Do you sometimes:

  • Feel unworthy
  • Feel a lack of strong spiritual practice
  • Feel Self-doubt
  • Doubt God
  • Feel Confusion
  • Feel Shame
  • Feel alone
  • Feel inauthentic
  • Fear of letting people really know what’s going on
  • Feel you have no clear spiritual direction
  • Feel you have no healthy models/mentor
  • Engage in self-sabotage
    • Self-medication
    • Playing small
    • Exhaustion
    • Over-giving
    • Unhealthy boundaries – unable to say no
    • Giving in order to receive
    • Giving in order to get validated
    • Resentment
    • Not feeling honored
    • Not feeling appreciated
    • Not feeling understood

Are you ready to:

  • Get clear direction of next steps
  • Receive clear insight
  • Eliminate the CAUSES of suffering
  • Feel back on track
  • Feel inspired to fulfill your spiritual destiny
  • Feel motivated to get unstuck
  • Feel motivated to deepen spiritual practice
  • Feel connected to a powerful community
  • Feel relieved to stop playing small
  • Feel inspired to reveal your authentic self
  • Feel free
  • Feel masterful

Jennifer says: “Over the years, each of us has made a lot of mistakes and we’ve learned from them – both personally and professionally. Our extraordinary success is a direct result of our willingness to learn and grow on a moment to moment basis. It’s our gift to the community to share what we’ve learned so that YOU can join us and

Together, We Dive Deeper & Fly Higher

Our Class Schedule

  • There will be one class per day for 5 days
  • You can hear each speaker live via Phone or Webcast
  • The recordings of each class will be posted between 3-5 hours after the class is over.
  • The replays are our gift to you!

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Thurs, Dec 5 to Monday, Dec 9, 2013
at 11:00 PM, Pacific

Equivalent in your time zone:
Los Angeles, 11:00 AM | Chicago, 1:00 PM | New York, 2:00 PM |
London, 7:00 PM | Germany, 8:00 PM | Greece, 9:00 PM |
Tokyo, 3:00 AM | Sydney/Melbourne, 4:00 AM
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About Your Teachers


Jennifer, Kathryn & Rhonda combined have been licensed practitioners for over 45 years. Together, they have an active ministry that extends to more than 60,000 people around the world.

Jennifer-Hadley_290X2901Rev. Jennifer Hadley, ALSP has been an Agape Licensed Practitioner since 2000 and is a graduate of Agape’s first Ministerial class. Jennifer has been an active minister for more than 7 years with a global following of more than 22,000 students attending classes. She teaches a practical mystical program for spiritual awakening and attaining enlightenment based on New Thought teachings including A Course in Miracles. Her weekly radio show on the unityonlineradio.org radio network has had an international following since 2011.

melidpotsm_290X290Kathryn Alice, ALSP, RScP, is author of the instant bestseller Love Will Find You. She has taught internationally in over 50 cities on 5 continents. She has helped to mentor thousands into success. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, The New York Times, AP, BODY+SOUL, Parade, USA Today, Daily Mail, Los Angeles Magazine and on Montel, NBC and The Aware Show. Kathryn directed Agape’s Crisis Support Team for 6 years.

Rhonda-Britten_290X290Rhonda Britten became an Agape licensed practitioner in 1997 and has taught her Fearless Living principles to practitioners and minsters in workshops and retreats across the U.S. An Emmy-Award winner, repeat Oprah guest and 4 time bestselling author, Rhonda has changed lives in over 600 episodes of reality television and has impacted millions worldwide. Her best-selling book is called: Fearless Living.



Class Topics:

  • How to Stop Playing Small
  • Fearlessly Stepping Up
  • Activate Your Spiritual Destiny
  • Finding Balance with a Thriving Practice and/or Ministry
  • Confidently Determine Your Next Steps – Your Path of Lift-Off!

A Course in Miracles, Jennifer Hadley