you're willing to do. But I encourage you to stretch yourself.

You may think you don't have what it takes to do this, but I KNOW that's not true.

How can you know what you're capable of if you don't do something different this year?

You could be more satisfied, and inspired than you ever thought...

And with a HUGE amount of support to help you do it, your chances of NOT giving up are much greater.

Linda Soto in Erie, PA

When I signed up for MLC, my intention was to deepen my connection with God. I had no idea the transformation & support I would receive from the community & doing the work. My life is completely different! My relationship with my hubby has deepened, my career changed, & I feel I'm being a more loving presence in the world. What a blessing this year has been. Thank you God & thank you Rev. Jennifer!

Linda Soto in Erie, PA

Dr. Michael Lennox

I was prescribed medication for depression for 17 years. I always imagined that I could use my spiritual practice to transform my emotional experience and stop taking meds. However, I was afraid that I wasn’t committed enough to attend to such an enormous and frightening task. Taking Masterful Living changed my life completely: I am now medication free and enjoy a completely different relationship with my emotions and sense of well being. I am truly amazed and profoundly grateful.

Dr. Michael Lennox

Stephen in California

I really didn’t know what to expect or … Did I have the time? What would I get out of it? … What I was looking for was to release pain in my relationship with my wife and what I gained in this class goes way beyond what I imagined. A deep healing with my wife and beyond that an expansion in who I am, which really has led to a boost in my career and the quality of work and quality of my work environment.

Stephen in California


This program can’t change your life FOR you.

That would be crazy. That’s like changing your life by listening to audios and reading books about doing it.

But you can become inspired and REALLY willing to make changes that transform your life – and build the momentum to not give up and keep going until your life starts to look darn good. That's priceless.

I could charge so much more for the value that’s offered, but my goal is to have as many people as possible take this program and improve their lives.

So I'm offering it to you at just $172 per month. That's about the cost of a latte a day.

Do you know that the average person spends at least $5 per day to the detriment of their well-being?

What if you made an investment in YOU this year?

For the cost of a latte a day, you could have a truly transformational year.

If you have a sense that Masterful Living is just what you need this year, click the button below and join us!

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I missed the deadline, but I'd still like to join!


I created an in depth assessment to help you get clarity on the thoughts and patterns that are occurring in your life and contributing to your current situation.

Find out in which areas of your life this year-long course can help you.

Take my NEW Masterful Living 2017 Assessment!


Imagine you’re on a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean. No one is around you and the boat has sprung a leak - or maybe a few leaks.

The boat keeps filling with water but you’re smart and you have a bucket.

You start bailing out water. And you stay manage to stay afloat.

You're not moving anywhere, but at least you’re not sinking. But now you constantly have to bail out water non-stop. And it’s exhausting. And your boat is just drifting.

You can’t give any thought to getting yourself out of the mess because you HAVE to keep bailing or you’ll sink.

This is how many people feel every day of their life.

Along comes an empty sailboat. You don't know how to sail, but you've watched movies about sailing, you've read books about people sailing. Maybe you've even been on a sailboat before but you've never actually sailed a boat in your life.

You're not sure if you can sail the boat, but you realize that if you can get on that boat and figure out how to sail, you could stop bailing and actually go someplace. If you’re willing, things could change.

Would you get on the sailboat? Or would you just keep bailing, wishing you knew how to sail?

Opportunities come our way every day.

Are you seeing them? Or are you seeing them but NOT choosing them?

Many people get caught up thinking they have to know HOW to do something before they do it.

When the ego runs your life, you have to know how it’s all going to go before you say yes. “Show me the HOW and then I'll believe!”

And then if you can't see the HOW, you don't take action. Now you're stuck.

The bailing continues. Stagnation, stuckness, procrastination, resistance, and reluctance are running your life.

The HOW is not something you have to figure out. Forget about the HOW. Learn to allow.

When you cultivate a relationship with Spirit, it unfolds naturally.

Grace shows up. And you may think, this feels like a miracle, how could this possibly happen so easily?

But that's what it feels like when you’re willing to stop bailing and partner UP with Spirit. You’re now in a relationship.

You’re not on your own. You can release the struggle.

Then, you can stop bailing. You release the ego driving you to what you THINK will make you happy, to actually find and feel real fulfillment and satisfaction.

What you create in partnership with Spirit is divinely guided and when it's divinely guided, it almost seems like magic.

But it's not magic. Not at all.

It's you, stepping into the flow and choosing love.

It’s how life is supposed to be. It’s how YOU are designed to live – which is why, you won’t find lasting happiness until you stop blocking the flow with believing the negative beliefs and patterns have all the power.

