Do you feel like something is missing from your training?Would you like to be of greater service?

Some coaching, psychology, and ministerial programs teach only intellectual practices. They teach formulas and strategies. But a truly healing therapy session is all about being able to be in your heart and meet your client from that space. 

After 16 years of counseling people, I’ve become confident and effective at helping people improve their lives. But I didn’t always feel that way. 

When I completed my training to be a professional spiritual counselor, I had no confidence that I could effectively counsel people. I learned the information, and I had faith that I could be helpful, but working with clients one on one was completely new to me.  

I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone about about this. I felt I had to project confidence. How could I be a fully licensed counselor and not feel confident counseling people? Sometimes I even judged my clients and then I would pray for myself!

How could I help others when I needed help myself?

The Truth Is:

When you come at people from the intellect, it often creates more judgment and prolongs suffering for both you and them. You might be able to seem to achieve a temporary fix, but that just delays real healing.  

When you approach your clients from a spiritual, heart centered place, you open the opportunity for true, lasting transformation. And that’s what people desire: real change. 

Wouldn’t you LOVE to be able to facilitate people making real changes and having lasting healing? When you learn to get yourself out of the way, you can help people transform their lives.

Learn how to be a profoundly healing presence in every interaction and every relationship.

Whether you’re already a licensed therapist, counselor, healer, practitioner, teacher, minister or still studying:  

This intensive training will assist you to increase your feelings of confidence and your success in working with clients.

It took me years to develop a method that is truly healing, that allows me to come from a heart centered place when working with people. 

Using this method, I’ve been blessed to support my clients in moving out of pain, into living miraculous lives and making their dreams come true. 

This is exactly what I will teach you in this program.

My Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive program is a multi-layered, thorough and profoundly deep, rigorous training for those who would like to become masterful at Spiritual Counseling. 

This includes opening up your intuition, healing your life, and becoming truly masterful. For most of us this is something we achieve over many years of deep inner work, training and study. With this program, I help you speed up the process so you can be truly helpful to others sooner.

I believe that spiritual counseling is part Divine calling and part skill. That skill is part intuition and part learned. I feel that one of the greatest ways I can be truly helpful is to support those lightworkers who are willing to answer this call to serve humanity as a spiritual counselor.  

It took me 6 years of work to feel that I was finally becoming an excellent spiritual counselor that could be truly helpful to my brothers and sisters. I’m so grateful I can support those who feel this is their calling and help them achieve that confidence in a quarter of that time.”  

~ Jennifer Hadley 

The Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive is a 7-day, 6-night program held in a beautiful, serene location. 

Because this work is so profoundly life-changing, I've found it very effective to do our daily sessions and then take breaks, allowing time to process and activate the deep healing. Because we’re a small, intimate group, you’ll get plenty of individual attention and assistance. 

Being in a picturesque location gives us the opportunity to do our work and also enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. It’s like a vacation and a training in one!

Each day focuses on different aspects of counseling work to give you a solid foundation on all levels. 

Part of the training will be lecture but the majority of the time will be spent in group and one on one interactions, allowing for real-time application, insight and improvement. 

Because we’re a small, intimate group, you’ll get plenty of individual attention and assistance.

You’ll become familiar with various exercises and practical tips & tools to immediately get results and increase the effectiveness of your work with clients

Here are some of the topics we’ll be going into depth on: This training is deeply transformative for the participant and what you learn and apply in this intensive training will benefit everyone in your life.


Magnetize and attract the perfect clients for you to be of service to 


Discover your hidden blocks to success & how to heal them


Get out of your own way so your counseling practice can thrive and benefit more people


Release resistance, reluctance, shame, fear of failure and unworthiness that keep you playing small and repelling clients


Improve the promotion and marketing of your services


How to get back into your heart when your client is triggering you


Tap into your intuitive guidance to bring about miraculous transformation in a counseling session


Learn how to quickly recognize and eliminate the thoughts and beliefs that are the root cause of suffering. Create miraculous healing


Deepen your own spiritual practice, and anchor yourself to be a more beneficial presence for your clients.

NOTE: If you would like to receive CEU/CLU’s (Continuing Education Units) needed for your specific licensing requirements by your governing board – please let us know and we will do everything we can to work with you to achieve that goal. Please contact for assistance. 

This training is deeply transformative. What you learn and apply in this intensive training will benefit everyone in your life. 

