Recovery From Sexual Abuse

If you feel like you’ve forgiven, if you still feel angry, afraid and hurt and would like to be able to get your life back and move on, come join so you can feel light hearted again  

A Nurturing, Healing Retreat with Jennifer Hadley 

September 6 to 10 Friday to Tuesday 5 days, 4 nights

Art of Living Retreat Center Blue Ridge Mountains Boone, NC

This retreat is for a small group of 9 people maximum

4 spaces left


Sometimes the ways we try to find healing are a slow drip method that leaves us feeling true healing is nearly impossible. We settle for continuing to suffer because we don’t know the healing that is possible.  

I have learned so much by counseling people who've been intensely wounded and abused. Many times people have been in therapy for years, but are still feeling too wounded to move on. Their experience haunts them, even if it was decades ago.  

I have found tools and techniques that help people finally release their pent-up pain and move forward, reclaiming their innocence and wholeness as well as their happiness.  

No matter what has happened to us in the past, we can find our way to freedom.  

A Group Goal Setting Session with Jennifer Hadley prior to the retreat and a Group “After Grow” Session afterward - both group sessions on ZOOM.

Jennifer’s workshops and trainings helped me to integrate the principles that she teaches more deeply and thoroughly because they helped me to move from gathering information to actually practicing the principles. 

At the end of the retreat, I realized that chronic tension in my neck and shoulders had completely disappeared!  

I am much more loving to myself, my husband and my family as a result of attending her retreat.

~ Sue Olson 

  • Have you forgiven over and over again, but you still can’t let go?
  • Does the pain of the past keep blindsiding you?
  • Are you SO ready to let go and move on?
  • Do you feel that part of your precious life-force energy is being drained off by managing and coping with the unresolved trauma of the past?
  • Why wait and struggle any longer?  

This retreat, might be the perfect opportunity for you to let go and move on.

Follow your intuition and if it’s right for you right now, don’t delay, give yourself this gift today.  

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold onto a painful past and most therapists and counselors don’t understand how to help people to let go. Traditional forgiveness does not work.  

Jennifer Hadley has been successfully counseling people who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma for nearly 20 years. Join together with other like-minded souls for the united purpose of FINALLY being able to let the past go and move on.  

You will be amazed at how much healing can take place in 5 days.

Give yourself the gift of freedom. There are only 9 spaces so please register ASAP.  

Come to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and reclaim your peace of mind.  

I can't imagine where my life would be today if I hadn't pushed myself to take a chance on attending last year's Forgiveness Retreat. I had spent three years reading and working through A Course in Miracles workbook and text, but I felt absolutely stuck between a rock and a hard place. I had no idea how to make a spiritual life worth living. I chose the Forgiveness Retreat out of desperation - I was nervous and not sure about the retreat, Jennifer’s teachings, or my ability to strike off on my own and travel to Boone, North Carolina to this mountain top retreat center. I look at this retreat experience as the beginning of finding a way to joy.

~ Deana Desjardins

High up, in the heart of the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, a retreat center with all the amenities including an Ayurvedic Spa, surrounded by forest, offering yoga, meditation, where they grow much of their own food to offer delicious, nutritious and balanced meals to support our spiritual awakening. Enjoy the beauty of the spectacular vista, the serenity of the environment and go home feeling refreshed and renewed in body and mind and Spirit! The perfect place for an inspiring retreat!

Give yourself the gift of renewal and restoration! For more information, visit their site.

This retreat is being held at the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC because it is such a healing space. They have the foremost Ayurvedic Spa in the United States and all the meals will be vegetarian.  

Imagine how you’ll enjoy:  

  • The healing, clarifying and peaceful energy of the Blue Ridge mountains
  • Taking meditative walks on nature paths and on the labyrinth 
  • Ayurvedic spa treatments & consultations. Click to learn more
  • Meeting new spiritual friends
  • 3 delicious and healthy vegetarian meals a day. Click here to see sample menus
  • Consider adding an extra day or two to relax and restore  

**For an additional charge, the center offers a wide range of restorative, rejuvenating, healing and nourishing Ayurvedic spa treatments. Jennifer will also be available for private counseling sessions for an extra charge. Take the time to treat yourself and enjoy this opportunity to heal and restore! Come early and stay an extra day or two.  

Jennifer has made special arrangements for the spa to be open and available to us in the evening so that we can end the day with nourishing and restorative spa services. (Please book directly with spa and be sure to do so as far in advance as possible.)  

Jennifer has personally enjoyed almost every treatment and massage they offer at Art of Living and can vouch for their nourishing effects. Follow your intuition as to what is best for you. The staff is well trained and can help you decide. 

Room rates per person, including all meals, taxes - per night

Double Retreat Sharing: 155. Single Retreat: 190.  

Hotel Style Double Sharing: 189. 

Hotel Style Single: 242.  

Our group work will be in the morning and the afternoons. Book your accommodations early. You are encouraged to book a room in the Spa building so that if you book healing, nourishing spa treatments in the evening you can easily walk from the spa to your room. 

September 6 TO 10 Friday - Tuesay 5 days - 4 nights at the beautiful Art of Living Retreat Center Blue Ridge Mountains, Boone, NC  

Includes Group Goal Setting Sessions before and a Group "After Grow" Session afterward both on ZOOM with Jennifer Hadley  

Includes addition of three 1 hour individual counseling sessions with Jennifer Hadley - can be used before, during or afterward. When you book this option you can book a counseling session right away to get started.  

When I signed up for Jennifer's retreat, I hoped to gain tools and experience as a spiritual counselor and work through tremendous feelings of unworthiness, loss, fear, depression and hopelessness related to health problems I had at the time as well as the ending of an intimate relationship. What I gained was so much more than that.  

The experience I had was enormously transformative and miraculous. It renewed my ability to love myself-truly love myself, more than I ever had, without judgments and doubts. It helped to reveal the Truth about me, that I am a perfect Child of God. It helped me see my clients and all others in my life as already healed, whole and perfect.  

Jennifer taught me how to forgive myself for all of the "mistakes" I believe I made, and how to let go of regret and resentments towards myself and others in my life who I believed had harmed me. It helped me release the fear that had taken over my life and the victim mentality I had developed.

~ Kel Lash

Includes all group activities and teachings.  

Room and meals are extra - all room rates include meals. Please book your room directly with Art of Living - book early.

Once you register, book your room and meals package directly with the hotel.  

Payment plan options are available on checkout Enroll now and we'll support you with a payment plan that works for you!  

(Non-refundable deposit of 200. No refunds after August 6th)