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Self-Love is Sanity

November 1, 2019 | COMMENTS
Life is so crazy. On the one hand, we are desperate for Love and are working so hard to get approval, and on the other hand we push it away and reject it over and over again. That is the... Read More

Attaining Enlightenment

October 31, 2019 | COMMENTS
Happy Halloween to you! I’m up in Maine and missing out on the festivities, as it’s very quiet here on Deer Isle. I love Halloween and all the pageantry of it. I love arts and crafts, and it’s fun to... Read More

Family Blessings

October 30, 2019 | COMMENTS
I’m up in Maine at my family’s home on Deer Isle. I’m here to do some Fall planting. I’ve got hundreds of bulbs to be planted. I’m excited because here on the island, Spring comes late. Spring is mostly mud... Read More

Labels Aren’t Helpful

October 29, 2019 | COMMENTS
One of the big traps of the ego is deciding who is good and who is bad, who is right and who is wrong. Often we find that we’re the biggest culprits of them all. The ego is the mindset... Read More

Marathon Woman

October 28, 2019 | COMMENTS
It might seem counter-intuitive or it might seem just plain insane, but the pain is helpful. I used to be a runner. I ran the New York Marathon in 1986 with my Dad. In preparing to run the marathon I... Read More

Transforming Challenges to Blessings

October 27, 2019 | COMMENTS
A lot of people are feeling extremely and consistently challenged right now - so if that’s you, just know you’re not the only one. Life IS intense for many people right now. I remember there was a point in my... Read More

There is No Lack

October 26, 2019 | COMMENTS
Love is intelligent. It is a Divine Intelligence that is so perfectly brilliant it is inconceivable how beautiful and miraculous it always is. And this is what we are. Spirit’s unfailing Wisdom is always available to us. We can tap... Read More


October 25, 2019 | COMMENTS
My life significantly improved when I decided to make my spiritual awakening my #1 priority. It’s a shift in thinking - and it shifted everything in my life for the better. In this world, everything is a projection of our... Read More

Being Unconditionally Loving

October 24, 2019 | COMMENTS
When I bring my attention fully into the present, into the now moment, then I can see that each and every moment contains a clear choice. The choice is always between Unity/Oneness/Love and separation. For a long time, I wasn’t... Read More

Alleviating Annoyance

October 23, 2019 | COMMENTS
It used to be, that on a regular basis, I’d be around people that I found annoying. Some were slightly annoying and some were intensely annoying. I used to think that the annoyance factor was their fault. Some people were... Read More

Blame is Exhausting

October 22, 2019 | COMMENTS
A Course in Miracles tells us that relationships are the best tool we have for working with our minds. Ain’t that the truth? Lordy! I used to feel so tested and tried by my relationships. I was quick to blame.... Read More

Eliminating Shame

October 21, 2019 | COMMENTS
I didn’t realize it, but I was preventing myself from having healthy Self-esteem. I was actively ignoring the warning signs from Spirit and I was degrading my own sense of well-being and worthiness. And, to a large degree, I didn’t... Read More

Surviving Intense Times with Grace

October 20, 2019 | COMMENTS
What I am noticing is that the time of healing is getting increasingly intense for all of us.  People are melting down and flipping out.   For those who are fully committed to being loving and compassionate, it does get... Read More

Eliminating Failure

October 19, 2019 | COMMENTS
I used to have a fear of failure, and I see that many are stopped in living their deep heart’s desires because they fear their own failure. There is a surefire recipe to avoid failure and it works every time.... Read More

Getting Rid of Guilt

October 18, 2019 | COMMENTS
A Course in Miracles tells us that keeping us feeling guilty is what our special Love relationships are all about. It tells us that our special Love relationships are relationships that are actually backward. Instead of unconditional Love there’s co-dependency,... Read More

Spiritual Fitness

October 17, 2019 | COMMENTS
Cultivating the ability to GENUINELY be aware of our thoughts is to living a miraculous life what stretching and exercising are to have a healthy body. Many people satisfy themselves with reading about spirituality and listening to audios about spirituality.... Read More

Spirit of Ego?

October 16, 2019 | COMMENTS
So many times I’ve had the experience of getting an idea to do something and not knowing if it was ego or intuition. I’d struggle with it. Ultimately, it would come down to me choosing what I wanted most. That... Read More

Miraculous Life

October 15, 2019 | COMMENTS
Doesn't it sometimes seem like a miracle that we can change our minds and stop making a mess of our lives? For a long time I was so AMAZED at the transformation I was experiencing. I had no idea that... Read More

Blessed Always

October 14, 2019 | COMMENTS
We can see that things are very intense in the world right now. There are outbursts all over the places of all kinds. And this IS the time that we’ve been preparing for. We are here to be truly helpful.... Read More

My Own Worst Enemy

October 13, 2019 | COMMENTS
I can see now how often I made my life hard, difficult, painful, and uncomfortable. I did it to myself, but I thought other people were doing it to me. I thought it was life happening to me. One of... Read More

Liberation from Limiting Thoughts

October 12, 2019 | COMMENTS
As I write this, I’m blessed to be in the midst of offering one of my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensives. It’s such powerful healing when we’re finally willing and ready to recognize that the only limitations we have are the... Read More

Life Purpose

October 11, 2019 | COMMENTS
Many times people ask me to help them uncover their life purpose. I get it. People don’t feel successful in their life until they tap into living their life purpose. What I’ve realized is that our life purpose really isn’t... Read More

Feelings Are Helpful

October 10, 2019 | COMMENTS
It’s intense right now for a lot of people. We see it in the news and we can feel it in the day-to-day. Things that don’t work anymore are falling apart so that there can be more Peace, Love, and... Read More

Growing Through Joy!

October 9, 2019 | COMMENTS
Plain and simple: The things that bother me are the things that trigger a false belief. When false beliefs are triggered, I’m more likely to look at them, feel them, and give them my awareness and attention. Awareness and attention... Read More

Complaining Is A Habit We Can Quit

October 8, 2019 | COMMENTS
We’re all working on a single tapestry. It’s a tapestry of human life. Some of us are focused on weaving something exquisitely beautiful and may look like the life of someone like John McCain, who (whether you agree with his... Read More