"When I signed up for the intensive, I hoped to gain tools and experience as a spiritual counselor and work through tremendous feelings of unworthiness, loss, fear, depression and hopelessness related to health problems I had at the time as well as the ending of an intimate relationship. What I gained was so much more than that.  

The experience I had at the intensive was enormously transformative and miraculous. It renewed my ability to love myself-truly love myself, more than I ever had, without judgments and doubts. It helped to reveal the Truth about me, that I am a perfect Child of God. It helped me see my clients and all others in my life as already healed, whole and perfect. 

Jennifer taught me how to forgive myself for all of the "mistakes"  

I believe I made, and how to let go of regret and resentments towards myself and others in my life who I believed had harmed me. It helped me release the fear that had taken over my life and the victim mentality I had developed.  

Now, 5 months later, I continue to feel the miraculous benefits of this experience. I have so much love for myself and do not hold onto judgement about my family, friends, intimate partners, and myself in the way that I used to. The conflicts within myself and that I experienced with my family are no longer present. I am joyful ad energized and resilient.  

I no longer have any heath problems and I recently ended another intimate relationship on a positive note with strength and optimism, without feeling the feelings of heartache, isolation, fear, and grief and sorrow that had disabled me last year. My ability to overcome pain, loss, heartache, sadness, grief and fear is truly 1000 times more powerful than it used to be.  

I am able to be with myself every day and feel connected to the Divine and know that I am not alone. I developed long lasting friendships, on the soul level with the people who participated. I am so grateful for the experience. If I could afford to attend both intensives every year, I would do it in a heartbeat. I continue to experience very deep and meaningful dreams of the experience. The love that Jennifer brought out in us was a miraculous experience and continues to fill me with joy, gratitude, peace and love.”  

~ Kel Lash, Family Therapist, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor

"I am a retired Unity minister and I went to the Training Intensive hoping to learn more about spiritual counseling, and to be endorsed by Power of Love Ministries as a spiritual counselor. The experience offered much more than I expected in terms of learning and practicing the skills involved.  

I met a group of very loving people with whom I am still connected. Although we are spread all over the U.S., we continue to counsel each other. So, I now have an incredible spiritual support system whenever I need it. 

Jennifer’s Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive helped me to integrate the principles that she teaches more deeply and thoroughly because they helped me to move from gathering information to actually practicing the principles.  

At the end of the 10 day intensive, I realized that chronic tension in my neck and shoulders had completely disappeared! I am much more loving to myself, my husband and my family as a result of attending this intensive.” ~ Reverend Sue Allaurah Olson, Unity Minister

“I responded to Spirit’s guidance and answered the call to attend Jennifer’s Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive a year ago. I had already been a practicing psychotherapist for over 30 years and a Spiritual Practitioner for over 10 years. I found my work personally and professionally rewarding and was enjoying an abundantly full private practice. I frequently received feedback from my clients that our work together was nourishing and healing for them. Still, I knew there was a deeper dimension that was possible both in my personal and professional journey.  

I was also enjoying the fruits of a loving family life and in general I enjoyed satisfyingly and close friendships. Still, I could feel there  

was a deeper dimension of giving and receiving love. I yearned to break through to that expansive, free and joyful place. I had been following Jennifer’s work ever since I heard her speak at Agape International Spiritual Center many years ago.  

I was moved and touched by Jennifer's description of how people often spend time and money attending workshops, reading spiritual books, and talking about spiritual matters and yet still find that deep peace illusive. In my case, I intermittently experienced the Light, but yearned to live and love more and more from that place all the time.  

I knew it was possible but couldn’t quite get there. I felt guided to sign up for Masterful Living and within 6 months I found my self at a beautiful retreat center, attending Jennifer’s Spiritual Counseling Intensive. I found the “Intensive” just that .....Intensive! Just deciding to go started a wave of support from the invisible as well as visible realms.  

Jennifer’s loving presence and pristine clarity of purpose was the container for a transformative and healing awakening.  

The Spiritual Counseling skills I began learning and practicing at the Training Intensive have led me to a profound experience of allowing to Spirit move through me with ease and grace. The friendships I made with those attending the Intensive continue to nourish, support and accelerate my journey.  

As a result of attending the Intensive, my Spiritual Counseling skills and Spiritual Counseling practice continue to expand. My relationships with those close to me and all others are more loving and less judgmental. I know this is a natural outgrowth of my living more and more from an expansive, free, joyful and deeply loving place. As an ACIM student, my Atonement is in sight !  

