Are You Looking to Heal Your Relationships?

Stop repeating the same old negative patterns and really commit to your spiritual growth.  Get out of your head and into a structured program that offers real support so you can make lasting changes in your life.

ACIM, Jennifer Hadley

Is Masterful Living For You?

  • Are you looking for peace and calm and can’t seem to achieve it in day to day life?
  • Would you like to improve your relationships?
  • Would you like to release negative thoughts and patterns once and for all?
  • Would you like the support of a Like-Minded Community?
  • Do you want to go deeper with your spiritual practice?
  • Would you just like to be more loving?

So often I’ve heard people say they’ve studied lots of books and taken so many classes and yet they’re not feeling more spiritual. They don’t have the peace and confidence they’ve been looking for. Many even despair that it’s not possible for them. I understand. I’ve been there too! I was there for a lot of years.

Studying alone doesn’t bring on breakthroughs. You gotta live it. You gotta walk the talk.

But HOW?  That’s what I teach you in Masterful Living. How to really live the teachings so you can make lasting changes in your life. We take it step by step together and it works.

Here are ways people have improved their relationships:

Linda Soto in Erie, PA

When I signed up for MLC, my intention was to deepen my connection with God. I had no idea the transformation & support I would receive from the community & doing the work. My life is completely different! My relationship with my hubby has deepened, my career changed, & I feel I'm being a more loving presence in the world. What a blessing this year has been. Thank you God & thank you Rev. Jennifer!

Linda Soto in Erie, PA


Stephen in California

I really didn’t know what to expect or … Did I have the time? What would I get out of it? … What I was looking for was to release pain in my relationship with my wife and what I gained in this class goes way beyond what I imagined. A deep healing with my wife and beyond that an expansion in who I am, which really has led to a boost in my career and the quality of work and quality of my work environment.

Stephen in California


Mimi in California

I had been a “fixer”, always trying to fix others, which was a way I masked my own sense of unworthiness. Doing the inner work in Masterful Living, I started accepting myself. In recognizing my own imperfections, I was able to begin to love and accept my family without judging them or trying to change them. I now feel the joy of engaging with my family, giving and receiving love without the barrier of worry and fixing. My happiness continues to expand in all areas of life. I am so grateful for Masterful Living. The outcome is far beyond anything I could have imagined.

Mimi in California

Why My Masterful Living Course Works

It offers 3 key components that have helped so many people get the results they desire.

#1 –  This is a Structured Year- Long Class with practical tools that work.

One of the main challenges people have is being consistent. Just imagine HOW MUCH EASIER IT IS to learn to be consistent when you have consistent support and a proven system that has worked for so many others like you! Follow the steps that are laid out for you and you CANNOT fail!

#2 – You will have ongoing support and guidance from me!

I am here with you every step of the way. I have been right where you are.  I felt like it would be impossible for me to become committed enough to actually have lasting healing and transformation at a miraculous pace. When you work step-by-step with lots of support you can truly heal and transform faster than you would imagine.

#3 – You get support from a Like-Minded Spiritual Community.

In Masterful Living, you get the exact amount of partnership and group support that works best for you, so you learn what it feels like to be loved, guided and carried. With support and encouragement YOU WON’T GIVE UP even when you feel like giving up!

My Masterful Living Course Includes:

  • MP3 downloads and transcripts of all classes so you never miss a thing (most people prefer to listen on download rather than live)
  • Simple Tools & Practices that build positive habits for deep healing & lasting transformation, so that you can walk step by step building all year long
  • Three detailed, inspiring workbooks – specifically designed to support your growth and keep you on track with doing the deep work (required – one time cost of 144 plus shipping)
  • Prayer Partners for extra support (optional)
  • A Private Facebook group where you can connect with your fellow participants day or night to give and receive support
  • Community Calls each week for authentic dialogue (without me) facilitated by Masterful Living Year 2 & Year 3 students who have done the work, had the healing and expansion, and share from their experience of using the tools
  • Discounted Monthly Counseling Packages to further support your healing and growth.


  • Direct one on one counseling sessions with me! We’ll have 3 sessions during the year where we can discuss your specific challenges and transformations.

