Thursday to Sunday
4 day retreat – 3 nights
Begins with dinner on Thursday
Ends with Lunch on Sunday


  • A spiritual retreat with like-minded souls!
  • Focus on clearing the mental & emotional clutter!
  • Dissolve resistance & reluctance to be your true spiritual self!
  • Get clear about the life you’re creating for yourself!
  • Release limitations and belief in lack
  • Deep forgiveness – forgive yourself for EVERYTHING!
  • Surrender the blocks to Love and open your heart
  • Lay a foundation for 2014: the most transformational year of your life!
  • Have FUN and RESTORE!
  • Prepare for Spring – clear a pathway to move UPWARD into pure Spirit!
  • Work deeply with the tools Jennifer shares in Masterful Living Course 2014

Where: The Expanding Light Retreat Center


Ananda Village is one of the most successful spiritual communities in the world and is part of the world-wide organization of Ananda. The Ananda community is situated on 800 acres of meadows and forests amidst the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northern California just outside Nevada City.

For more information, visit their site.

Imagine how you’ll enjoy:

  • The elegant beauty of the rooms and the facility
  • The healing, clarifying energy of the land
  • 3 delicious and healthy vegetarian buffets a day
  • Taking meditative walks by the Lotus Lake and visit the Temple
A 10-minute walk from The Expanding Light, Sunset Ridge provides an inspiring view of the setting sun and night stars.
For an additional charge, the center can arrange treatments such as offers massage, body and energy work; Ayurvedic healing; bio-energetic healing; and more. I will also be available for private counseling sessions for an extra charge.
Take the time to treat yourself and enjoy this opportunity to heal and restore!

Masterful Living is about awakening to our Divinity & the Divinity of all life.

For this awakening here is some of what we’ll be supporting you to create for yourself this year:

  • Learn to amplify your willingness to the maximum
  • Decide to develop a dedicated spiritual practice that you commit to that works for you
  • Learn to keep your motivation to wake up in front of you
  • Experience a strong and supportive community of dedicated, like-minded souls who are also committed to waking up to support you when you feel like quitting
  • Decide to stop studying spirituality and LIVE it, APPLY it
  • Become devoted to being loving every chance you have
  • Become inspired to forgive EVERYTHING – release all past hurts and upsets
  • Learn how to free yourself from limited thinking and beliefs
  • Discover how to build an unshakable faith and trust in God
  • Decide to stop giving yourself permission to be judgmental
  • Learn how to release the habits of procrastination, resistance & reluctance
  • Decide to heal your relationships – including your relationship with yourself
  • Be willing to develop a divine discipline to stay focused on spiritual awakening
  • Become interested in seeing the projections with clarity
  • Commit to release all judgments and become actively loving


February 25th to 27th
Tuesday to Thursday

2 days and nights for MLC 2 & 3

Retreat begins with dinner on Tuesday

  • Our focus is on shedding all blocks to Love
  • Getting to know ourselves and each other in an intimate setting
  • Working with the MLC 2 & 3 teachings in person
  • Specifically for students currently enrolled in MLC 2 & 3 AND students who have previously taken MLC 2



Choose Your Retreat

Masterful Living Retreat

4 days/3 nights


Masterful Living Retreat + Masterful Living Year 2 & 3*

6 days/5 nights


Masterful Living Year 2 & 3 Retreat*

2 days/2 nights