That's what Masterful Living is ABOUT.

Helping you learn and apply you the PROVEN methods so you can see actually have TANGIBLE results and BUILD MOMENTUM to carry you to a life that really works for you and your family. Just like so many other people have.


Only you can guarantee your commitment and follow through, but I will give you a $$ back guarantee nonetheless.

So, don’t stress yourself out trying to decide now if Masterful Living is right for you. You don’t have to decide now.

Dive in, get acquainted and set your intention to have a life-changing year. Decide you’re going to give it your best shot – even if that’s 5 minutes a day.

If the Masterful Living Course doesn’t work for you—if you don’t begin to have less fear and more faith—you have nothing to worry about because you can get every cent of your money back.

“Why do I offer a money-back guarantee? So you can put all fear and sense of risk aside and TOTALLY GO FOR IT!

“I’ve spent years successfully teaching classes and workshops, and nearly a decade counseling people and supporting them to have unbelievable breakthroughs and amazing miracles. I don’t do it. God does it.

“That’s why I’m willing to take ALL the risk—so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’d rather do everything I can do to support you in taking this leap of faith—in saying “YES!”—than anything else I can think of.

“This guarantee is my commitment to YOU! That’s exactly how clear I am that ALL IS ONE!”

Here’s how it works:

If you participate for 2 months and it’s just not for you, let us know before March 9th, 2017.

You’ll receive a 100% refund of what you’ve paid (no refund on workbooks, they’re yours to keep).


You can always withdraw from the course at any point throughout the year, but you have 60 days to decide if it's for you RISK FREE.



You’re the one constant in your life.

What if you really could release even 25% of the negative choices you make in just one year?

What if, you really could release your false beliefs and the blocks to Love even by 10%?

Wouldn’t that change how you feel about yourself, and change your choices in relationships, at work, in the way you care for yourself?

Trust me, even a 10% change will open up a different life for you.

Think of this: if you’re sending a rocket to the moon, that’s a long trip, if you change the trajectory by even ONE percent, it will completely miss the moon. Get it?

Where is your rocket heading this year?

What if by changing your beliefs and patterns, you could actually see new opportunities when they present themselves because you could ACTUALLY RECOGNIZE them?

AND what if you could be willing to choose them? Wouldn’t that be totally life-changing?

Mimi in California

I had been a “fixer”, always trying to fix others, which was a way I masked my own sense of unworthiness. Doing the inner work in Masterful Living, I started accepting myself. In recognizing my own imperfections, I was able to begin to love and accept my family without judging them or trying to change them. I now feel the joy of engaging with my family, giving and receiving love without the barrier of worry and fixing. My happiness continues to expand in all areas of life. I am so grateful for Masterful Living. The outcome is far beyond anything I could have imagined.

Mimi in California

Karen in Oklahoma

As students of ACIM since 1996, I had memorized all 365 lessons, but my husband and I were attracted immediately to Jennifer. After a year in Masterful Living,  I had a very upsetting exchange with my daughter and the situation looked grim. I partnered up and each day said a prayer. Soon we were reunited and had one of the best visits ever. There were no words, no recounting the past, no moments of tension. Now we are living a loving relationship, a holy relationship, and I have no explanation other than my willingness to partner up and choose love.

Karen in Oklahoma

Teresa in New York

I've had huge shifts and what I feel are miraculous healings in relationships. My relationship with my husband has deepened. A couple weeks ago, he looked at me and said, you have gotten your money out of Masterful Living 100 times over. He's not only seeing the differences, he's experiencing them and he's experiencing them in himself...I used to often wake up with that dread feeling and I used to have trouble sleeping because of fear and anxiety. I rarely have that anymore. Now I wake up excited.

Teresa in New York



What is the value for you to feel better every day? To experience a more loving relationship with your partner or children? To feel less worry, less stress, and just plain happier in everyday life?

Do something differently this year and join us in Masterful Living.

It's just $172 per month. That's about the cost of a latte a day.

If you know that Masterful Living is just what you need this year, click the button below!

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I missed the deadline, but I'd still like to join!


Schedule a FREE Exploratory Call

My gift to you

Absolutely NO pressure involved.

This 30 minute FREE call with a spiritual counselor is to help you get clarity on you would like to experience and discuss how this course can help you.

This FREE session will support you in figuring out if this program is for you, right now.

Yes, I'd like to schedule my FREE Exploratory Call


I believe the script of your life is already written.

Who wrote the script?

You wrote the script. No one else is going write your script.

It has options - lots of options. You feel them all the time. In every moment you can make a loving choice or an unloving choice.