What other program does this?

How much money have you already invested that didn’t give you what you were looking for?

I am offering all this to you for the cost of a latte a day! That’s right. Just the cost of a latte a day.

Only 12 payments of 127.!

plus a material fee of 144. plus shipping*
SPECIAL OFFER: Pay in Full and get 1 Payment Free!

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The Curriculum

I create multiple class series designed to go deep and really transform any negative patterns or beliefs that are preventing you from the life you desire. Some of those are:

Relationship Reboot
How To Be A Love Magnet
Healing Negative Patterns
How to Stop Playing Small
Developing Intuition & Divine Guidance
Manifest From the Heart
Building Trust and Faith
and more…

What People Are Saying About Masterful Living

Everyone has a different starting place. The steps and tools will give you your own unique experience. These are some of the experiences of my students.


Dr. Michael Lennox

I was prescribed medication for depression for 17 years. I always imagined that I could use my spiritual practice to transform my emotional experience and stop taking meds. However, I was afraid that I wasn’t committed enough to attend to such an enormous and frightening task. Taking Masterful Living changed my life completely: I am now medication free and enjoy a completely different relationship with my emotions and sense of well being. I am truly amazed and profoundly grateful.

Dr. Michael Lennox


Karen in Oklahoma

As students of ACIM since 1996, I had memorized all 365 lessons, but my husband and I were attracted immediately to Jennifer. After a year in Masterful Living,  I had a very upsetting exchange with my daughter and the situation looked grim. I partnered up and each day said a prayer. Soon we were reunited and had one of the best visits ever. There were no words, no recounting the past, no moments of tension. Now we are living a loving relationship, a holy relationship, and I have no explanation other than my willingness to partner up and choose love.

Karen in Oklahoma

Oriana in England

A Course in Miracles is very intellectual, and it is easy to get stuck in the “understanding” of it rather than the living of it (which I did for more years than I care to mention!)  But after taking Masterful Living, I am now truly embodying these principles and bringing them into my daily living experience. With her support and guidance, I have personally overcome huge fears and busted out of old self-limiting beliefs, something I would never have believed possible a year ago.

Oriana in England


I’d been listening to Jennifer for over a year when I was inspired to check out Masterful Living. I had doubts that I had enough time and energy to keep pace with the class work. I was working full-time, working as a part time yoga instructor, not to mention being a wife and mother, when I quickly realized I needed this course more than ever! Taking this leap of faith, I started “doing the work,” and while it took daily commitment, it eventually would save me a ton of time. I am continually amazed at how this work makes my life so much easier, joy-filled and spiritually expansive.

Courtney in Michigan

You Can Withdraw At Any Time

Dive in, get acquainted and set your intention to have a miraculous year. Decide you’re going to give it your best shot. If the Masterful Living Course doesn’t work for you—if you don’t begin to have less fear and more faith— you can simply withdraw and you won't be charged any further payments.


Could you use the support of a like minded community or a consistent spiritual practice that has been proven by successful by so many people?

You can stop trying to figure it out on your own. Just do the steps I tell you. I give you the EXACT TOOLS that have worked for me and so many others

All of this for just the cost of a latte a day!

Only 12 Payments of 127.!

plus a material fee of 144. plus shipping*

 SPECIAL OFFER: Pay in Full and get 1 Payment Free!

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Are You Willing?

Are you willing to actually do the work to create change in your life?

What is it costing you now to self-medicate and self-sabotage? How much time, energy, and money per day, per month, per year are you spending on things that only medicate your pain and will never, EVER do anything but medicate?

Most important, how much is it worth to YOU to feel confident that you are living an incredible, satisfying life with supportive, loving relationships?

You can participate in Masterful Living for a little over 4. a day. It’s an investment that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life—PLUS you get to share it with everyone in your life, because when YOU are masterful, EVERYBODY wins!

Registration will be closing January 10th,
so if you really want 2016 to be the year to attract a new relationship
or improve the ones you have, take action now!

 SPECIAL OFFER: Pay in Full and get 1 Payment Free!

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