Are you so tired of repeating the past and feeling unable to put it behind you?

If you feel like you’ve forgiven, if you still feel angry, afraid and hurt and would like to be able to get your life back and move on, come join so you can feel light hearted again. 

Three Days - April 17, 18, 19
Friday to Sunday 

10am to 6:30pm Eastern 9am to 5:30pm Central 7am to 3:30pm Pacific 3pm to 11:30pm UK 2am to 10:30am Australia 


Sometimes the ways we try to find healing are a slow drip method that leaves us feeling true healing is nearly impossible. We settle for continuing to suffer because we don’t know the healing that is possible.  

I have learned so much by counseling people who've been intensely wounded and abused. Many times people have been in therapy for years, but are still feeling too wounded to move on. Their experience haunts them, even if it was decades ago.  

I have found tools and techniques that help people finally release their pent-up pain and move forward, reclaiming their innocence and wholeness as well as their happiness.  

No matter what has happened to you in the past, you can find your way to freedom. 

We can do it together.  

A Group Goal Setting Session with Jennifer Hadley prior to the retreat on March 26th at 5pm Eastern and a Group “After Grow” Session after the retreat date TBD - both group sessions on ZOOM. 

I spent most of my life in survival mode developing hypersensitivity and living in hyper vigilance, always waiting for the next shoe to drop. I sought help starting at age 16 - years of talk therapy, EMDR, shamanic journeys. I even had gurus, and studied all the books. I strived my whole life to get myself to where I could feel good and hopefully, one day be happy and joyful. I was barely coping when I came to the retreat with Jennifer.

I did come to the retreat ALL IN and I followed Jennifer’s guidance during the retreat to the T. I came willing to do the very deep inner work. I came willing to look at my lifetime of unloving thoughts and beliefs I held about myself. I came willing to have a true healing. And I trusted the whole process was in God’s hands.

The retreat jump-started my total healing process. I can feel that I am truly healing at my deepest core level.

I have started to experience self-love and self -compassion. I am slowing down from the hectic pace I had been moving at for forever and I am now enjoying my life. Most remarkably I am feeling the love from others that I had been blocking. I am feeling more like my true self and more easily able to return to peace and trust. What happened to me was truly miraculous. If you want your healing, it is possible.

~ Suzi Sokolow

Childhood sexual abuse runs concurrently with one’s psycho-social, spiritual and physical development. As an adult, I subscribed to the platitude, “the past can’t hurt me anymore.” and that was that. In a sense it is true. The events are over; the abuser long gone. Why then, after decades of traditional therapy and medication management am I not fully healed? Because I had not yet applied the teachings of ACIM and those principles and practices of my spiritual community, led by Rev. Jennifer Hadley (Power of Love Ministry) to these issues. I had not yet discovered my role in the meaning I made of those early traumatic events.  

While participating at the “Healing from Sexual Abuse Retreat”, I gained valuable insight on how to clear and release decades of childhood patterning and ego over-identification that kept me stuck in my wounding. I learned to take responsibility for my beliefs and judgments that perpetuated negative behaviors and outcomes throughout my life. Bringing these unconscious thoughts to the surface to be healed at the root cause was truly miraculous and life changing.  

I am now experiencing more grace and ease staying in alignment with my values. I am experiencing a higher level of intimacy in relationship with my beloved partner of ten years. My “triggers” have softened and are less frequent. I have more spaciousness to “just be” and am more comfortable in the “Now”. Most beautiful is my deeper, richer connection to Spirit.  

Jennifer’s masterful guidance and therapeutic tools empowered me in ways I never thought possible. This retreat was the springboard for living my divinely inspired life. I continue this deep, transformative spiritual healing from the inside out. I no longer needing psych meds, I am grounded in a daily spiritual practice where I do “the work” devotedly and gratefully. 

~ Kelly Hess

I had such a FANTASTIC experience with Jennifer & the other participants at the Healing Sexual Abuse Retreat. Previously, I’d in my life already done MUCH healing work with psychologists, psychiatrists, as well as group work on my childhood sexual abuse issues. The Retreat opened up even more personal growth and healing for me - it catapulted me a giant leap forward!!  

Since the Retreat last fall, I am now actively doing counseling with sexual abuse clients. I am in the process of establishing a Healing Sexual Abuse Support Group in my local area. I am also passionately preparing to do in-person Healing Sexual Abuse Retreats in New Hampshire, the Boston area, and anywhere else there is a group of interested people who are requesting a local event!! I am LIVING my SOUL PURPOSE of assisting those people who have been sexually abused by "giving the MIRACLE I have received" - DEEPLY SATISFYING!!  

~ Elizabeth Welch

When I went to Jennifer Hadley’s Workshop for the Healing of Sexual Abuse, I was bristling with mistrust, anger, judgment of others and judgement of self. And that’s after year’s of having worked on healing through a large variety of processes. Within the first few minutes of the workshop the healing began. By the end of the workshop, I had realizations and experiences that allowed me to release beliefs which sourced mistrust and anger — and to know without a doubt that I had released judgements of self and others on levels I never previously understood. Jennifer holds a high vibrational, non-judgmental space enabling this healing to occur. She is inspired by Higher Guidance. She shares tools which are simple, yet profound. She is sincere, yet does not forget to laugh. She is One with All of us. The Retreat I attended was truly a brilliant adventure in consciousness. A “taking out of the trash”, which is what I’m beginning to see that we are all here to do. And the more we participate in these processes and help each other to release our fear and pain, the more we contribute to the Enlightenment of everyone and everything, throughout time and space. As a Survivor of Sexual Abuse, I can truly say that Light and Love have entered through my wounds. I am now grateful for each and every part of my life. I am grateful to share the healing with all of you; and grateful to be part of Jennifer’s Ministry of Love. >

~ Paula Martin

  • Have you forgiven over and over again, but you still can’t let go?
  • Does the pain of the past keep blindsiding you?
  • Are you SO ready to let go and move on?
  • Do you feel that part of your precious life-force energy is being drained off by managing and coping with the unresolved trauma of the past?
  • Why wait and struggle any longer?  

This retreat, might be the perfect opportunity for you to let go and move on.

Follow your intuition and if it’s right for you right now, don’t delay, give yourself this gift today.  

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold onto a painful past and most therapists and counselors don’t understand how to help people to let go. Traditional forgiveness does not work.  

Jennifer Hadley has been successfully counseling people who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma for nearly 20 years. Join together with other like-minded souls for the united purpose of FINALLY being able to let the past go and move on.  

You will be amazed at how much healing can take place in 3 days.

Give yourself the gift of freedom.  

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Three Days - April 17, 18, 19 Friday - Sunday  

Includes Group Goal Setting Sessions before and a Group "After Grow" Session afterward both on ZOOM with Jennifer Hadley  

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