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When you’re ready to relax into a spiritual program that works…  Step into the peaceful, satisfying life you’ve always wanted with the Masterful Living Course

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Wondering how to bring more peace, love, joy and fulfillment into your life? Listen in as Jennifer Hadley reveals how Masterful Living participants get out of their heads, into their hearts, and start experiencing more fulfillment in life. Start your Breakthrough Now! Simple tools that work.

A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • “I study spiritual things; why doesn’t my life improve?”
  • “Why do I have so many ups and downs?”
  • “Why can’t I stop thinking so negatively and feeling so bad?”
  • “Why is it always two steps forward and one step back?”
  • “Am I doing something wrong?”
  • “How do I get unstuck, get moving and get to my next level?”
  • “How can I truly align with what I believe and open up infinite possibilities?”

Being masterful means being aligned so consistently with your beliefs that circumstances and strong emotions no longer grab you and sweep you away. Becoming masterful, you’re able to hear the voice of Spirit more and more clearly. You learn to choose to follow Divine Guidance and your life really does open up to reveal higher possibilities in a way that you can accept them and experience them. Who doesn’t want that?

Year after year, Masterful Living participants say this year-long class helped them begin to experience a truly fulfilling life – one they thought might always be a fantasy.

  • Miracles and breakthroughs become the norm.
  • Transformation takes place and it sticks!
  • Careers dramatically take off.
  • People get engaged to be married.
  • Finances stabilize.
  • Emotions heal.
  • Powerful friendships form.

Why? Because participants move into a mystical relationship with Spirit. They permanently heal the mental patterns that keep them stuck in the past. Pure insight leads and guides them to the highest choice, and they have the awareness and confidence to choose higher! Ancient hurts dissolve and reveal profound gifts of wisdom and learning.

Dr. Michael Lennox

“I was prescribed medication for depression for over seventeen years. I always imagined that I could use my spiritual practice to transform my emotional experience and stop taking meds. However, I was afraid that I wasn’t committed enough to attend to such an enormous and frightening task. Taking Masterful Living 2 changed my life completely: I am now medication free and enjoy a completely different relationship with my emotions and sense of well being. I am truly amazed and profoundly grateful.”

– Dr. Michael Lennox

You too can learn to live this way, but it takes consistency. Being consistent in your spiritual practice on your own is challenging. Most find it easier and more fun to travel this road with like-minded companions. Just imagine HOW MUCH EASIER IT IS to learn to be consistent when you have consistent support!

You can be SO MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL when you have day-to-day partnership in walking your talk. That’s why you FEEL SO MUCH HAPPIER when you can rest on the authentic, transparent foundation of a loving community, where all are committed to the success of each member. In Masterful Living, you get the exact amount of partnership and group support that works best for you, so you learn what it feels like to be loved, guided and carried. You can finally relax into a rhythm of consistent practice and stay in it all year. With support and encouragement YOU WON’T GIVE UP even when you feel like giving up!

Day by day, week by week, you learn to embody more and more of the Truth until you are living it in such a deep way that you will never go back. That’s where the profound joy and expansion reveals itself.


All of this for about the cost of a latte per day!

Ask yourself: Are you willing? Are you worth it? You can make 2013 the most healing, expansive and successful year of your life! Do you know how to make that happen? If not, join us! Get the support you need to truly walk your talk and:

  • Leave your fears behind
  • Find the satisfaction you’ve been looking for
  • Watch your career and relationships improve, and
  • Open up to infinite possibilities!

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How the Masterful Living Course Works

A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Masterful Living includes:

  • Transcript of all classes
  • MP3 downloads of all class recordings and Saturday Heart Community calls, so you never miss a thing
  • Q&A sessions with Reverend Jennifer for individual support
  • A Prayer Partner for extra support
  • Membership in small group for weekly support and accountability
  • A community message board where you can connect with your fellow participants and give and receive support
  • Guest teachers
  • Simple Tools & Practices that build positive Masterful Habits for deep healing & lasting transformation, so that you can walk step by step building all year long


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Masterful Living Course 2013 is about profoundly deepening your
faith and living the miraculous life you were born to live.

Wonder what Masterful Living 2013 is like?

Listen in as Jennifer answers questions about Masterful Living and shares:

The #1 Key to Spiritual Mastery, Healing and Success:

or listen to the replay

The #1 Pitfall for Spiritual Students—Is it Keeping YOU Stuck?:

or listen to the replay

The Difference YOU Can Make in a New Year:

or listen to the replay



A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

  • If you’re tired of making and breaking resolutions every year…
  • If you feel blocked from living your true calling…
  • If you’re weary of pushing against seemingly endless obstacles…

These tele-classes are for you! And as a participant in Masterful Living 2013, you can attend all
three—a 376. value! Click to discover how you will:

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Meet the Community in Monthly LIVE Intensives

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can leverage your learning by joining us for monthly Saturday LIVE intensives.