I am grateful that I answered when Spirit whispered in my ear “Go to Jennifer’s Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive!”  

~ Vanessa L. Bland, Marriage & Family Therapist

You can have the courage to let the past go and FLY! "I signed up for Jennifer Hadley's Stop Playing Small and Spiritual Counselling retreats in North Carolina in April /May of this year not because I wanted to become a spiritual counsellor, but because I had a deep longing to be healed of a lifetime of playing small. Having joined Masterful Living in January of 2018 and having experienced how helpful Jennifer's teachings are, I felt a deep healing was possible for me at these retreats. I was not disappointed. I learned that Jennifer really does walk the talk. I learned that my judgements and opinions are what keep me in pain and feeling and acting small. I learned how to start letting these go. One step at a time I am letting my judgements go. This year I have let go of so much pain. I've experienced so much love, support and community. I've been able to face major challenges with far more grace and confidence than ever before. I am so grateful to Jennifer for offering these retreats." 

~ Patricia Alfonso

Jennifer Hadley’s Spiritual Counseling Intensive training was one of the most profound and healing experiences of my life – as well as a valuable professional experience! I’m a National Certified Counselor with a BA in psychology, and a MA in Human Development Counseling. Although I’ve received a great education and professional experience, my spirit felt there was something still missing while working with my clients. Jennifer and the amazing people in my class helped me evolve from working at an intellectual level to working from the sacred space of my heart. My heart feels more joyous and I have more clarity about my mission in life since this training! 

~ Connie Batsell, National Certified Counselor M.A.


Honor's Haven Resort & Spa is located in the historic Hudson Valley, famous for its beauty. Nestled amongst 200 acres of lush gardens and rolling hills surrounding a crystalline freshwater lake with a view of the Shawangunk Mountain Range, the resort offers hiking, biking, climbing and birdwatching, as well as numerous outdoor recreational activities close by. A short drive from the world-famous Catskill Mountains, whose majestic landscape inspired a generation of American artists. 

Register NOW for this healing retreat

OCTOBER 9TH TO 15TH Wednesday - Tuesday 7 days - 6 nights at the beautiful Honor Haven’s Resort & Spa  

You may wish to come early or stay longer to stretch out your rest and restoration! The Resort is happy to extend our special discounted package rate for your extra days.  

Includes all group activities and teachings. Room & Meals are separate charge - book directly with the Honor's Haven Resort.  

We have arranged for a discounted Room & Meals package rate at the Honor's Haven Resort. Once you register, book your room and meals package directly with the hotel.

Payment plan options are available  

1 PAYMENT OF 1292.

(Non-refundable deposit of 200. No refunds after September 9th)  



I highly recommend Jennifer Hadley’s Spiritual Counseling certification program. The intensive training retreat was deeply healing for me personally. As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, the retreat allowed me to strengthen my skills and confidence in working with clients one on one. Specifically I experienced growth in the area of developing my intuition and trust. Over the course of the program, I have had many personal breakthroughs in my relationships, finances and creative expression including transforming self-doubt and stepping into my power as a spiritual teacher. I finally got what it means to allow Spirit within me do the work.”

~ Rainbow Weldon, Minister & Spiritual Counselor 

"I recently attended Spiritual Counseling Intensive even though I have been an executive coach for a while. I experienced and witnessed a deep healing for self and others. This program provided me with the deeper meaning and understanding of holding every individual as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole and my role is to hold the space for their magnificence to unfold. As a result of the spiritual counseling I am intentionally focusing on what I want and healing the patterns that sabotage my greatness and keep me small. I am integrating this new way in my coaching so knowing that deep healing is taking place. I am so very grateful to Jennifer for trusting her guidance and helping the world to heal through spiritual counseling."

~ Phil Rego, Executive Coach

Taking the Spiritual Counseling Intensive was the best decision of my life. I originally took it with the intention of adding the techniques to my current coaching practice. After two days, I was ALL IN and knew in my heart that my coaching practice was making way for a Spiritual Counseling practice. The transformations I experienced were life changing. I experienced a deep healing around my relationship with my mother as well as my beliefs around abundance. My life purpose has been found and my life forever changed. I am so grateful to have listened to my intuitive promptings to take this course. I have found my passion, my path and a teacher who truly walks her talk.“ 

 ~ Lorri Gifford, Coach 

Attending the Spiritual Counseling Intensive was deeply healing, joyous, expansive and inspiring. The momentum I am experiencing post-intensive is miraculous. I’ve attracted clients and found that so many people are interested in living peaceful, loving lives and I get to hold sacred space for them! Feeling so positive about my work as a spiritual counselor has spilled over into my relationships and my overall sense of well-being. I feel free, happy and fulfilled. I feel much closer to achieving my life aspirations. I highly attest to the power of this training and know that it does affirm and activate a deeper, richer connection to Spirit.” 