Whether you choose Love or block Love is what opens up your choices in the physical world.

Choosing love determines how your life FEELS to you. And it determines how life treats you.

Will you respond with love or fear, hatred or apathy? It's up to you.

When we keep making loving choices, it opens up higher and higher possibilities in our script... but they’re already there in your script.

We can train ourselves to consistently choose them and experience consistent results.

We all have negative karma to work out, but whether we work it out for our entire lives, 60 years, or just 1 more year or one more day is OUR CHOICE.

It may not feel like it, but it's our choice. We can start the healing now, or next year, or never.

Every year the folks in Masterful Living prove to themselves that a small investment of time and energy in spiritual practice brings real, tangible results.

They end up saving a lot of time.

Elena in France

I am a mom of three little kids. When I started Masterful Living one year ago I felt overwhelmed and stressed with my family situation. I experienced anger issues and was often triggered by the behavior of my kids. In addition to this I was also challenged by several health, behavior and development issues with one of my children. I tried everything I knew of to resolve them but nothing seemed to work. As a result I felt helpless and powerless. I felt like a failure.

The work I did in Masterful Living not only changed my emotional and mental state for the best, the whole family experienced a shift. The most significant positive changes I had during the year in Masterful Living were the healing of our family relationships and resolving all the issues with my challenging kid. My relationship to my husband is now much more loving, honest and compassionate. I'm much less triggered by the behavior of my kids, we talk more, spend more real quality time together. I feel less stress and have even time for myself and my new projects. In addition to this I witnessed an incredible transformation of my son. He has no more issues neither with his health not with his development. I am so very grateful for this healing. Looking back now I realize that these changes were not possible without the loving support of the Masterful Living community and the tools offered by Jennifer. When I wrote my goals for 2015 I did not believe myself that it was possible to achieve them in only one year, and yet it is the fact. Not only that met my goals but I experienced positive changes in different other areas of my life.

Elena in France

Elena told me that now her children play together well for hours, and her daughter does her homework without having to be asked again and again.

All of which saves her a lot of time and she invests in taking better care of herself, being more relaxed, focusing on her spiritual practice.

She’s proven that her willingness to practice saves her many hours a week – many. And her children get along better. And if she’s not having to poke and prod them to do their homework, then don’t they have a much more loving relationship? Of course they do.

Her practice shifted the entire dynamics of the family. It always does. We’re one with each other, of course when one person shifts they all shift! That’s precisely why this course is one year.

I invite you to make this year the year you decide to choose a more loving life. Masterful Living will help you do that.

And remember, you won't be doing this alone. You’ll have so much support from me and the Masterful Living Community.

Everything in Masterful Living is set up to support you and it will. You don't have to believe right now, you just have to have that little bit of willingness.

So, what will you do this year?

Do you have other options for changing your life and having a deeper connection with Spirit? Do you continue in an unsatisfying life?

I encourage you to step onto a path where the goal is freedom, expansion, peace of mind, and self-love.

Once you take the step to your true empowerment, you will KNOW, just as others in Masterful Living before you have discovered, that there is NO going back.

When the negative beliefs dissolve, you don’t engage in the patterns that keeps them alive.

Lasting healing and transformation teaches you that you’re not a victim, helpless to the circumstances of life.

You open up to higher possibilities for your life. You begin to see the opportunities and have the strength to choose them.

This can be the year you stop settling.

Do what so many other people have done and so many people this year are already choosing.

The group is forming right now.

Will you be joining them?

I really would love for you to be the one at the end of the year telling me about the amazing changes this year has brought you.

Miracles really can happen. I see them happen every year.

Chris in California

This course is so fabulous. I literally spent the entire year experiencing miracle after miracle after miracle. If I wasn’t experiencing a miracle myself, I was witnessing others in our group who were experiencing miracles. I honestly felt like there were times I was creating miracles myself. And to live an entire year like that, I’m telling you that changed my life.

Chris in California



No matter what you choose, I support and love you.

You can always do this on your own. I did. But I'd like to support you in relieving your suffering as quickly as possible.

I walked the path by myself. I figured it out but going it alone was hard!

This year, don't make it harder on yourself.

I'm offering to be a guide and providing you with an entire spiritual community to support you.

You'll get the benefit of everything I know and everything I've learned from all the others who have gone this path before you.

Doing it together is SO much easier and more pleasant of a journey.

Registration closes at midnight on January 9th.

Make the choice.

Are you going to continue bailing in the leaky boat or are you going to get in the sailboat to somewhere you’d like to go?

Will this be a year of stagnation & contraction or expansion? You decide.

Registration is Closed

I missed the deadline, but I'd still like to join!


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