These gatherings overflow with the joy of connecting face-to-face with folks who, like you, are truly interested in LIVING the teachings of Love. You’ll join with them in activities designed to activate the deepest levels of expansion for all. Each of these extraordinary additions to the basic Masterful Living Course helps you open your heart, communicate more openly, and receive more deeply.

To join us, add the “Intensives” option to your Masterful Living Course.

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You too can experience healing, breakthroughs and miracles


“Overcame my commitment challenges and held myself accountable for a whole year… When I felt myself going back to an old pattern, the integrity of the group lifted me up… the most transformative year of my life…”


“Attained a spiritual maturity and discipline that empowered me to change my thoughts and my life… my judgments have diminished, my relationships improved… the most important year of my life…”


“Learned how easy it is to live my divine purpose… easy to change, to learn, to grow… to live a life that’s filled with miracles… miracle after miracle after miracle… the most beautiful year of my life…”


“I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew deep down inside that I needed it… I experienced deep healing in my relationship with my wife and at work… what I learned opens doors in a way I can only describe as miraculous…”


“Gave me the structure and foundation to keep me in forward motion and in focus… I feel like I have an anchor now… got through heavy-duty challenges in a difficult year… saw many miracles…”


“Experienced community in a way I never have before… wasn’t being judged, I was being loved… gained a new way of thinking that empowered decisions… truly life changing…”

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Sounds great, but how much does it cost?

The real question to ask is: how much is it worth to break out of your patterns, habits and ruts?

What is it costing you now to self-medicate and self-sabotage? How much per day, per month, per year are you spending on things that only medicate your pain and will never, EVER do anything but medicate? Don’t those things actually increase the pain and suffering? You can break out of that cycle and save a time and $$$ right away.

Most important, how much is it worth to YOU to
feel confident that you are living a masterful life?

You can participate in Masterful Living for as little as $3.99 per day. It’s an investment that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life—PLUS you get to share it with everyone in your life, because when YOU are masterful, EVERYBODY wins!


Masterful Living One-Year Course

Starts Tuesday, January 1 and continues through December 2013

You pay only You save
Masterful Living Course 127. per month
plus a material fee of $55 and shipping
  A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley
Buy 11 months, get 12 1397.
plus a material fee of $55 and shipping
127. A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley

Money-Back Guarantee

Will a guarantee help you decide? Only you can guarantee your commitment and follow through, but I will give you a $$ back guarantee nonetheless.

So don’t stress yourself out trying to decide now if Masterful Living is right for you. You don’t have to decide now.

Dive in, get acquainted and set your intention to have a miraculous year. Decide you’re going to give it your best shot. If the Masterful Living Course doesn’t work for you—if you don’t begin to have less fear and more faith—you have nothing to worry about because you can get every red cent of your money back.

Reverend Jennifer Hadley

“Why do I offer a money-back guarantee? So you can put all fear and sense of risk aside and TOTALLY GO FOR IT!

“I’ve spent years successfully teaching classes and workshops, and nearly a decade counseling people and supporting them to have unbelievable breakthroughs and amazing miracles. I don’t do it. God does it.

“That’s why I’m willing to take ALL the risk—so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’d rather do everything I can do to support you in taking this leap of faith—in saying “YES!”—than anything else I can think of.

“This guarantee is my commitment to YOU! That’s exactly how clear I am that ALL IS ONE!”

So, here’s how it works: If for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with the Masterful Living Course, just let us know before April 1st, 2013 and you’ll receive a 100% refund of what you’ve paid. No hard feelings. No hoops to jump through. FAIR ENOUGH???

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A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley


What would it be like to feel masterful?

We all know what it’s like to feel anxious. Some have stronger fears, perhaps because they’ve experienced trauma. For many, anxiety adds urgency to their spiritual quest. Listen in as Reverend Jennifer explains how consistent support can help you relax into healing and growth.

Masterful Living Course: True Healing and Lasting transformation!

Many have studied spiritual principles only to put the book on the shelf, or gone to the seminar without experiencing the promised change. Listen in as Reverend Jennifer explains how you can finally put what you’ve learned into action, day by day.

Masterful Living 2013: Inner Breakthrough – Outer Success

Do you feel stuck? Like you’ve tried to change your behavior to get better results, but all you’re really doing is coping and living small? Listen in as Reverend Jennifer explains how to let go of what’s holding you back and start living the life you might have believed was just a fantasy.

Walking your talk, day by day!

Learning to live masterfully is the way out of suffering and into true and peace and lasting joy. There’s no way to experience any of that if you don’t practice what you believe day by day. The only way to succeed is through consistent practice—and the Masterful Living Course supports you in that!

No matter how or when you choose to take your next spiritual step, we’re delighted to share in your journey to align with what you truly believe. Let’s ROCK it together!

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