~ Angela Potts-Mang’andah

The insights I gained in myself and how to listen and respond to others was fantastic! We learned how to allow the person we were counseling to tap into and bring forward the answers to their own healing - quite amazing. I’m in business, not a counselor, yet I’ve had the opportunity to use what I learned on many occasions since. 

If you're wanting to become a certified counselor then this professional training is an obvious choice. If you're interested in learning more about yourself and how to better communicate with others on a deeper level, I suggest you consider taking this training."

~ Ron Raitz

A Spiritual Counselor offers counseling/therapy sessions similar to a traditional therapist. 

In the session, we work with our clients to set a strong intention for healing, expansion and clarity in order for at the release of limiting beliefs and painful experiences. 

Rather than focusing on the past and how one got to the present moment, we support the client in being clear about where they'd like to go and how they will get there. 

In keeping our attention on the healing and changes that they desire, we are able to support the client in identifying the root causes of the things they’d like to change. 

By focusing on healing the root cause of all issues, and discovering what’s needed emotionally and mentally for them to live the life they desire, we bring transformation, and relief - often with what can sometimes feel like miraculous results. 

When your client's strong intention to transform and transcend limiting beliefs joins with our strong intention for deep healing, we are in the place where transmutation and miracles happen! Our work is transdenominational, and is beyond the realm of religion. All faiths are welcomed.

Are You Interested In Becoming A Certified Spiritual Counselor? 

This training is the first part of a program to become a Certified Spiritual Counselor with Jennifer Hadley. 

Click here to see if the Spiritual Counseling Certification program is right for you!

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Q: What will the daily schedule be?  

A: These days of training will be full on FUN with immersion learning. Jennifer will be giving you the maximum amount of learning opportunity in each day. Plan to participate fully.  

Our schedule will be as follows:  

  • ♡ Our intention is that you will have time to rest, restore, relax and have FUN!
  • ♡ We begin with Dinner on Wednesday at 6pm and end with our lunch break on Tuesday at 12pm. All meals are included including Sunday lunch.  
  • ♡ Breakfast is served 7:30 to 9:30am each day. Our morning session will generally begin at 9:30am and go until 12pm.

  • ♡ Lunch is noon to 1:30pm. Our afternoon session will be 2:30 to 5:30 and Dinner is 6 to 7pm  
  • ♡ Evenings will depend on the group - we will have different offerings on each night including group discussions, having fun and playing together, movie nights, and more! Some evenings will be very light, some will be longer. You’ll receive a more definitive schedule as we get closer to arrival time so you can book spa sessions.

Q: Where is the hotel located? Is there a special rate?

A: Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa is located in an enviable location (90-minutes from just about anywhere in the Tri-State area).

Per person, DOUBLE occupancy, including meals, taxes, resort fees - shared room, per night

Standard 135. 

Executive 152. 

Suite 169. 

Per person, SINGLE occupancy, including meals, taxes, resort fees - per night

Standard 192. 

Executive 225. 

Suite 257. 

After you enroll, you'll receive more information on special room rates at the Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa (some restrictions apply. See your confirmation email for more details.)  

Nearest airport is Stewart International Airport which is 50 minutes by car. Albany, Laguardia and Newark airports are all approximately 1 hour 45-minute drive (we can help with car pooling and arranging rides). JFK airport is 2 hours and 20 minutes by car. Boston’s Logan airport is 4 hours by car.

Q: Can you help me find a roommate?

A: We will gladly help you find a roommate, but we cannot guarantee it. Contact for more information.  

OCTOBER 9TH TO 15TH Wednesday - Tuesday 7 days - 6 nights at the beautiful Honor Haven’s Resort & Spa  

Includes all group activities and teachings. Room & Meals are separate charge - book directly with the Honor's Haven Resort.  

We have arranged for a discounted Room & Meals package rate at the Honor's Haven Resort. Once you register, book your room and meals package directly with the hotel.

Payment plan options are available

(Non-refundable deposit of 200. No refunds after September 9th)