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How to Avoid the Classic Mistake Spiritual Students Almost Always Make.

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How to Know If the Methods You’re Using Are Working.

A Simple Tool to Rapidly Increase Your Spiritual Growth and Happiness.

I invite you to make this year the year you decide to Walk the Talk & Live the Love.
Masterful Living is a program to support your spiritual success.

A detailed breakdown of the Masterful Living Program and How It Works

How Lorri Used Masterful Living to Heal Her Heart and Improve Her Life.

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About Jennifer Hadley

Jennifer Hadley, founder of LivingACourseinMiracles.com and the Power of Love Ministry has helped over 50,000 spiritual students to apply ACIM principles. Jennifer shares how to get out of your head and into your loving heart so in order to be truly helpful by walking the talk and living the love.  Jennifer offers programs for people who are ready to move beyond merely studying ACIM to deeply living it.  Jennifer Hadley trains and certifies professional Spiritual Counselors, Prayer Practitioners, and offers other professional training programs for spiritual teachers. Host of the popular A Course in Miracles weekly podcast, #1, on the Unity.fm online radio network since 2011.

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Masterful Living

Registration for Jennifer Hadley's Masterful Living Program is opening soon.